Blog post number 500. Wow. 
Since starting my blog over two years ago I feel like quite a lot has changed in the blogging industry. I have been reading blogs for a while, as in a lot longer than I have been blogging, and I feel like reading them now is very different to how it was even a year ago. There are so many more rules and regulations, as well as the impact that bloggers have and their ever growing reputation within the fashion and lifestyle industry. I think now even bloggers can have more impact than celebrities… I mean Zoella has over 10 million Youtube subscribers! Even though this is the dream of every blogger out there, the majority of us are all going along doing our own thing and being the real us. Whereas I have found a lot has changed for those bloggers who have made successful careers out of this. 
The thing that got me thinking about this is how I have noticed a real trend recently with my favourite bloggers all wearing and advertising things in a much more expensive price brackets. I used to love how bloggers would mix up their style, balancing high street trends with designer pieces. These posts would be more relatable for readers, as well as giving them something to aspire to. I find now that when seeing what my favourite bloggers are wearing, even some of their cheaper things still cost say over £100. I go to work and earn enough money to buy myself nice things, but if I want to have anything left over at the end of the month I really can’t be persuaded by what I am seeing online. A really good example is one of my favourite bloggers, Victoria from She has an abolutely beautiful blog and envious Youtube channel, and is everything that I want my blog to be like. However, one of her latest videos was some of her latest designer handbag purchases coming in at roughly £6,000. This is pretty much half my annual salary. Don’t get me wrong, I adore reading and watching her videos, and love her, but there is a trend starting with everyone that I follow which is really starting to put me off. I love seeing designer pieces and what is going on higher up in the fashion industry, but I also enjoy seeing what is happening on the high street, such as with brands like Zara, Topshop and Missguided. These are places that I can afford to go and shop, as I’m sure many other blog readers would agree with. 

This blog post has been titled ‘The Essence of Blogging’ because I am really starting to think to myself more and more about why I really started this blog as well as why I read them. I love to be inspired by others, especially those in the industry. In this new world, I would always be more persuaded to buy something by a blogger rather than a famous celebrity. For most of the time that I have been a fan of blogs, these people have always come across more real and relatable to me. So, the increase in the designer impact on the industry has started to annoy me a little. It has made these inspirational people become less inspirational, as I can honestly no longer relate to them. Don’t get me wrong, with the many bloggers who have been completely transformed into these picture perfect ‘always wearing designer clothes’ girls, there are still quite  a few getting it right. The ones getting it right are really nailing it, getting the balance right between the high street and luxury labels, and continuing to inspire regardless of how successful they are in their field. My favourite example for this has to be the gorgeous Sarah Ashcroft from That Pommie Girl. She is one sassy lady, who is still totally relatable. Yes she has a few nice handbags, drives around in a brand new jeep and spends her career partying with the best brands of the moment, but she is still real. Her posts all feature new in high street trends, she interacts with her audience continuously and never makes readers feel inferior. She is getting everything right, regardless of her success. Her latest achievement seems to be her very own collection with Missguided, every bloggers dream I know, which she has taken completely in her stride. I don’t feel like she has been big headed about it nor tried to show off, and has thought about her readers in each and every design. I am still loving her as a blogger, and feel like I am following her for the same reasons as I when I started over a year ago. 
Now the last thing I want to mention is the #ad. I cannot believe how naive everyone was just a few years ago… myself included. The amount of paid advertising that bloggers got away with – I am so happy that it is now essential to say when you are advertising for a brand/ company. Firstly, I don’t get why someone would want to hide it. Whenever a brand contacts and asks to work with me, I always feel such a sense of pride and achievement. I feel honoured and love everyone knowing… it is an achievement no matter how big or small it is. Secondly, if you are just saying something and getting paid for it without disclaiming the facts, you are lying to your readers. Eventually this will catch up on people, so why bother in first place? The #ad as been a big topic of conversation within the blogging community for the past few months, with many different opinions floating around. I want to use this opportunity to say that I will always tell you when I am working with a brand, and will only ever do so if I genuinely believe that their products or services relate to my blog theme and I really like them. I use my platform to share my own opinions, so I am being completely honest by saying that I don’t respect people who lie to their readers and advertise without disclaiming so, purely to make money for their work. I blog because I truly enjoy it, and yes I would like it to turn into a career one day, but I promise that I will never forget why I started this and why I love it so much. 
The Essence of Blogging for me is being able to share my views, opinions, passions and experiences in life with you. This will never change. 

Let me know your thoughts… leave a comment 🙂

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I have not been paid to feature any brands, and all views and opinions are my own. 
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