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I wanted to have a look back into the past in todays post, and tell you about some of the amazing places that I have been lucky enough to visit. I wanted to share the ones that I really really want to go back to, and my reasons why. I have always loved travelling and exploring new places, and this love only seems to have grown over the years. The list of places that I want to visit is growing and growing, which in a way makes me feel guilty about wanting to go back to the same places. I often find that when I go somewhere I never fully explore and see what it has to offer, purely because there isn’t the time, which is why I always want to go back. I guess there is nothing wrong with going to places twice, as long as you have a balance between new and old. I have been on holiday a lot with my grandparents, and we often go on cruises. I have been on about 6 now, and absolutely love them. I love how you get to see so many places, have everything at your disposal in one place and have a really great time. The only problem is that you don’t get long in each place, which is why I always want to go back. You sort of get a teaser, which is pretty annoying! 
I am going to tell you about five places that I have been to, fallen in love with and would like to return to!
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Lake Como, Italy
I thought I would start of with my favourite, which ironically I have none of my own photos for. When I went to Lake Como, it was a few years ago, and so my love of blogging and photography was not in my life. Therefore, I have no photos saved anywhere! Anyway, I can still talk about my love for the most beautiful place in the world. We went to Lake Como, my grandparents and I, for a week with Riviera Travel. I hadn’t really heard much about the place, and hadn’t really bothered to look at any photos etc… so you can imagine my disbelief when I woke in the morning to the view of the lake. I was completely speechless – all I can say is that it is like a movie scene. Everything about it is just beautiful, and doesn’t seem quite real. All the little towns and villages are all so quirky and Italian, such a change from the places that are now so suited to tourist life. You go, and everything is a struggle. To order a coffee, to navigate your way around – it’s how it should be, and a part of the utter charm! There is so much to do, but in all honesty, you could happily sit around the pool looking out at the lake for an entire week. It is a completely different kind of peaceful, and simply magical. 
Bilbao, Spain
Bilbao is somewhere that I hadn’t even heard of until I saw it on the itinerary for the week on a cruise. I had no expectations whatsoever, but just completely adored it the moment we stepped of the coach. We walked around the streets, which are all city like yet quiet, clean and relaxed, and had coffee and brunch over looking the most beautiful view seen above. It was a complete surprise that we loved the city so much, and my favourite part was the shopping! There were so many shops, ranging from chains such as Mango and Zara, to more basic Spanish boutiques. I had one of the best afternoons there, and would love to go back for a long lazy weekend simply to shop and eat! 

Copenhagen, Denmark
February 2016
I have spoken about this trip endlessly now on the blog, purely because we just had the best little city break. If you are looking for a new type of holiday, exploring cities, then Copenhagen is the place for you. Everything about the Scandinavian way of life makes me happy, and we chose to visit Copenhagen first purely because of how beautiful it looked. It is a lovely little city, where you can practically walk around the whole thing, safely hiring a bike and seeing what the city has to offer. We managed to fit in quite a few attractions into a short amount of time, but oh boy did I feel tired when we got home! I would love to go back and just try to love like a local for a bit longer, exploring and doing everything at a more bearable pace. You can read my whole Copenhagen Travel Guide here.

Mykonos, Greek Islands
Crusing – 2012, 2013 & April 2016
Mykonos Mykonos Mykonos. What a magical place. I have been to Mykonos three times, all of which were stop offs whilst cruising. The first time we went it stuck with me for a long time, the natural beauty, Greek charm and amazing local life. Everything about the island is perfect, and I wish that I could have spent more time there each time I visited. I may have been, but I have not yet seen the best of what Mykonos has to offer. A little dream of mine is to stay in a beautiful villa, with white walls and blue cushions, spending all day eating and taking photos in the cobbled little streets. Everything about it makes me feel happy and relaxed, and I am literally counting down the time until I can book a trip to go back and actually see the island. Mykonos definitely has the edge on any other Greek Island, and I should know seeing as I have been on two Greek Island cruises! 

Dubrovnik, Croatia
Cruising – April 2016
Dubrovnik is one of the more recent places that I have visited, and completely fell in love with. It was breathtakingly stunning, with amazing architecture, sea views and little streets. I don’t really know what I was expecting from Dubrovnik, but I certainly wasn’t thinking about anything like this. We went as the last stop on our cruise in April this year, and my whole family were just completely taken aback. The city was so clean and organised, with friendly locals and a buzzing atmosphere. If you are looking for something a bit different from the usual trip to Spain next summer, I would definitely consider Croatia. It is great value for money and a truly beautiful place. Also, if you are a Game of Thrones fan you will be intrigued, as I hear that a few scenes from the programme were actually filmed here! 

– I hope this was inspiring πŸ™‚ – 


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