One of my favourite things in terms of fashion is smart casual – I find it so easy to put together and enjoy buying clothes that can be used for occasions where smart casual is necessary. Over Christmas I find that I am having to go for this attire much more, say work Christmas drinks, catch up with girlfriends or even family meals out. I always talk to people who seem to dread having to smart casual, usually only really knowing how to go one way or the other. It is a concept that baffles me, but I’m assumed that is because I have one go to outfit to fit in with this theme. Naturally I like to dress up and make an effort with my clothes, so when I’m not working I always adopt the look just to make myself feel comfortable. I love my casual Ugg days, but I would always choose to dress up over dressing down. 
When I was in Palma a few weeks ago, my grandma and I landed up in Zara which is always so much better in European countries. I landed up walking out with about three bags full of stuff, most of which was smart casual ready for Christmas. I bought clothes that I knew I would wear over the next month, and I have to say I have not yet disappointed myself. I have a date and occasion for every item I bought, so am feeling pretty proud of myself. I thought I would just put together a little guide of the different items I wear to pull off any smart casual look. 
The look I have created for this post is my go to outfit when I want to look smart in a more casual setting. A blazer for me is the key to the look, as it seems to make every outfit pop and smartens everything up. I find Blazers incredibly comfortable and easy to wear, so easy to just throw on when I need something more formal. This one in particular I got in Zara and I am just completely in love with it. I guess it theory is is pretty simple, just black, but looking more closely it is so much more. Unusually it falls quite far below the hips and the cut is just perfect, staying in at the top and going out very slightly. The collar has a slight slit between the neck and chest, which I love just adding some simple detail. 
Heeled Boots
A blazer with heeled boots always completes a look in my eyes. I love wearing my boots with block heels as they always add a little height, as well as just looking a bit more formal than my flats. They smarten up an outfit in a very subtle way, but are still manageable as they are by no means unbearable to walk in. 
Pretty simple, but most smart casual look to me starts with jeans. I love love love jeans because they can be worn in so many different ways, and are so comfortable. With a t-shirt and Uggs they are my favourite errand running day off attire, however with my blazers a nice coat and heeled boots they just make the look so much more relaxed. If the whole look were the same but with black trousers instead of jeans it would just look that little bit too formal for my liking. 
A Pretty Top 
Any smart casual outfit has to be completed with a pretty top. I rarely actually get the chance to wear all my nice tops as they aren’t really appropriate for work or when I’m just doing jobs, so take the opportunity with a smart casual look. This black lace top to me is absolutely perfect, and again was a purchase from Zara in Palma. I fell in love with it instantly and knew that it was perfect for me. It is a blouse style top, with lace and frills at the top. The cut is very flattering and with jeans just looks so gorgeous. I love it also because it can be worn down or dressed up. 
A Nice Handbag
Finally, to complete the look a nice handbag. I always just use convenient handbags most of the time so like it when I can actually get the nice ones out. My nude Michael Kors Selma bag is always a winner, however my Louis Vuitton seemed to make the cut for this particular outfit. Louis is officially my grandmas handbag that she bought a few years ago, but seeing as it now lives with me, I am claiming all rights to it πŸ˜‰ I adore it, but don’t like to use it too much as I’m so scared it will get ruined! 
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