In 2016, I feel like a passion that has gotten bigger for me is beauty. I have never really cared too much about putting effort into my makeup and skincare, I mean I used to wear it and everything I just didnt really know what I was doing. This year I feel like I have developed a sound understanding of how to do everything, and have gotten so much better at creating makeup looks that I love. I have always worn makeup, and never feel right leaving the house without wearing foundation, but that doesnt mean that my looks have always been creative. I have always gone for the same things and rarely branched out trying different products. This Autumn I have tried to explore different looks perfect for the season, investing in a few new products and finding what works for me. The Christmas look I have created is perfect for the season, as a festive party look or even a celebratory lunch. I have gone for a classic combination of colours, a plain complexion with bronzed contour, a gold and glittery eye, finished with a deep red lip. The look is simple yet effective, and doesn’t take hours to create. 
To start the look I used products that I use everyday to create my makeup look. I never branch out too much with makeup for my skin, as I feel like changing it too much will disturb the balance and result in break outs. I have found a balance of products that I love and work for me. I always start with a primer from Clinique, intended to reduce redness. It works perfectly for my skin, it has got rid of all redness around my nose and is a perfect base for my foundation. I then apply my foundation, a more generous amount than I would do everyday. I use Chanel Perfection Lumiere. I have talked about this so much on the blog, and will never stop going on about how much I love it. It is the perfect match for my skin tone, has amazing coverage and is just the right texture for my skin. It isn’t oily, nor does it dry out my skin. I then conceal under my eyes and my T-Zone with the No.7 concealer stick. I recently discovered this and have been obsessed with it ever since. It is a thicker concealer, working so well to hide any redness or blemishes. It makes me feel so much more confident in my skin and doesn’t dry it out at all. I finish with the Seventeen Pwaar paint and a thin layer of MAC foundation powder. 
To contour I use the Tanya Burr contour palette. I used the bronzer along the cheeks, to create a subtle contour line. I use a rounder brush to apply blusher to the middle of my cheeks – mine is a Dior one. I then blend this all together before applying my highlighter. I then use the highlight powder from the same Tanya Burr palette, just along the tops of my cheeks. I have had so many compliments about this product, and swear by it everyday. 
I don’t know why, but eyes seem to be my favourite part of doing my makeup. They instantly make me look like a new person, and you can get so so creative. I always start the look with my Origins ‘Vanilla’ eye cream, acting as a primer. It is thick, bright and soft, making it more comfortable to wear eye shadow and makes it last all day. For this look I used my L’Oreal Nude Eye Shadow Palette, using a nude to cover the whole of my lid, followed by a nude glittery shade. I then apply a darker nude in the crease of my eye and blending it all together.  To finish I use a layer of my special occasion eye shadow cream from Chanel. This is a gold glittery shadow, perfect for nights out. This is a very subtle look, but so effective with striking liner. To line my eyes I use two Rimmel liners. I use the thiner one to go across my eye, and thicker one to create the thick. I am not amazingly great at this, so just do what I can. I then use a pencil to line my waterline. For lashes I start with the Benefit Roller Lash, then finishing with No.7 Lovely Lashes. These together create a wispy and long lash that isn’t clumpy, nor over the top. 
I never focus too much attention on my brows – naturally mine are quite thick and dark, so don’t require the attention that I see others doing. I use a basic Rimmel pencil to fill in the lighter areas, brushing through with the brush. I then use the Tanya Burr ‘Perfect Brows Palette’ to finish. I use Pebble all over my lashes, followed by Chestnut in the ends to create a darker an defined look. I brush  through thoroughly, and wipe around the edges to create a more natural and flawless look. 
For this lip look I instantly knew that it had to be red. Not a bright red, but a deep and beautiful berry red. The colour that I instantly though of was MAC ‘D for Danger’. I bought this in Copenhagen at the beginning of the year and have loved it ever since. As it is quite dark and striking I don’t get the opportunity to wear it very much, but over Christmas I have been getting it out much more. I lined my lips with a  red lip liner – I got this in my beauty advent calendar last year – and finished with a generous layer of the lipstick. The think I love most about this lipstick is that it lasts for hours and doesn’t feel dry on my lips. 
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