With the huge success of so many bloggers in the past few years, I think many people forget that small bloggers like myself don’t do this full time. Believe me, I really wish I could, but at the moment it is just a hobby and I still have to go to work. Since I finished sixth form in June, I have been working full time and been a real adult! It is great having extra money and using my time productively instead of wasting away each day, but the thing that has suffered without a doubt is my blog. I suddenly don’t have half as much spare time as I did before and I have really been struggling to stay on top of everything. It was probably made even worse as I decided to start YouTube just after I had finished sixth form as well, which is so much more work than I had anticipated. I was trying to get 2-3 videos a week out, which obviously I have now taken down to one a week because there simply aren’t enough hours in the day for me to get everything done. Doing everything I want has been a real challenge, and I have felt so guilty when I haven’t got a blog post done or missed a gym session. I really would love to know how everyone does it? There is no way I could be organised enough to go to the gym at 6 in the morning, work all day then come home and blog! 

“Sleep, Eat, Work, Blog, Repeat”

It has taken me about three months to get to where I am now – I have kind of got into a routine of doing things and my body has got used to waking up earlier, doing more in the day and getting the right balance. With that said, I have not mastered it at all, so I guess this post is me trying to explain everything to you as well as offer advice. Someone asked me a few weeks ago how I was managing to work and keep blogging, and to be completely honest I couldn’t give them an answer. I have no bloody clue how I am doing it! I guess I am just really motivated with the blog, so when I feel tired I just get on with it because ultimately I really enjoy it. So, I am going to help by offering a few pointers to those who are trying to get the balance right like me. I guess this would also apply if you are in school studying as well as trying to blog. 
I think this has to be number one – you are not going to get anything done if you’re not organised about it. Buy yourself a diary and get writing. Put in your shifts, your gym sessions, your dedicated blogging time and important appointments. You can then schedule in your relaxation time, as well as time spent with friends, family and partners. Make sure you literally write everything in…even when you are going to sit down and read a book, just so that you have got everything down. This way you can refer back to it constantly and hopefully will always stay on top of things. I am not saying that this is going to go to plan all of the time, but the majority of the time it should keep you going. 
I guess you have to be honest with yourself, you have to make time for everything, which means that sometimes you have to not doing something else for the sake of another. Life is not just about work, you also have to make time for your hobbies your family and friends, going to the gym, watching your favourite programmes and doing other things that you enjoy. Getting the balance right between everything is almost impossible, so trying your best is all you can do. I have certain things that I prioritise in my life, such as spending time with my boyfriend and family followed by doing the blog and spending time in the gym. Work is a nuisance that gets in the way, but it has to be done so it is better to just get on with it and use your time productively when you’re not there. That’s right, no more lies ins until 11am. 
I know how tough it can be, but sometimes you have to be dedicated and work extremely hard on one thing. Take exams for example, towards the end of my stretch at sixth form I had to make the decision to stop blogging for a few weeks and not see my friends and partner, purely so that I could be alone at home revising. It was hell, but I got through it and achieved some pretty good grades. You have to decide what is really important in your life and spend time on it. Blogging for me is just for fun and I don’t really get paid to do it, but I know that one day it could become something so it keeps me motivated and dedicated to it. 
People always talk about how in relationships you have to compromise, which I completely agree with, but frankly I do also think that we have to compromise with ourselves. It is little everyday things in life that we have to compromise about, that most of the time we don’t even notice. If I have set myself a task of getting two blog posts written out in a day, if I haven’t done it by the evening I compromise by not watching what I want until it is done. If you do small things like this you will get much more done and feel like you have achieved more. Another good example is that if I go out with my friends i.e. on a Friday, I will then stay home on the Saturday to see my partner. This way I have spent time with everyone and don’t have to feel guilty about neglecting one or the other. 
It is okay to take time out. I have Thursdays and Fridays off work as well as Sundays. Thursdays and Fridays are my dedicated blogger days/ get stuff done days. On a Thursday I am usually so exhausted from work that I completely crash for most of the day. I always feel so incredibly guilty, but ultimately it is my body telling me that it needs to slow down. To catch up I then do bits on the Sunday, so in the end it all turns out okay. I think the message I am saying here/ giving to myself is that you don’t need to feel guilty when you are tired. You aren’t being lazy if you have genuinely been working hard and feeling exhausted. Give yourself some time, watch something and have a cup of tea, then try to get bits done slowly. You will always surprise yourself with how much you can get done after about 2 hours of resting. 
Work Hard, Play Hard
Now let’s be honest, we all like to let loose every now and again. My theory is that if you work really hard and always try your best then you will be rewarded. I try to work hard in everything I do, so when things go wrong I do get quite disheartened. At the end of the day, everyone has their limits so it is all just about trying your best and seeing what you achieve. If you have spent all week working away, don’t feel guilty about that long lie in on a Sunday or a missed gym session. Life is about compromise and we can’t all be expected to get it right all the time. 
Any bloggers out there who can relate?! Leave me a comment and perhaps you could give me some advice as to how I can manage my time better! Lots of Love πŸ™‚ 

– have a great day – 


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