In todays outfit post I really wanted to go back to basics. In my whole two years and a bit of blogging, I have never actually spoken about my own style. I create outfits for the blog based on current trends and things that I am loving in the moment, but I rarely show you my everyday look. I have a very particular style, something that doesn’t change very often, and I feel like my look definitely is starting to define me. People can probably imagine me in certain pieces of clothing, even if I am quite good at mixing everything up. I love clothes, and get a lot of inspiration from bloggers and magazines, however most of the time my staple pieces never change. 
The outfit that I have photographed in this post is based on something that an American blogger wore to an event a few months ago. She was wearing double white, a white top and skirt, with denim. I loved the contrast in style, and personally I would never have worn double white before, but she looked incredible. I chose to accessorize with some darker colours, as well as a leopard print in my handbag, to add even more texture and match with the denim. I didn’t want to go down the skirt route, as I wanted to include these white cropped jeans. I bought these from Asos last year, and I wore them pretty much everyday last summer as long as the sun was shining. I loved them, and still do. The cut is perfect for my figure, and they fit perfectly to define my shape and show off my curves. They are so comfortable, and I love how easy they are as pretty much everything goes with them. Going with the white theme, I then had a simple white t-shirt, and a denim Levi jacket which actually used to belong to my boyfriend. He has grown quite a bit of muscle since wearing this, so can no longer get into it… result for me! To accessorize I then had my tan block sandals from Zara, to match the brown tones in my bag, as well as a black and leopard print handbag and my Ray Ban sunglasses with similar colour tones. I feel like this look came together perfectly, and every item complimented the others. 

“Never be afraid to be influenced my those with amazing style. I used to feel like I was cheating by copying people’s style”

In this post I want to tell you about my staple pieces, including different looks and different individual items. I try to mix up my style regularly, to go with the trends and adopt the looks of the season, but there are always basic pieces that I can take through with me whatever the trend. 

White T-shirt
My favourite piece in my wardrobe has to be a classic white t-shirt, which judging by the amount you would find in my wardrobe is very true. I love the look that can be created with a white t-shirt, as it can be used to style an outfit in any way for any occasion. For an everyday easy outfit, nothing beats some denim jeans and a white t-shirt. I usually go for either tan or black shoes with this look, as well as a denim jacket or leather jacket. With some jewellery this can be dressed up a bit, or left on its own for a simple look. Sometimes if I am in a smart casual mood, I like to wear a white t-shirt with some black trousers/ jeans/ chinos, as well as some more formal shoes like loafers or low heels. This look is much more professional, yet can still be worn for everyday events. Another way to style it for a smart casual look is to dress it up with some smart trousers. If I am going out for dinner, I will often wear some smart trousers, a white t-shirt and some heels. With a statement necklace and bold coloured lip, this look is always a go to for a spontaneous night out. 
Since I started choosing my own clothes, a blazer has been something that I would always love. I would say my style is quite smart casual, as I always like to look like I have made an effort. A blazer used to dress up every outfit, and always made me feel so chic. I used to buy blazers from New Look, which were mainly always a fake cotton material, but they did the job as they got the balance right between smart and casual. Now I like to look around more when buying blazers, and a few of my favourite places are Zara and Topshop. I am more subtle now with the colour options I go for, opting for black and whites. I always choose the ones with 3/4 lengths sleeves as opposed to full length sleeves. 

Ballerina Pumps
Ballerina pumps seem to be a staple piece in my wardrobe. I own so many pairs, simply because they are comfortable, easy to wear and always look good. I like to go with more simple designs, as well as colours that will go with the majority of my outfits. In the Winter it is always far too cold to wear them as my feet freeze, so only really get the opportunity during the Spring, and the transition between Summer and Autumn. My favourite place for pumps is without a doubt Dune London. They always have such beautiful pumps, which are so well made and so bloody comfortable! I have never had a pair that hurt my feet and the material is always so soft. I always try to avoid cheaper ones, say for example from New Look and Primark, as they are always so harsh with my feet and rip them to shreds. 
Leather Jacket
A leather jacket has always been a staple piece for me. Going with the whole theme of a white t-shirt,  a leather jacket and white top is a match made it heaven. A simple, and feminine top is given a sudden edge by the contrast in colour and material. The leather gives a rocker look, without being overdone. I just adore them, and really really need to invest in something more flattering and better quality. I currently have one from New Look that has got so many rips in the lining, but in all honesty it is the only one I have ever worn that actually fits me perfectly. All the others I have tried have been either too bulky or too straight cut. This is my mission for when Autumn comes around! I also love leather jackets as they are so versatile. As well as wearing them with jeans and a t-shirt, they are also really handy with skirts and dresses, as well as for a night out. They are smart yet casual, and so easy to throw on with pretty much anything. 

Knee High Boots
Oh my babiesssss!! My knee high boots are the best purchase that I have ever made. Last year you may remember the whole hype that went on with bloggers and celebrities, when the knee high boots came into fashion. I instantly fell in love with the look, and bought myself a pair from Dune London. They come just about the knee, are made of black suede and are flat with a tiny tiny heel. I am not joking, I wore them everyday during the Winter, for reasons such as how incredibly beautiful they were, how incredibly comfortable they were and how incredibly warm they were! No joke, I had such nice and toasty warm legs! They are the best thing that I have ever spent money on, and I am counting down the days until I can wear them again. 
Next year I would really like to get some more, yet with a heel. I have seen many people wearing ones like this but knew that I wouldn’t get as much wear out of them. Now that I have the flats, I am going to invest in some with a heel and wear them when I am getting more dressed up, or just feeling brave! 
Skater Skirts
Skater skirts are something I love pretty much all year round. In the summer, I love a pretty skirt with a simple t-shirt and in the Winter I like them with tights, boots and a warm jacket. They are so easy to wear, go with pretty much everything and just makes a change from wearing jeans continuously. The one I wear the most is a classic black skirt, usually with my knee high boots and a warm jacket. In the Winter I have to wear thick tights, purely because I am just cold all the time! 

If you know me, you will know all about my love for scarves. All the women in my family do love scarves, and we always wear them as a permanent accessory. This has without a doubt been passed to me, and I have a whole drawer just dedicated to them. Obviously I don’t wear them in the summer, but through the other months I rarely leave the house without one on. In the Winter I have my big chunky ones, however my favourite ones are in Autumn and Spring. They are much more dainty, and are all different colours with different patterns. They really bring my outfits together, keep me a little warmer and just look very continental. 
Knitted Jumpers
In the Winter my favourite things are chunky knitted jumpers. I much prefer the ones that are a bit longer and fall just below the bum, as the shorter ones just always land up irritating me. I have no idea why, but they just do! I also prefer the ones with softer material, that doesn’t have too many holes in. Some knitted jumpers have patterns on so that the material has slight holes in, but to be honest these just annoy me as they really don’t keep you warm! My favourite place for knitted jumpers last year was Warehouse. They had some beautifully made jumpers, all that fitted perfectly and a lovely array of colour. I bought a few, and my favourite one was a dusky pink colour. It went with everything and was so flattering for my figure. 

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