If you follow any of my social media, you probably would have seen that last week I went on a little mini break to Mallorca. My grandparents were out there for a week, but because of work I could only make it for a few days. I left early on the Thursday morning and met them, then we came back on Sunday. It was short but sweet, and extremely needed. Palma, the capital of Mallorca, has been one of my favourite places since I was young. It is an extremely beautiful city with loads to do, a great place for shopping and so many gorgeous restaurants. There is so much culture, making it so easy to embrace the Spanish history and enjoy what the city has to offer. The beautiful cathedral seen above is one of my favourite places in the city. I find the sight of it completely breathtaking, and loved how I could see it from my hotel balcony. I just wanted to share a short diary of what I got up to over the four days I was there, and let everyone know that if you haven’t been, you need to! The city has so much to offer for all ages, and also all seasons. We were there in November, storms were happening back here in the UK, but we were sat out in the evening having a meal and soaking up the buzzing atmosphere. The way of life is so different, and always makes me realise how crap the UK can be sometimes. Anyway, I will stop rambling and tell you all about my lovely little getaway. 

A 4am start was not the greatest feeling in the world for me. Everyone always says to me how excited the early flights make them, but personally, I hate them. I cannot get myself out of bed, I always worry that I will sleep through my alarm and I hate leaving the house in the cold and dark. It was also heavily raining when I left, so not the most enjoyable experience. However, everything at the airport went smoothly and my flight was on time and care free. Always a bonus, especially seeing as it was my first time flying alone! Another milestone achieved πŸ˜‰ My grandparents met me at the airport which was so lovely and we then headed back to the hotel so I could unpack and have a shower. We got there and I quickly got ready, showered and changed, and we left for lunch. We headed down to the marina and had some devious food. I went for tapas, obviously. I had Spanish Omelette, which is like my favourite thing ever, meatballs in tomato sauce and some croquettes. I can be a real pig when I want to be! We then had a wander around the harbour looking at the beautiful boats before heading back for a little rest. We were going into the city for dinner, so I needed a power nap as the early flight was starting to hit me. I slept for about two hours, and felt so much better when I got up and got ready. We then went into the beautiful city, which was buzzing and completely lit up. It honestly is so magical. Mt granddad didn’t really feel like coming out, so it was just my grandma and I which was lovely. We went into the huge Zara that they have there and I got quite a few things. I swear, the Zara in Spain is always so much nicer than here! We had a lovely dinner in our favourite restaurant and actually didn’t get back until quite late. Well… late for us! 

I woke up to the most beautiful sunshine and gorgeous day. It was so weird seeing as everyone at home was complaining about the rain and the storms. We started the day with the most delicious breakfast in the hotel, consisting of a few of my favourite things. I love Spanish meats and cheeses so had some of those, as well as pastries and much needed coffee. I felt so relaxed and utterly content with the current situation. My granddad and I then went down to the harbour to hire some bikes. Every time we go to Mallorca this is something we do together, so this holiday was no exception. We hired two bikes and headed off. We went all along the harbour, past the cathedral and all down the coast. It was so beautiful, and felt so good to be doing something active and enjoyable. We stopped off for a coffee break and lunch along the way, so it took a good chunk of the day. I adore bike riding, but only when going through somewhere beautiful, which is why I don’t really ever do it at home. After lunch I headed back to the hotel, whilst my granddad went for another bike ride. He honestly had so much more stamina than me! I was ready for a siesta… I take full advantage of them when I am in Spain. After my siesta, we then all headed into the city for a walk around and dinner. We spent ages walking around all the little streets, before choosing where to eat dinner. We went to the same restaurant as the night before, just because the food is so good, but sat outside. When my granddad suggested this I was really hesitant because it didnt seem right at this time in the year, but it was actually so nice. I was wrapped up in a coat and wooly scarf, so felt so warm and snug. I also had a giant G&T, so I’m assuming that probably warmed me up quite a lot! After dinner we went back to the hotel, and I watched a film in bed before going to sleep. I watched Hope Springs with Meryl Streep and it was so hilarious! 

Last day, and I couldn’t believe how quickly the time was going. After our delicious breakfast, my grandma and I headed into the city for a girls shopping trip. I cannot even tell you how excited I was for this…and wow my expectations were exceeded. We started by walking around the Zara Home shop where I bought some gorgeous Christmas decorations for the flat, followed by some beautiful Spanish interior boutiques. They were all so beautiful, and had so many gorgeous things… but I was so conscious of the lack of space in my suitcase. We stopped for a few coffee breaks, basically any coffee shops that looked pretty, as well as some lunch in a beautiful cafe with a garden. The day was so busy, but so relaxing. Obviously we also looked in some clothes shops, and I got my hands on some new navy boots with a heel. They are so plain and simple, but so pretty. I have been looking for some for ages, so was ecstatic that I finally found some. We were in the city for about 4/5 hours and I literally felt like I had shopped until I had dropped. I was so ready to get back to the hotel by the time we had gone into the last shop. The plan was to go back again later that evening for dinner, but I honestly was so exhausted that the thought made me feel really sad! In the end we landed up having dinner in the hotel, which meant that I had more time to pack and watch another film. Packing was a real struggle…I bought too many things to fit into my case. 

After a horrendous nights sleep, we had to get up early in order to get to the airport. Someone in the room next door had their TV on really loud really late into the night, which meant that I could not get to sleep. It’s safe to say that I wasn’t in the greatest mood when I woke up. I also then couldn’t get my case shut, resulting in me sitting on it and trying to do it up… it must have looked pretty hilarious. When we got to the airport all I needed was coffee and a croissant. So that was the first thing I got once past security. I was also then very pleased by the new duty free at the airport, treating myself to some goodies from MAC and getting a head start on Christmas presents! We landed on time at 12.30pm in the UK, so plenty of time to unpack and get ready for the next day. The miserable and dull weather back at home has been making me wish I was back everyday since landing. 

– have a great weekend – 

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