I think I can probably
speak for most of us by saying that sometimes you just need to take a day or
two away to relax and let your mind catch up on life. Since starting working
full time a few months ago, I quickly learn about how important it is to spend quality
time with people and appreciate every moment of spare time that you have. I am
always a busy person, purely because I set myself goals constantly and like to
stay on top of things. When I stop I often land up feeling low, and quite
frankly bored, so I always need things to do in order to pick myself back up. I
guess this is part of the reason that I blog so much, because I enjoy it and it
keeps me occupied all hours of the day. My to-do list is never ending, but I
wouldn’t change it for the world, I need these distractions to stay motivated
and on track.
“Be your own motivator – set
yourself goals and work hard to succeed”
Getting everything done is
important to me, as well as being organised in life. Bearing this in mind, it
means that even if I physically stop, 101 things are still swirling around in
my mind. This means that I often need a break, as I’m sure do you. I wanted to
make this post to be about everyone, and not just myself, because I know so
many people who work hard in life and don’t dedicate themselves enough down
time. It is so important to relax and switch off, even just for a day. Last
weekend it was my mum’s birthday, and as she lives in London, myself and my
family met up with her in Swindon for a night away. I surprised her as she
thought I couldn’t get out of work, so it was even more special as suddenly the
whole family was there. We stayed in a Marriott hotel, which are all very
beautiful with plenty to do and a lovely place to rest. For this reason, I knew
that I wanted to turn this post into something based around a weekend away, so
I guess this is what I came up with! I thought I would point out a few reasons
as to why you need a weekend away too, in the hope of persuading people to give
themselves some time for themselves and their loved ones.

Time Away from Work
This is a pretty new
concept for me, seeing as I have only been working full time for a few months,
but I can see why people need time away from work! I really love my job, but I
do think people underestimate the physical strength that goes into café work.
It is pretty draining having to smile, deal with lots of customers and produce
good drinks and food over and over again. Even as I write this in my head it
sounds ridiculous, but I am always so exhausted even after just one day of
work. I was so happy to have a weekend away, even though I worked during the
day on Saturday, knowing that I could rest was a dream. Work for me is not just
my full time job, but I do also consider blogging work. No I may not be a full
time blogger, but I put a lot of hours into this, all so that it will pay off.
So every bit I do, I do class as work.
Time with Special People
Since starting work I have
realised how important it is to make time for my family and friends. I have
definitely noticed a reduction in the amount of time I actually get to spend
with them, and it is actually quite upsetting. I wish that I could spend time
with everyone more, but it is just impossible to balance everything out. Having
a weekend away means that you can dedicate that time to the special people,
such as a family weekend away like I did, a romantic weekend with your partner,
or just some girl time. It is always possible to make the time, and I am going
to make sure that I do just that even more from now on.

Thinking About Nothing & Forgetting Your Worries
The best part about my
weekend away was not worrying about anything. I have quite a few personal
things going on in my life at the moment (nothing to bore you with), so it was
really amazing to just escape everything and all of us be distracted by each
other. We are a very close family, and always have such a laugh when we’re all
together. A weekend away gives you the opportunity to leave you everyday
stresses behind and just enjoy some relaxation time. It can be difficult to
forget about things, but once I have a gin and tonic in my hand and get used to
the whole ‘doing nothing’ it becomes reasonably easy!
To be Pampered
At the Swindon Marriott
they have a beautiful spa, just by the gym and swimming pool. They offer a wide
range of treatments, from manicures and pedicures to facials and massages. By
the time I got there on the Saturday it was way too late, and as they are
closed on Sundays it just wasn’t really going to happen for me. I was really
disappointed that I couldn’t have a little spa time, purely because I have the
worse knots in my back at the moment! A massage probably would have done me
good, but I guess I can always have one in the next few weeks! Anyway, if I had
been there all day Saturday I would have without a doubt had a massage. I think
this is something really nice to do on a weekend away, as it de-stresses you and
puts everyone in a really good mood. I love the feeling of having a massage,
then going back to my room for an afternoon nap. There is nothing better to be
honest. Under this category I guess it also means not having to do anything. If
you want food you just order something, your papers are delivered in the
morning, and there is no such thing as chores to do if you are a guest of the
hotel. Having nothing to do is probably pampering in itself for a lot of

To Enjoy Good Food
When going away, the
majority of the time you are spoilt with food. Not only does it taste good
because generally nice hotels produce good food, but I am convinced that most
things taste better when you haven’t had to cook them. It is a total dream to
get away and have everything meal prepared for you, with you having to do
nothing except pay the bill. When I go away, my favourite meal is usually
always breakfast as I spoil myself in the fry up option and always eat way too
much. I very rarely cook myself a fry up at home, mostly because it makes me
really stressed, so it is a nice little treat when away.
To Have a Proper Night’s Sleep
If you hadn’t read on my
blog already, I am a terrible sleeper. I go through phases with my sleep, for a
couple of weeks I will sleep like a baby through the night, and then suddenly I
will be restless and keep waking up. I guess generally it is based on how
stressed or anxious I am in my life at that time, but it does really affect me.
I also go through phases of having intense nightmares, which often actually
make me a bit scared of going to sleep! It isn’t bad enough to make it a real
problem, it just becomes a bit annoying when I haven’t had a good nights sleep
for a while. Caffeine is the thing that affects me the worst – if I have a
coffee after 12pm, I can guarantee that it will take me 2 hours to get to sleep
that night. If I go away, on the whole I usually sleep much better, which seems
odd to a lot of people. I guess that in my mind I have left all my worries at
home, and my body is in much more of a relaxation mood.

To Get Away from the House
Seeing as I still live at
home, I am not overcome with responsibilities, but I do try to do enough to
make everything fair. I am a pretty independent person, and like to do my part,
so that it wont be so daunting when I actually come to living on my own. I am
definitely somebody who likes everything being kept in order, keeping
everything tidy and being organised. This can become tiring, so it is always
nice to escape home and go to somewhere where these things just don’t matter. I
don’t care how messy the room is, whether I have forgotten a spare top or how
many hours I spend on my phone. Getting away from the house means that you
leave most of your responsibilities behind, and can enjoy some time not having
to think or worry about minor issues.
To Escape Technology

This to me is something
reasonably important, as I love to live in the moment. Yes, I am always looking
for that picture perfect Instagram moment, and trying to get everything I do
into vlogs, but I do love to reduce the amount of time I spend online when I am
away. It does wonders for your brain, and gets you back into contact with the
world. I can have normal conversations with whoever I am with, can get more
active and can enjoy things that I wouldn’t have noticed before as my head
would be stuck in my phone. Try to leave work behind, and resist the urge to
check your phone fifty times a day.
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