I started this blog over two years ago now and have learnt a lot in that time. My style of blogging has developed massively over the two years and I have finally found a balance of content to publish online. I started this blog primarily just to talk about clothes and fashion, which I did to begin with. However, I then decided to bring in more of my passions such as cooking, my love of movies and beauty. I love writing this blog, and do more and more everyday. No, my blog is not the biggest and most successful around, but it is my baby and I work hard hoping that it will go somewhere. If I could go back, I know that there are things  that I would have done differently to start it off, so I wanted to share this advice with you. 

“Decide. Commit. Succeed”

Blogging is something that you have to be committed to from the word go. It is a hobby, something that you do for you, but it also can become something so much more. It requires dedication and a pure passion, for whatever it is that you choose to write about. My passion is for food, fashion and life, and that is what I try to get across everytime I write on the blog. Having a clear aim and being organised about your blog will drive it forward so much more quickly. I want to share a few things with you that I would like to have done better when I started, and maybe encourage you to pursue it if you are having cold feet. 

Have Your Style of Blogging Ready
Consistency in blogging is key. Not every post has to be the same, but the style should. Your images need to be consistent, your writing style needs to be the same and even the layout needs to be similar. This consistency will give a much more professional approach to your blog, and will reflect better on you for those who may want to work with you. It will make blogging easier as you will always have a set routine and the blog will look neat and organised. 
Have Some Posts Planned
Before actually starting the blog, be really organised for your own sake. Have a large list of blog ideas written out, and have some posts completely prepped ready to be uploaded. Sometimes when getting behind with blogging, you can start to feel guilty and a bit stressed because of it. Well at least, I do. If you have a few weeks worth set out, you can get to grips with everything without having to think of lots of content. It doesn’t have to be excessive, but just something to keep you going for a while. On blogger you can schedule posts, by selecting the date and time to the right of the blog post. I don’t know how it works on other platforms, but i’m sure there is a way. 

Get Your Template Right
I remember when I started blogging, I had three different blog templates in a week. They were just the basic Google ones, and I look back now and think how awful they looked. I eventually found one that worked and developed a style from there. I used the green leaf template, and changed all the font to green and white. I liked this because it was something different to what i’d seen before, and I liked the contrast between blogging and nature. With blogging you can spend a lot of time engrossed in your phone and laptop, so I like the green theme with the idea of getting back to nature. About a year ago, I then paid a web designer to redesign my blog and we came up with this design. I absolutely love it, even though I do think it needs a bit of developing again now. If you are starting a blog, I would not make it live until you have a basic template set out, or have used one from a web designer. 
Social Media
A large part of blogging success is social media. 99% of my readers will have found my blog via social media, so it is so so important. You could do this before even starting the blog itself, but get your accounts set up. Instagram and Twitter are the two most important, as well as creating a Snapchat account and Facebook page. Be consistent with you’re social media, have the same username for each and make sure your blog URL is clear to the people visiting your pages. Try to keep your content varied between them, not just posting the same thing on them all. 
I would also say that a huge part of social media and blogging is interaction. Interact with your audience and other bloggers. Comment, reply to every comment, like follow etc… The more you do this the more you will feel a part of the awesome blogging community and be more motivated than ever to keep it going. 

Connect with Others
As with the social media aspect, you need to connect with others. Blogging is all about supporting each other and working together. Reply to all comments you get and engage with your audience. Not only will this help you get genuine followers, but also keep the followers so that they can follow you on your blogging journey. As well as connecting with your audience, it is also equally important to stay connected with other bloggers. Join groups, encourage each other and work together. Get collaborating and get imaginative together. Collars are a great way to get to know people and can really boost your own audience numbers. 
Have a Schedule Ready
Try to be as organised as possible. Blogging is all about staying on top of things and being consistent.  If you forget to post occasionally it is absolutely fine, but having big gaps in between posting can negatively effect your blog. Eventually your readers notice and your engagement goes down. Start off by being realistic – perhaps two posts a week? This way you can spend a bit longer on each post, therefore the quality will be better and your audience are more likely to enjoy your blog. When you get more used to blogging and can get the hang of things, you can then do more. My schedule now is about three of four a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Sunday / Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday). Obviously this doesn’t always go to plan, but it is a basis structure to go by. 

Watch Others
If you want to start blogging, i’m guessing the main reason is that you enjoy reading other blogs. If you don’t, you should probably start. I only really read one blog before starting, but it was enough to motivate me. If you follow other bloggers you can get an idea of how things work. You will follow people that you like, and who you aspire to be like. Therefore, I’m not saying you can copy them, but can get an idea of how to style things and how to make it work for you. For example, I love Lydia Millen’s blog – the layout, her style of doing things and her beautiful photography. From her blog, I quickly learnt that I needed to get the quality of my images better, as well as writing more. 
See her blog here.
Get Your Writing Right
This is something that I think took the longest for me to get right, and now it takes me about 2-3 hours to get a post out instead of the 20 minutes it took before. I now write more, and think more about my content. I like to actually bring more to the blog, advising on things that are important to me and talking about things going on in the world. Proof reading everything is especially important, and just getting everything laid out in a much more professional way. Get you’re facts right and know what you’re talking about. 
If you are new to blogging, or just are passionate about it like me, leave your names and URL’s below so that I can check them out! Sharing the love xo 

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