With everything going on in life all the time, something I really struggle with is coming up with blog ideas in my head. I used to have loads of spare time, where I would be able to gather my thoughts and plan things in my head ready to bring them all to life and to you guys here. Since starting working more, this time hasn’t existed, so the ideas have been few and far between. I like to call this bloggers block. Sitting at my desk, writing away my schedule in my diary and not knowing what to post. It is so infuriating, especially when I have much less time to get everything done. To get through this there are a few things I do that spurt my brain on, getting ideas rolling in my mind and everything finally coming together. It can take time, but I always get there in the end. 

Patience is key

Blogging for fun is great, but ultimately you want to get a routine going. You need blog post days, a proper writing schedule and the time and equipment to get good images done. This all takes hours, hence why it can actually become a full time profession. If I quit my job tomorrow I would still be incredibly busy every day of the week… just a little bit broke! It is the aim of every serious blogger, yet the fact of the matter is that for those of us who are still doing it as a hobby, it is terribly time consuming and mentally draining. Nothing is going to stop me from doing it, but I do wish that my brain would think more about blog post ideas rather than how tired I am feeling every single day. 
So, how do I get over bloggers blog?

A great way I find to come up with blog ideas is by reading through magazines. I wouldn’t say the weekly gossip magazine work, but for the theme of my blog, magazines like Elle, Look and Cosmopolitan always trigger a string of ideas in my head. It isn’t just the topics that they are writing about, but also stories from people and celebrities, what is in fashion and what’s happening in the industry. All this is relevant for my blog and I can take a story from it and interpret it into a useful and good quality blog post. The magazine can then be used in photos to create nice backdrops of be a feature, which is always a bonus when one thing can be used in two different ways.
Other Bloggers

Obviously, the first thing you will think from this subtitle is that I am going to say copy other bloggers. That is NOT what I am saying at all. Every blogger is different in some way, even though we are all creating content along the same wavelength. I write a blog that I have created for myself, something that I can be honest on and share my thoughts and opinions with you. This is pretty much the same reason for most other bloggers, which is why I have developed such a love for them. I dedicate a certain amount of time to reading other blogs and enjoying what other people have created. I read them for myself, however along the way I always pick up ideas for myself. I don’t believe in copying other people’s work, but I do feel like it is totally okay to be inspired by others. An example of this is when a blogger talks about a certain brand. If they speak highly of them I will always try them out, and in some cases this can initiate a blog post of my own.
A Journey of My Own Posts

When I am suffering from bloggers block really badly, I always spend hours going back through my old blog posts. I go right back to blog post number one, and work my way into the future. I am nearly up to 500 posts, so you can imagine how long this takes me. I always get loads of ideas by doing this, perhaps doing the same post again but just improving the quality, retrying products or being inspired by recipes. Some blog posts naturally need updating, especially when it comes to beauty. For example, I have now done three blog posts on my night time skincare regime, purely because it has completed changed in the duration between them. It is okay to do this, as the likelihood is that not only did your current readers not actually see that post, but as your blog goes on you will change and lots of things you do will change. Let yourself be inspired by your own work.

Movies always give me lots of ideas for blog posts. Obviously I am talking about girly rom coms usually featuring Jennifer Aniston or Lily Collins as of late. Watching them not only enables a blog post review of the film, but also each film has little hidden messages and ideas. You won’t probably notice if you’re watching it for enjoyment and relaxation purposes, but if you’re doing it with the intention of thinking of new ideas it will happen. I got loads of fashion post ideas from watching ‘The Devil Wear’s Prada’ and lots of lifestyle posts from ‘Legally Blonde’. I don’t know if this works for me just because I am a big film lover or whether it is a genuine thing. Try it out and let me know if it works for you.
Get Out

Simply, get out of the house and spend time doing things. Go for a walk, see a film, and spend time with friends. The more you do, the more likely you are to get ideas coming into your mind. I always used to get so many blog ideas when spending time with my best friend, purely because we spent so much time talking about everything! Being sociable and opening up about things will always get your mind going and set you on a roll to creating lots and lots of blog content. There really is nothing better than a change of scenery for bloggers block, or even writers block.
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