Second outfit post of the week… wow that makes me feel fantastic! Today I wanted to share another outfit post with you, purely to show off my beautiful new dress and handbag from Boutique of Molly. I am a big fan of this style of dress, a sophisticated midi body con dress, showing off all those beautiful curves and adding a subtle chic feel to any outfit. When Boutique of Molly asked if we could work together again, I instantly chose this dress.. it was love at first sight. I loved the simplicity of it, the cuts in the front, subtle length and off the shoulder top. It is perfect for a more sophisticated night out, paired with some glamorous jewellery and my new black handbag. Boutique of Molly recently brought out a new range of handbags, so when I found out I was keen to know more. The bag I chose instantly caught my eye and the one thought in the back of my mind was this it looked like an amazing Mulberry dupe. I knew it would go well with the outfit, just the right size for a night out and perfect colouring. The gold hardware on the bag made me choose to go for gold accessories. 

“Style is a way of showing who you are, without having to speak” 

Outfits like this always make me smile, yet I get so frustrated with how rarely I can dress like this. I always find that nowadays people put so little effort into their outfit choices that I am always the one left feeling out of place. To me it doesn’t matter whether someone is amazingly stylish and just knows everything about the latest trends, it is about making the effort and showing the world that you care about your appearance. I’m sure many people would disagree with me, saying that it is being vain and it simply shouldn’t matter about how you look, but if i’m being completely honest I always notice if someone is being lazy and just doesn’t care. I think there is a big difference between being lazy and not caring compared to being confident in your look and embracing what you like to wear. I think business is the place where it matters most.. you wouldn’t turn up to a job interview wearing trackies would you? Well you might but I can almost guarantee that you won’t get that job. So then, what about that staff night out? Dinner, drinks, down time with your colleagues – what is deemed an appropriate outfit? 

For a work night out, I would always say that it
is best to avoid dressing like you would for a night on the town with your best
girlfriends. Go for a more sophisticated look – seize the opportunity to wear
this kind of outfit and totally embrace it. I would always go for a subtle colour,
such as black, grey or nudes. It doesn’t give too much away, can be accursed in
lots of different ways and gives off a much more professional vibe. 
Don’t got short. Let’s be honest, it isn’t going
to give your boss a good impression if you turn up wearing a dress that barely
covers your bum. Be classy and go for something a tad longer. I’d say a body
con dress just below the knee is perfect, or perhaps a flowy sort of skirt that
falls just above the knee. Basically anything that doesn’t look
How much to show? 
I think the dress I am wearing here shows just
the right amount. It has the beautiful off the shoulder look at the top, as well
as some small cuts in the stomach. It shows off a bit of skin and adds detail
to the outfit, yet isn’t too much. The aim is not to show off too much
shoulder, tummy or leg. 
Accessorising any outfit is always essential, yet
you don’t want to over do it. Like Coco Chanel said, always remove the last
accessory you put on. For this look I went for some beautiful gold do earrings,
which are out there yet still dainty and feminine. I also had a gold snake ring
just to add a little something extra to the outfit. I would say a few pieces of
jewellery is fine, but don’t over do it. My pet  hate is when people where
drop earrings and a necklace. Drop earrings are so beautiful in themselves that
you really don’t need to add anything else. 
Again, let’s keep this simple. Go for a natural
makeup look – a flawless foundation finish, some simple eye makeup (no colour!)
and a nice bold lip. This will contrast well with the outfit and will make it
look like you have made a real effort. I really don’t think for business
occasions that makeup should be overdone… save the false eyelashes for a
girls night out. 

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Dress – Boutique of Molly
Shoes – Dune London
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This post is in collaboration with
Boutique of Molly, however all views and opinions are my own. 

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