How is today the last Blogmas post? That is completely crazy, and I cannot believe that I actually managed to do this. Usually I give up half way through doing things purely because life takes over, but I actually did this! And, I loved every single moment of doing it… even the moment where I was onto blog post number six in one day at 2 in the morning. Doing Blogmas has got me so much more into the spirit of Christmas this year, and I feel so ready and excited to celebrate this year. Christmas Eve for my family and I is when we start to officially enjoy Christmas, and the three days of relaxation and enjoyment. This year is the first year that I am actually working on Christmas Eve, so things are going to have to be a little different this year. Usually my family and I spend the day together, going out for lunch, getting last minute food things and finishing the house. I am leaving that all to them this year whilst I work, however am expecting them to come and see me for some mulled wine and a mince pie. When I finish work I am then expecting to carry on the traditions and enjoy the festive time with the family. I will instantly be getting into my festive pyjamas, getting dinner ready and probably be sat around doing nothing. Every Christmas Eve we always have some good food, usually a Chilli con Carne just because it is my favourite and can be made in advance. My grandma and I then sit and watch TV. Every year we watch The Holiday, purely just to see Jude Law in glasses, with a glass of Baileys with loads and loads of ice. We only ever do this once a year, it would feel so wrong doing it any other time! Anyway, it is something quite small, but it is our little tradition that we just love. I am also allowed to open one present, because I am still really a big kid and get all giddy about my presents! 
Let me take this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas, and thank you for reading  this Blogmas experience that I have shared over the past 24 days! It has been so much fun and I am already excited to start again next year! 
– Merry Christmas – 
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