So today is officially the first day of August, and can we just take a moment… HOW IS IT AUGUST?! It feels like a few weeks ago that we were celebrating the start of the year, and now we’re closer to the end! Time flies so quickly and it so so crazy. I guess we just have to make the most of everyday and enjoy everything life has to offer. *cringey moment* Anyway, seeing as it is the beginning of the month, and in my eyes officially summer, I thought I would share a few of my favourite things during this time of the year. I am quite a content person in life, being that I love each of the seasons, for different reasons. If I am being completely honest, winter is my favourite, but I guess we will get to that in my ‘What I Love About Winter’ post later this year! Nevertheless, I would say that summer comes in a close second, and I do find it very different to the other months. I do feel like a much happier person during these months, and life just seems to be buzzing that little bit more. 

“Life is Better in Flip Flops” 

I remember each and every summer differently, and for some reason I seem to remember last years the most. Not just because it was the most recent, but because everything seemed to come together in my life. I had an amazing time with my friends and family, started doing things that made me much more independent and my blogging came on in leaps and bounds. I really felt like I did a lot of growing up last summer, and it truly was one to remember. When I was younger they so all seem like a bit of a blur, probably because I never got up to much! I am determined to make this year just as good as last year, and have an amazing time. 

I guess being a fashion blog, I should probably start with this category first. I do absolutely love summer clothes, and it is the one season that I do buy clothes that comply with the current trends. Every year my summer wardrobe is different, and every year I land up giving a lot away as I think to myself at the end.. ‘god what was I thinking?’ As much as keeping up with the trends is something that I like to do, there are some staple summer pieces that will always be a part of me. The 21st century way of life has taught all of us to be much more casual, in our mannerisms and dress sense. I feel like very little effort goes into peoples wardrobe nowadays and it makes me genuinely sad. I love getting up everyday and choosing what I want to wear, and I do think the effort you put it really does reflect in the kind of person you are. For this reason I stray away from the crop top and denim shorts look, and stick to more traditional items, like pretty summer dresses and skirts. A classic summer dress will always be my signature look, and I love it as you can only really wear them when it is warm. I love the feeling of being a girly girl, and only really can pull this off in the summer. I also love getting out my tan wedges and sandals, being able to show off my gel polished toes! 
Food & Drink
As much as I adore warm and comforting food that you get in the winter, I do love the change that we have in the summer. Our diet and eating habits change a lot during the season, our cravings shifting to much lighter and fresher dishes. I love having fresh and vibrant salads, as well as experimenting with different dishes that are just right in the heat. I guess the food that screams out summer for me is a BBQ – you just can’t really go wrong with some sausages, burgers and fresh salads. I also love to try out different drinks in the summer at home. Sure you can get all your frappuccinos and iced coffees when you’re out and about, but I like to adapt these recipes so they are available 24/7. Making homemade lemonades, milkshakes and smoothies is the pinnacle of my summer routine. 

For some bizarre and unknown reason, I enjoy blogging so much more in the summer. I find it much easier to create content and bring all my thoughts to life. It may just be because of the weather, but I do feel like the boost in my positive attitude has such an effect. I am much more organised with my work, and am able to produce such better content. I guess my writing style doesn’t really change, but the quality of my images definitely does. I do still have a few wobbly photos, usually when left completely dependant on a tripod, but generally everything just has a much more professional finish. I have noticed this a lot with other bloggers, no matter how big or small they are. I feel like the season probably pushes everyone to be outside more, and enables them to be much more creative with their work. Don’t get me wrong, I try equally as hard with my work throughout the year, but the summer definitely just gives me that extra bit of energy and drive with the blog. 

Longer Days
The lighter and longer days definitely have an effect on my blogging, as well as my much more positive outlook on life. I feel much more productive and motivated, as well as being much better at time keeping and staying on track. I guess there are many more hours of light in the day to be motivated, but this is so much better as I always find that there just are never enough in the day. When it is dark outside, my body instantly goes into relaxation mode. I can’t focus on anything in detail, and just feel immediately tired. 
I think this is probably the best part of summer, for myself and the majority of other people here in the UK. After the cold and rainy winters, we NEED some bloody decent weather. We don’t see much of it here, and even when we do it is very unexpected and so unreliable. I am not one to complain when it gets very hot, and simple embrace the heat and get as much out of it as possible. It allows us to do more things that we can’t do very often, and definitely just makes everyone much friendlier. To me, there is nothing better than sitting outside a pub with a cold glass of wine and some summer pub grub. It is bliss, and happens so rarely. 

Summer Feelin’ 
My final point is that summer feelin’. We all feel it, regardless of how grumpy people can be when they get too hot. During the summer, when the sky is clear, sun is shining and beers are in full swing, everyone is happier and there is a natural buzz. I adore walking around, taking in the atmosphere and becoming a part of a much happier society. It is kind of the same feeling that you get around Christmas, but obviously a lot warmer. It is actually a pleasure to be out and about during this time, and everyone just seems so much more carefree and positive. Sounds crazy right for people to be happy in the UK! 😉
…Just Keep Smiling!!
Dress Asos // Shoes Zara

– what do you love about summer? – 


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