As it gets into winter I always become much more slack with my health and beauty routine. I give into sugary cravings resulting in breakouts, and generally don’t work as hard at looking after myself. I don’t really think about my skin, hair or makeup as much and always just love having an extra ten minutes in bed. Over the past few weeks, this has really started to catch up with me and I suddenly just feel lazy and unlike me. I want to get into the routine again of taking care of myself as winter gets closer, so that I am used to doing everything again. There are certain things in life that us girls do just to feel good, however there are also certain things that I deem necessary for myself. I don’t want to be the girl who doesn’t shave her legs all through winter nor pops to the shop wearing no make-up. It just isn’t me, and I don’t feel myself when I do slightly let myself go. 

“Do Whatever Makes YOU Feel Comfortable” 

I wanted to share a few products that I rely on during the colder months, as well as the products that I use only during the Autumn and Winter. In the winter I find that looking after myself is very different to the summer. My skin and hair always feels more dry, my lips crack and get sore and the colder weather always seems to have an effect on my face with regard to breakouts. Luckily, I do know how to get back on track, so I wanted to share this with you to encourage myself to get back into everything. 

The Basics
For me, the basics are products that keep my skin and hair nourished and healthy. Every single night I try to use cocoa butter all over my body. For me this is the only moisturiser that has ever made my skin soft over night and carried on going even when I forget a day. It smells absolutely divine and always makes my skin feel so incredibly healthy. Even though it is extremely rich and nourishing, it also isn’t oily and works so well with my skin. 
As well as having dry skin in the winter, my hair can also get extremely dry from the cold weather. I am weirdly protective over my hair, so the minute I feel like it is starting to get unhealthy I have to do something about it. The easiest thing to do for me is use a hair mask and leave it on overnight. I do this every other week on average, but if it is starting to get dry I will do it once a week until it is better. I only have put it on the ends of my hair, as it makes the roots really oily. When I have washed it the next day and dried it I put moroccan oil through the ends to keep it protected through the day. If it is a really cold and windy day, I will do this anyway for added protection. 

Autumn and Winter for me means more make-up. In the summer I hate having loads of face makeup on that will make me hot and sweaty. I just feel like in the summer you can get away with wearing so much less. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t spend hours everyday doing my makeup, but I do like to spend a bit of extra time to feel more confident. In the winter I find that I am always prone to a few more spots, so I get caught in this vicious circle of wearing more makeup to cover them up. Which obviously then means that they come more as I am wearing more face foundation. I hate being a girl sometimes! 
My makeup look differs in the winter – I like to wear darker eye makeup for a more of a dramatic look, as well as a darker lip. I keep my skin tone pretty pale with a slight bronzed glow. I don’t really use as much blush or highlighters, as I always go for a more matte finish. My favourite shades at the moment are both from L’Oreal. I love the small eyeshadow palette pictured above, as well as the beautiful deep red berry coloured lipstick. To me, these colours scream Autumn, and have been used a lot in the past few weeks. 

I am a complete sucker for a manicure. I am addicted to wearing OPI Gel since I discovered it over a year ago. Until late last year I used to wear acrylic extensions over and over again and completely ruined my nails. They were thin, dry and brittle. I found a nail salon in Clifton who helped me get them up to a good strength again. Now I use OPI gel every other week, which lasts for two weeks, as well as using endless amounts of nail oil and Shea butter hand cream. My favourite shade for the Autumn has been this beautiful berry red called ‘Thank Glogg it’s Friday’. I loved it so much that I also bought the nail polish to use on my toes. It is the perfect shade for Autumn and Winter, and I just adore OPI polish and gels. Cuticle oil and hand cream are a must have for winter, as the colder weather will often make your hands much more dry. 

– have a great week – 


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