A new week, another chance to get back into my blogging routine. I feel like I have been slacking majorly recently, simply not being able to fit the time in for photo taking, writing or even cramming ideas together in my head. My mind has been on overload with just having to be at work, so all time spent in between just seems to have turned into a bit of a blur. Nevertheless, I am going to get back to it, hopefully being able to get into the swing of things again. 

Today I want to focus on a beauty related topic, discussing my tips on how to protect your hair from heat and the everyday things that may effect it. I have never been one to use much heat on my hair, purely because I am lazy and can never be bothered to really dry it. Also, my hair naturally is quite straight and easy to manage, which I am very grateful about, so I have never been someone who needs to use straighteners everyday. As I have grown up, I have started to incorporate more things into my hair routine, occasionally getting out the curling wand as well as drying it much more. When I first started doing this I didn’t really think much about the effect it had, so just let it go over my head for a little while. About a year ago, after seeing how other bloggers and Youtubers take care of their hair, I realised that I should probably be doing some things differently in order to protect it. The initial message I got from everything I had seen was that I didn’t want to look back and think ‘OMG I wish i’d looked after it more!’ Hence, now having a strict routine whenever I use heat to style my hair. I am going to share my hair routine with you, for everyday, night outs and other occasions where I use heat. I am also going to share with you some products that I use to keep my hair healthy and give it that blonde glow. 
Hair Masks
Once a week, I like to use a hair mask to give my hair a new leap of life. I don’t use anything fancy – just some coconut oil, mixed with a little olive oil. I mix 2 tablespoons of coconut oil in a bowl, and 1 tablespoon of olive oil. Using a fork you can mix this all together so that it becomes more runny in texture. Using the palms of my hands, I then take half the mixture and rub into my hands so that it warms up a little. I apply this to the ends of my hair on one side of my head. I then repeat on the other side, tie my hair up in a bun and leave overnight. Even better, I sometimes do this at the gym after my workout, then go in the sauna…my hair always feels incredible. 
A few tips I would have for this are that you really don’t need to buy any fancy hair masks, as usually natural products always work the best. I would also say to avoid using the mask in the roots of your hair as they can become very oily, and try to leave in your hair for as long as possible. Finally, in the morning when you wash your hair, I would shampoo it twice and give it a really good condition. You will be amazed at how soft your hair feels. 

Moroccan Oil
A product I inherited a love for from my grandmother, as she used to use it on the ends of my hair before drying it when I was quite small. The thing I love most about this product has to be the absolutely gorgeous smell. It smells good enough to eat, and like it is so natural and good for you. I used to use this on the ends of my hair just before drying it, as it would make brushing so much easier and I loved how soft my hair was as a result. I still do this today, however for extra shine I always put a little through the ends of my hair once it is dry. You really don’t need very much at all, just a little drop in the palm of your hands, rubbed to become warm and gently brushed through your hair. It really is a beautiful, simple product, that I feel will always be something that I go back to. Also, Rosie Huntington-Whitely is the face of it…so can there even be any reason not to love it?!

Tangle Teezer
Ever since I first had my hair highlighted about two years ago, I have noticed how knotted it gets when it has been washed. To begin with it was a nightmare, with me tugging and tugging, eventually giving up and ending up with frizzy and knotted hair all day. It was so dreadful, and I was getting seriously worried about the damage that I must have been causing. The constant pulling on my hair made it feel weak and thinner, so I decided to try out a tangle teezer. After two years of using one I will never understand how I lived without one before. It is an absolute miracle product, that makes brushing my wet hair ten time easier and stops the damage that was being caused before. I will recommend a tangle teezer for years, no matter what kind of hair you have. Everyone has knotted hair once it has been washed, so a tangle teezer is a need, not a want. 

I have come up with a drying routine now that I feel has helped my hair to stay healthy, as well as getting it done reasonably quickly. I would always start by having a good quality hair dryer, which allows you to have a lower and higher setting. I don’t use any applications that ever come with them, which may be stupid, but if I’m being completely honest I don’t have a clue how to use them. I start by brushing my hair out and applying relevant products, as mentioned above. I then dry my hair as much as possible with a towel, and let it air dry for as long as possible. I start by drying the roots of my hair, using the lower setting, just drying the top of my head and moving the hair with my fingers. I then dry the roots at the bottom of my head, by turning my head upside down and repeating the action. I then focus on the ends, using my tangle teezer. I brush all the hair out, then brush sections with the brush facing towards my face. As the brush goes down I dry the area on the brush and repeat until all the ends of my hair are dry. I then turn the hairdryer off, put my head back up and brush all over to remove any knots. Using the more powerful setting, I then dry all of my hair quite briskly, but I think it is okay as it really should only need a minute or two. Brush out again, and apply a little Moroccan oil through the ends. 

Styling Equipment
I have one curling wand and a pair of straighteners. I rarely use the straighteners unless my hair is exceptionally frizzy, so don’t worry too much about these being particularly great and healthy for my hair etc… The thing I use a lot more is my curling wand. If I ever want to style my hair or just do something different I will add some waves using the wand. This wand was sold to me by one of those people who approach you in shopping malls trying to sell things. My grandma and I were victims, and landed up buying one after the stylist had curled all my hair to the point that I looked like a poodle. The brand was called Amika, and they claim to be a brand who work to provide products that are healthier for your hair. The products are half as hot as ordinary curling wands, and the curls are meant to last all day. I have to say, most of the time I think these things are all a load of rubbish, but these genuinely work. The curls created are always amazing, it is easy to use and is defiantly less hot compared to any others that I have ever used. I used the wand in my latest video, so I will tag it below so you can take a look. 
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