Ever since I was little, putting on a dress and getting myself to look all glamorous has been something I loved so much. I think it started at a young age purely because I took inspiration from people on TV as well as my grandma who doesn’t really know how to do casual. Still to this day I love getting dressed up and quite honestly could do it every single day if I was given the chance. A lot of people seem to hate the thought and simply can’t be bothered, but I do feel with me that it is a passion that will never fade. The only problem with this is that there are few occasions nowadays where it is deemed appropriate to attend a social event being really dressed up. It seems really silly to think that I can’t just wear what I want, but when I make a real effort I always feel overdressed, therefore land up feeling extremely self conscious. I know everyone says that you shouldn’t care what other people think, but when you’re made to feel uncomfortable it is really hard to ignore it. Anyway, enough of the negative talk and onto what this post is really about. Over Christmas I always find it much easier to dress how I want and put a bit more effort into each of my outfits. Okay maybe I won’t wear a full on ball gown to some drinks with friends, but it is more acceptable to wear a really sparkly top or beautiful cocktail dress. I take full advantage of this over the festive season, and wear the majority of my nice clothes during December. It is usually how I justify buying myself the clothes in the first place, telling myself I will wear it over Christmas! I thought I would just share my favourite things about getting dressed up, as well as for me what that entails. 

Feeling Like a Princess
I guess the thing I love most about getting dressed up is how it takes me back to being a child again, feeling like a princess in my pretty dress. For some reason I just haven’t outgrown this phase, and don’t plan on doing so anytime soon. The minute I put on a dress and spin a few times to let the skirt go out I instantly feel happy and content with life. I am such a girly girl, so it is a feeling that I really try to get so often! 
An Excuse to Wear My Clothes
You may have gathered by now that I have quite a lot of clothes, half of which don’t get worn. I am also a major lover of buying new clothes, therefore my wardrobe only ever grows and the percentage of what is actually being worn often also decreases. I love buying pretty dresses, usually for one occasion and intending to wear it again but never actually do. Whenever there is an opportunity to wear nice clothes I will always take it, purely just so that I am getting some wear out of them. 
Experimenting with Makeup 
Whenever I get dressed up, I obviously also spend a little bit more time on my makeup. I don’t often experiment with different makeup looks on myself, and have a pretty standard routine which applies day and night. So when I get dressed up I always give myself a bit of extra time to do something more elaborate and again use some products that I don’t actually get to use very often. I usually wear much more makeup as a result, but always love the finished look. I feel a sense of pride whenever I see how I can actually do my makeup when I try hard! 
Having a Good Night Out
When I am dressed up I feel like I always really enjoy the night. I feel so comfortable being like this, so always feel at ease with myself for such an event. I love talking about my clothes with people and vice versa… it is such a passion of mine hence why I talk to you guys about it here on the blog. I feel like I can always let my hair down a bit when I am dressed up and try to enjoy myself as much as possible. 
An Opportunity for Photos
The great thing about getting dressed up is the photo opportunity. My friends and I have one aim when we go out, and it is always to get a nice photo! It is so much easier when we are all actually dressed nicely and feel good in ourselves. It is also a great opportunity with family and my boyfriend, as we rarely take nice photos together. 
I love getting dressed up over Christmas and spend most of Christmas day being in the house wearing a pretty dress. I always start with heels, but they are usually replaced with slippers at some point during the morning… a good look I know πŸ˜‰ 

– Happy Christmas Eve Eve! – 


I have not been paid to feature any brands, and all views and opinions are my own. 

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