Breakfast has to be my favourite meal of the day, which is why I have actually started to become more of an adult recently, getting up a little earlier so that I can dedicate some time to my morning energy. I have become much more adventurous, trying out different recipes to get my taste buds going in the morning. I always find that when I have a proper breakfast my body feels set for the day, so it has become more and more important to me. I used to always give up on breakfast, purely because it always seemed like too much effort early in the morning, but actually now that I have started to create some of my own delicious recipes it is so much easier than I used to think. 

“Get Ready for the Day with Something Delicious” 

Breakfast food needs to be quick, delicious and contain ingredients with slow releasing energy. I have taken inspiration from a few cook books, such as Deliciously Ella, Rachel Khoo and for one recipe my boyfriend gave me a few ideas. As well as trying to be healthy, I also like to indulge. These recipes are a mixture of good for you and more on the naughty side, which to me is totally fine. Life is all about a good balance, so being good in the week and eating more at the weekend seems completely okay to me. Well at least that’s what I tell myself πŸ˜‰ Anyway, I am going to share four of my favourite recipes with you guys, which I hope you love just as much as I do. 

Breakfast Muffins
I saw this recipe a few years ago, when watching Rachel Khoo’s programme set in Paris. She later released a cook book with some amazing recipes in, which is where the inspiration for these came from. They are so easy to make, so delicious and look amazingly appetising. The first few times I made these I couldn’t quite get them right, but after a few attempts I got there in the end. 
Ingredients (2 muffins):
2 Slices White Bread // Knob Butter // Ham for 2 // 2 medium eggs // Salt and Pepper
Cut the crusts off the bread so you are left with two square pieces. Pre-heat the oven to 180 degrees (fan) and grease a cupcake tin. Melt the butter in a  small bowl in the microwave, then brush the melted butter onto the two slices of bread. Only do this in one side. Press the bread into the greased cupcake tins so they resemble cupcake cases. Add the ham then crack an egg into each. Add a pinch of salt and pepper and put in the oven for roughly 5-10 minutes. Serve with some avocado or wilted spinach. 

Almond Porridge with Almond Butter & Berries
This is an idea I got from Deliciously Ella on her Instagram page. It is so easy, take minutes and it utterly delicious. As it should be I guess. I have been trying to limit my dairy intake, so this is a great alternative. I use almond milk to make the porridge, and for added flavour top with a dollop of almond butter for added taste. With the sweet tanginess of the berries, everything in the bowl comes together perfectly. 
300ml almond milk // 100g porridge oats // tbsp almond butter // handful chosen berries
In a saucepan, heat the oats and milk on a low heat. Cook until creamy then add to a bowl. Top with the other ingredients and enjoy. 

Pancetta Seeded Rolls
My take on a classic bacon roll, using crispy pancetta and a delicious seedy bloomer. I created this simply by chance, when I accidentally bought pancetta as opposed to streaky bacon. The crisp and sweet pancetta works so well in a roll, however has a very different texture to your classic bacon sandwich. It is much less dense and has much more flavour. I always like to use a seedy roll or seeded bread, as I find it is more full of flavour and a great contrast in texture. 
5 Rashers Streaky Bacon // 1 Seeded Bloomer // Avocado Spread
Pan fry the pancetta for around a minute on either side, until darker in colour and crispy. Spread some avocado spread onto the bloomer and immediately add the pancetta. Sandwich together and enjoy!

Weekend McMuffins
My weekend tradition… every Sunday morning after an extremely long lie in we get up and make these. I used to really like the McDonalds McMuffins, until I realised that I actually really didn’t. So when my boyfriend made me these, I was completely transformed. A soft roll with a freshly fried egg, some ham or bacon, cheese and plenty of butter. Simply delicious, more on the naughty side and just a classic. 
Ingredients (2): 
2 Muffins // Mature Cheddar Cheese // 2 Slices of Good Ham // 2 Fried Eggs // Salt & Pepper
Cut the muffins in half, toast them lightly in a toaster, and immediately add some butter to both side. Add the cheese, ham and top with the fried egg. Add plenty of salt and pepper and squash together with the top muffin. 
Enjoy your Sunday!  

– have a good day – 


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