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Today I wanted to do a more relaxed post, seeing as it is a day of relaxation and time to enjoy the small things in life. I don’t really do many posts like this purely because they can become very competitive and I worry people think that little effort goes in. FYI… it took me 2 hours to edit all these images! I have done lots of posts in the past about my all time favourite movies, so I thought this time I would make it a little different. I want to share a few of the films that I have seen more recently, perfect for a relaxed Sunday at home. I am a huge film lover, so I’m pretty sure I have included five films that would be suitable for everyone. 
I find films amazing to relax. They completely take you away into another world, where it is okay to indulge and know everything about someone else’s life, whether they’re real or not. There is a film for every kind of occasion, and most are guaranteed to entertain and put you in a good mood. Unless they’re crap… then obviously you’re just going to feel disappointed. I always try not to listen to others opinions about movies, simply because everyone enjoys different things. Always judge for yourself I say. 
Grab your cup of tea, popcorn and a duvet – sit back, relax and enjoy. 

A Million Ways to Die in the West
When I watched it: I watched this film last weekend when I was away for the night. 
How I watched it: We watched it via Netflix. 
Storyline: The main character, Albert (Seth MacFarlane), was a sheep farmer in the old American West. His girlfriend Louise (Amanda Seyfried)  broke up with him, and he was distraught. He challenges her new boyfriend (Neil Patrick Harris) to a shoot off, even though he cannot shoot to save his life. Anna (Charlize Theron) comes to his rescue to teach him, as well as distract his opponent the night before. The whole film we see the ways of the American West, and someone die probably about every five minutes. You would not believe how dangerous everyday life was. 

‘Every year someone dies at the fair’
I absolutely loved this film! I really didn’t have very high hopes for it, but I thought it was hilarious. I was hooked the whole way through, and got completely involved in the film. I laughed, jumped and cringed, but utterly enjoyed the whole thing. I also loved how there were so many inside jokes, for example Neil Patrick Harris saying ‘Challenge Accepted’ to Albert when challenged to the shoot off. This was his catch phrase through the entire box set of How I Met Your Mother. I wouldn’t say that it is a serious film with a clear message, but it is easy to watch and enjoyable. 

When I watched it: I have watched this film several times, but the most recent time was when we were in Scotland last week. 
How I watched it: I loved this film so much that I bought it on DVD, but it is also available on Netflix. 
Storyline: An American chef (John Favreau) loses his job after a food blogger critisises his work. He is out of work, has damaged his reputation online and just wants to get back into the kitchen. He goes to Miami with his son and ex-wife (Sofia Vergara) as she has to work so he is the ‘sitter’. When there he buys a food truck and starts travelling across America selling food on the way home. His son is a social media whizz, and the truck quickly starts to become amazingly popular. 
‘Have you been in the kitchen all night? Yes.’
Seeing as I am a foodie and a blogger, I love everything about this film. I adore watching the preparation of everything he makes and seeing what is produced. The family storyline and his relationship with friends is apparent throughout, making the film extremely relatable. It is such a feel good movie, guaranteed to make you feel happy and HUNGRY! The films shows you the best of what American food has to offer, and the passion of one individual. Films like this always drive me to do better and I just throughly enjoy them. It also amazes me when I hear about all the blogging facts… it does not make sense to me that people/ companies want to buy other peoples blogs? 

The Other Woman
When I watched it: I have watched this countless times, but most recently watched it a few weeks ago when I needed a pick me up. 
How I watched in: I have the DVD because I am obsessed! Again, I think it is on Netflix. 
Storyline: Mark, a handsome successful American hunk, has been dating Carly for the past few months. Everything is wonderful, until he can’t meet her father because a pipe has burst in his house out of the city. Carly decides to surprise him, turning up at the house in little clothing, only to be greeted by his WIFE. Carly disappears quickly, before Kate turns up at her office the next day. Instead of outing everything to Mark, they decide to string him along. They then meet fling number two, Amber, where the three women conspire against him. The unlikeliest of friendships blossom, and they get even. 
‘He’s taking this sh** international… can we have her too?’ 
OMG I adore this film, it makes me laugh out loud every single time. Everything about the relationship is odd, but it just works. Each of the women have their own personalities, Kate being the innocent dependant wife, Amber being the ditzy blonde and Carly somehow keeping everything together. Everything they do is just hilarious, and I think every girl is sat watching just egging them on. The moment he walks into the office with the three of them sat there just has me everytime. Can you even imagine?! They get the ultimate pay back, rightfully so. 

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen
When I watched it: I have seen this once before, but watched it again when we were in Scotland. 
How I watched it: I have it on DVD, and am not entirely sure if it is online. 
Storyline: Dr. Alfred Jones and Harriet Chetwode-Talbot are set the task of getting Salmon to the Yemen, to be used for fishing by a very wealthy Sheik. Millions is invested into this almost impossible mission, adding double the pressure as well as resistance from a lot of people. Personal conflicts play a part, with Alfred’s marriage falling apart and Harriets boyfriend disappearing on duty in Afghanistan. 
‘Champagne Dr. Alfred? *a judging silence* at lunch time?!’
I think this is a simply beautiful film. It is extremely well made and captures every element perfectly. It isn’t pretentious, and is relatable for many people watching. It is easy to watch and is engaging from the start. I adore the storyline and enjoy every single time I watch it. It also is interesting to see who the ending goes, as it isn’t predictable like a lot of other films. Let’s be honest, it is also a British film, so let’s give it some support!

Dead pool
When I watched it: I watched Deadpool when it first came out, and again a few weeks ago. 
How I watched it: I watched it in the cinema, then we bought it on Blu-Ray. 
Storyline: Okay, so I am not a massive marvel fan, and am willing to admit that I know very little about all the superheroes and different film etc… I just get taken along and usually enjoy the individual film, without knowing all the background behind it. You will be impressed by the fact that I know that you have to sit and wait for the end of the credits, when they give you a little teaser for the next film πŸ˜‰ I learn new things everyday. *insert laughing face emoji here*. Anyway, I don’t really know about the history behind Deadpool, so I am simply going to tell you about the storyline of the latest film. Dead pool gets life threatening cancer and is given something like three months to live. He then gets tricked into a medical treatment to ‘save his life’, except it makes him into a super human that cannot die/ is extremely strong and can do everything. The story is then him trying to get revenge, finding the person who did it to him, as well as getting his girlfriend back. 
‘You don’t need to be a superhero to get the right girl, the right girl will bring out the hero in you’ 

I thought Deadpool was absolutely hilarious. I never go into these films with high expectations, however always leave having really enjoyed them. I think Deadpool is the best one yet – it was bloody hilarious. The film broke the fourth wall, so Deadpool addressed the audience, which just made it even more hilarious. It was so different to all the other ones I have watched and I could genuinely watch it again without being forced. If you want a laugh out loud film to watch, buy this! 

– what have you seen recently? – 


I have not been paid to feature any films/ brands, and all views and opinions are my own. 
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