For years I have enjoyed cocktails and mocktails, whether it be a girls night out Cosmopolitan, a Pina Colada sat on a sun lounger or even a whiskey soda at a grown up lunch. They always make any occasion seem that bit more special and are completely delicious. However, my love for them does seem to be a ‘when going out’ thing rather than making them at home. It has always been a pretty scary prospect creating them myself at home – in my head they will just never turn out the way I have them out. A few weeks ago, a company named Fentimens contacted me and asked if I could create some cocktails using some of their new products. I had heard of Fentimens before, so was so overjoyed to work with them. When I received the hamper full of goodies, the prospect of creating the cocktails suddenly seemed so much less daunting. In my head I put together the combinations instantly, and took inspiration from drinks that I had over the past year! So let’s get into my recipes and a little bit more about each ingredient used. 
To begin with, I wanted to really make sure that the garnishes I have for each cocktail is perfect. When I was in Spain a few weeks ago, every time I had a gin and tonic they would garnish it with rosemary and cinnamon. It was something I hadn’t had before, and added a perfect Autumn feel to each drink. I decided to get creative with these drinks and include garnishes that compliment the flavours perfectly. There are a range of herbs such as thyme, rosemary and mint as well as some cinnamon sticks, orange peel, apple and frozen berries. Obviously you can mix and match as much as you like with this depending on what you enjoy, so I have just varied it throughout the post. 
Bombay – London Dry Gin
The Gin I decided to use in this post is Bombay. My grandma has always been a big fan of Bombay, and since last year I have been trying lots of different ones to see which I prefer myself. This ranges from Hendricks, to Gordons and both of the Bombay gins. The original Bombay has proven to be my favourite so far – I love its fresh and subtle taste. 
Oban – Scottish Whiskey
The Whiskey I have used in this post is a Scottish Whiskey called Oban. When I was in Scotland in the summer, I went to the Oban distillery and learnt how it is made from start to finish. I have never been a huge Whiskey fan, but loved seeing this. My boyfriend is a huge fan and landed up buying himself some, so obviously I ‘borrowed’ it for this post. I am not completely converted, but did love the taste of this whiskey in the cocktail!  
Rose Lemonade
I have loved this Rose Lemonade since way before working with Fentimens, and usually just drink it with loads of ice during the summer. It is so refreshing and simply delicious, but I had never thought of putting it in a cocktail. Originally I was going to use it as a non-alcoholic cocktail, but when trying it with the gin it worked so perfectly. Instead of using ice I filled the glass with frozen berries which make the drink so cold, but can also be eaten! I then put in a shot of gin, filled half way with cranberry juice and topped with rose lemonade. The combination works so well together, and I guess is such a winner for a night with the girls. 
Pink Grapefruit Tonic Water
Something that I must admit I had never tried before, and was totally intrigued by. I chose to make this a non-alcoholic cocktail just to make it a little bit different. The tonic has such a natural punch, so needs very little added. In a long glass fill with ice, then add 1/4 orange juice and 1/4 cranberry juice. Top with the tonic water and garnish with some beautiful orange peel. This is such an amazing drink if you want something to cool yourself down. 
Naturally Light Tonic Water
This is the cocktail where the Whiskey comes in. The Fentimens naturally light tonic water is perfect for those watching the waste line, but still in need of a delicious treat. The combination of Oban Whiskey and the Naturally Light Tonic Water is just perfect together. It is fresh and crisp, ideal for a sophisticated night in, boy or girl. To garnish this delicious drink I used thyme and cinnamon. The thyme adds a subtle fresh taste and looks fabulous. 
Premium Indian Tonic Water
The classic G&T, the one that I remember seeing the women in my family enjoy since I was small and have since become one to enjoy it myself. To me it is a classic, to be enjoyed for so many different occasions and in different places. In Spain I bought this amazing fish bowl type cocktail glass from Zara Home, and am completely obsessed with it. For this cocktail I filled the glass with ice, added a double shot of Gin and topped with the tonic water. To garnish I used fresh mint, rosemary and apple slices. It is so delicious and a complete treat at the weekend with friends.
Ginger Beer & Muddled Lime
The last cocktail features the Fentimens Ginger Beer and Muddled Lime. If I’m being completely honest, I didnt add anything to this apart from the garnish. In all honesty, it really doesn’t need anything. It is so delicious on its own. It has a rich and pleasant taste of Ginger Beer with a beautiful subtle hint of lime. To garnish I used apple slices and frozen blackberries from the frozen berry pack. I also added a bit of thyme for effect. It looks so amazing, and I would happily serve it at a dinner party this festive season. 
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– enjoy – 


This blog post is in collaboration with Fentimens UK. 
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