This seems to be a recurring post that I do every time a new season comes in… I can’t really love them all can I? Each and every season is different, and there is something different that I seem to love about each. If i’m being completely honest, I would have to say that I lean much more towards Autumn and Winter, but obviously Spring and Summer do have their perks… provided we have some nice sunshiny weather. After the summer I am always so ready for Autumn – the beautiful English scenery, changes in fashion and changes in food and drink. I love so much about Autumn, and am really not one to complain about losing the light and the heat. I am very much a stay inside wearing fluffy socks kind of girl, so being able to do that without feeling guilty about not enjoying the sunshine is always a blessing to me. Perhaps I’m just lazy.. but I have never been an outdoors person. 

“Dark Red Nails, Pumpkin Spiced Lattes & The return of the Sundays in bed escaping the rain – What’s not to love?”

Seeing as this is a ‘Things I Love about Autumn’ post it seems only right that I share the individual things that I love about the season. However, I think splitting this up into categories may make this a little easier. Hopefully you will get the gist of what I’m saying! I feel like the season is in full swing now, and I have very easily transitioned into the Autumnal lifestyle. A few night ago I had my first day off from work for a while, it was raining, dull and extremely cold. I spent the day catching up on blog photos and getting stuff done, before making my first comfort food dinner of the season. Obviously this had to be my Chilli Con Carne, my absolute favourite meal ever, served with plenty of rice, doritos, sour cream and cheddar cheese. I decided to forget for that hour that I am trying to reduce my dairy intake…to utterly indulge in the meal. This made me feel like Autumn had properly begun, and I started to realise how ready I am to get back into the cold and rainy seasons. I know so many people hate them, but I am a bit of a strange person who actually loves them. 

Food & Drink 
Something about Autumn food just makes me happy. I love eating, cooking and going out for food and have always naturally enjoyed more warming and ‘comfort food’ meals. I know that summer salads and things are great, but you can’t beat a good Chilli or Spag Bowl, especially after a long day at work. I enjoy cooking these kind of meals much more, as they are so therapeutic and always make me smile when I get to eat them. Yes, they can take a bit longer to get ready, but the end result always gives me a warm buzz inside. My favourite Autumn night in would be having a good old fashioned meal with a big glass of red wine and a classic film… something like ‘The Holiday’. P.s. If you haven’t seen The Holiday you have been living under a rock. Jude Law + Cameron Diaz = Match Made in Heaven. 
Then, we have to talk about Starbucks PSL. I started drinking this pretty soon after they brought it out, and have been a complete addict ever since. Typical white girl I know, but oh boy they are divine. It is pretty much Autumn in a cup with an added dose of caffeine. I just find it so warming, comforting and utterly enjoyable. It is a drink that isn’t just there for the taste, but it is also a feeling. 
For some bizarre reason, I am always much more motivated with fitness during the Autumn months. In the summer I like being out and doing things all the time, so kind of put the gym in the back of my mind, but when Autumn comes I am always ready to get back to things. I think I probably eat a lot more when it comes to Autumn and Winter, so my natural reaction is to get exercising. I do enjoy going to the gym, as I always find that I am much happier when I have been. If I had to go for a run in the cold it would be a different story, but seeing as the gym is indoors all is well in the world for me. 

You’ve probably heard this before, but I am really not a fan of summer clothes. I hate having to get my arms and legs out, as I just always feel too exposed and self conscious. Don’t get me wrong, I am not ashamed of my body in any way, I just have never really found a summer style that works well for my body. Dresses make me look short, shorts do not work with my legs and strappy tops are not flattering for my lady area. Rant over, I am always pretty damn happy when I can get my knits and boots out for winter. I love my thick jumpers, being able to revert back to my statement colour black and rocking the knee high boot trend. I am just much happier when I get to wear these types of clothes, so as soon as the temperature drops even a little, they’re out! 
In the summer I find it really hard to wear nice makeup and things because it simply melts off it is too warm. I always land up wearing much less, therefore not getting to experiment as much and practice with the few skills that I have. In the Autumn I always enjoy getting back into makeup more, using darker shades and going bolder in my choices. Dark reds and nudes are a staple piece in my makeup collection, so I use any excuse to get them out. I find that dark colours compliment my skin tone and figure much better, so try to encorporate this into my beauty and fashion routine. 
Movies/ TV Programmes
I know that this must all be for a reason, but I swear that so many good TV programmes and films come out around Autumn time. This year we’ve had the return of Strictly Come Dancing, Poldark, Our Girl and Victoria. I love all of them, and seem to have spent so much more time watching TV. I assume that production companies do this because people are more likely to be sat sat home watching TV in the Autumn rather than the Summer. Anyway, whatever the reason, I love it! There is so much to keep me entertained, and so many really great things on. 
Build up to Christmas! 
Oh yes, Autumn means we’re even close to Christmas. I think this is something that may be pretty obvious after last year, but I absolutely love Christmas. Well, I love everything about Christmas, a.k.a the build up, apart from Christmas Day. I know how weird that is, but I just usually find Christmas Day pretty boring. I like spending time with my family, but ever since I was little Christmas has always been in a different place with different people, so the novelty of the day itself is kind of gone. The build up however is fantastic. The christmas food, drinks, parties, markets, present shopping… oh my gosh I just love it all. So yeah, a great thing about Autumn is that we are that bit closer to the whole festive season! 

Seeing as I started working full time at the end of June, I soon realised how crap it can be to be working through the summer. For the whole of my life I have had my summers off, to be out and about, spending time with friends and having time for me. That has now all changed, welcome to the adult world I know, so having to be working through the nice weather knowing everyone else was out having fun was pretty crap. My granddad had always said to me how he doesn’t mind living in England because with the constant bad weather it means he can get on with work. Now I totally get what he meant. When it is raining, dark and dreary outside I really couldn’t care less about going to work. I actually really enjoy my job, so when I am inside getting on with things it doesn’t bother me at all knowing that it would be pretty miserable being out and about. The weather encourages me to get on with work, and not be bothered about missing out on things in the outside world. The more time I spend at work, the more I deserve some play time when it is more desirable to be outside. 
Me Time
I always find that when it comes to Autumn and Winter, I have so much more me time. I think it is probably because I spend a bit less time with friends, as I simply want to be in all the time. The darker nights mean that I stop working earlier and spend time catching up on programmes and pampering myself. I also spend more time with my loved ones, talking and enjoying each others company. In the summer everyone always seems so much more busy, and I really notice a major impact by the time September comes back around. Everyone gets back into their routine and makes more time for themselves. 

– what do you love about Autumn? – 


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