A big part of Christmas for me has to be getting my gifts all organised. I am one of those people who adores giving people gifts, probably even more than I love receiving them. I love choosing the right presents for everyone, and wrapping them nicely for Christmas day. They always look so pretty and festive sat around the Christmas tree, and complete the whole look for the festive season. As I am still one of the young ones in the family, it is not yet my responsibility to buy everyone lots and lots of presents. I get my loved ones one or two presents each and try to put as much care into each one. Obviously, being young as well it is so tough financially to get everything you want for people. This year I spread the cost out over October, November and December, so haven’t had a shock bill! This means that I have been gradually wrapping presents as I bought them, so my tree is already looking complete! I also splurged out on my wrapping accessories this year, just because it means so much to me. I got a few bits from The White Company, as well as from Tesco, Ikea and Waitrose. If i’m being honest, you don’t have to spend a fortune on making your gifts look presentable. So many places have good quality and beautiful things this year. I am going to share my tips and tricks to the most perfect looking gifts, as well as a few links to where I got my bits and bobs from. 

The first thing I like to do is make sure I have everything I need and that it matches. I like to have a range of paper, as well as ribbons, bows and tags that match. I am  such an OCD person anyway, so this side always become slightly unbearable at Christmas. I am just a perfectionist, so like everything to look beautiful and come together in exactly the way I imagined it. This year I have three combinations that I am in love with. The first is the classic brown paper with some red and brown ribbon is more of a string texture. I then used some red tags that say ‘Christmas Wishes’. I think this has to be my favourite look. The next is the red and white striped paper that I got from The White Company. This to me is all about Christmas and looks so festive under the tree. The awkward bottle type presents I topped with a bow to distract from how I could figure out how to wrap it! I think the effect is actually pretty good. Finally the glittery reindeer paper that I got from Tesco… I love it! It is so Christmasy and so me! To go with this I have some shimmery ribbon and white tags. 
Whenever I buy presents. I always try to get them in square packaging or with a box. This makes life so much easier when it comes to wrapping. It may sound a bit excessive because it doesnt really matter, but as I said before, perfectionist over here. Most gifts around Christmas are in square boxes anyway, so I’m not really ever too worried. 
When I am wrapping I like to have everything ready to make life easier. So by equipment I mean three things. A good pair of sharp scissors to make cutting paper and ribbon a bit easier; sellotape on a holder so you can get it using one hand; a good pen to write the labels. It may seem insignificant, but when you actually get round to doing it, you will realise how much easier life is with these three things. 
Artistic Flare
My family always laugh at me in a good way when I give them gifts, purely just because they say they look pretty and well done. Naturally I am a very practical person, and like having the opportunity to bring out my creative side. So yes, I guess it is a bit easier if you do just have an artistic flare, but I don’t think that should stop anybody from trying. Anyone can do it with just a little effort. 
When I am wrapping I always make a big deal out of it. I set everything up on a flat surface, usually the floor and am generally stationed in front of the TV or my laptop. This way I stay entertained whilst doing it, and feel like I am using my time productively by catching up on a show and wrapping at the same time. This year I sat in front of Friends for about two hours – it was so much fun. 

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– happy wrapping! – 


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