During the festive season, I love to pamper myself and feel perfect. It just makes me feel so much more positive in myself when I am well groomed, and makes Christmas so much easier as naturally you tend to go out more. My favourite part of my beauty routine during the festive season has to be my nails, even though this is probably my favourite throughout the entire year. I also love to get semi-permament lashes on, and get my hair cut and coloured. I don’t bother with any sought of tanning treatments as I find my complexion just doesn’t suit the ‘orange glow look’. Luckily this saves me a bit of money every few weeks! But yes, my guilty pleasure has to be getting my nails done. Christmas just seems to be a time of celebration, with every one using it as an excuse to constantly socialise throughout the month. This means that I like to be ready to go quickly at the drop of a hatch. 
I love having nice beautiful nails, so it always feels so gross and bare when they aren’t done. I have gel nails on for most of the year, but at Christmas I sometimes like to take them off so that I can wear more colours and change them frequently. I like to sit in bed every few days and give myself a mini manicure, which is often needed as the colder weather seems to make my hands so dry. I will tell you all about my mini manicure routine below. 
Obviously, the main colour theme I go for is during the festive season is red, but wow there are so many different shades to choose from. Red seems like a pretty basic colour, but when it comes to looking at different shades, there are so many different reds to choose from. I know this all sounds pretty minor, but I literally get so much enjoyment out of it. Lots of different brands have so many different colours on offer, so I thought I would just share five different shades that are my favourites. I have included different price ranges and ones that are all different in colour. All of these colours are so beautiful, and as well as using the polish, I like to have the bottles on display around the house as an extra Christmas decoration. It looks so effective when they’re all in a line on a dressing table or in the bathroom. 
My Mini Manicure
The first thing I would say for this is that it can’t be rushed – it should be done slowly in order to relax you and produce the most beautiful nails. I always start by taking off my existing nail polish and washing my hands thoroughly with warm soapy water and a nail brush. 
In a large bowl, I then add warm water and about a tablespoon of coconut oil. I put my hands in the bowl and leave for about 10 minutes. This completely softens the nails and cuticles as well as really hydrating your skin. Once ten minutes is over. I take my hands out and pat dry onto a towel. I am usually watching a programme whilst doing all of this to keep me occupied. Once my hands have been patted dry I will then push back all my cuticles with a wooden nail stick, and cut my long cuticles with the cuticle cutters. I never take too much off, as this can be unhealthy for your nails and make them really sore. I then file my nails into the shape I want and put back into the warm water bowl just to rinse. 
Then it is onto painting the nails. I start with a base coat, followed by two coats of my chosen colour, then finally the clear top coat. I leave about five minutes for the base coat to dry, and a minute or two in between the coloured layers. I wait for the colour to be completely dry before adding the top coat. This takes about 20-30 minutes. I leave all this to dry for as long as possible, then rub some nail oil into my cuticles. 
The mini manicure isn’t hard, it is just pretty time consuming, so I don’t really get to do it that often. My nails always look so good afterwards though, and my hands feel amazing. 
My Christmas Shades
Rimmel ‘Rapid Ruby 320’
I bought this shade quite a long time ago when I was looking for a deep red colour for Autumn. Maybe last Autumn? The first time I used it I instantly fell in love. It is a gorgeous deep berry red colour, which compliments my light complexion perfectly and looked great with so many outfits. It dried really quickly as it is part of their ’60 second’ range and was beautifully shiny and glossy. I have to say, for such a reasonably priced nail polish, it really did well it terms of colour and quality. I love this shade for a day look, as it is not shiny in colour and is actually pretty simple. 
Max Factor ‘Dusky Rose 105’
I adore this colour for a more evening look. I would say this is perhaps more on the pink side, but quite a dark reddy pink. It is a stunning golden shimmer running through it making it sparkle in the light. I bought this few months ago as I could see how amazing it was just from the bottle and it did not disappoint. The wear on it is fantastic, and if I’m in a rush it is always good to go with just one layer. It doesn’t really chip at all and is perfect with perhaps a black party dress for a Christmas night out. 
Chanel ‘Pirate 08’ 
I bought this polish just as the shade was released, and have loved it ever since. It is a lovely red colour which is some lights goes more to the orange side. It is so shiny and glossy, and always makes my nails look so flawless. It always needs about three coats to get the most of the colour, but when they are on it always looks stunning. I always go to this colour if I want a pop of something bright when going out in the day.
Barry M ‘Raspberry 273’ 
This was one of my first Barry M polishes that I bought a few years ago. I have loved it ever since, and have actually nearly run out…which I have to admit is a first for me. It is a beautiful deep red colour, more on the pinky side than the Rimmel shade. The polish itself is quite thick so a little goes a long way, and the shine is incredible. This is great to go with a Christmas party outfit… i’m thinking black and lace!
OPI ‘Thank Glogg It’s Friday’ 
The latest edition to my collection from OPI is the fabulously names ‘Thank Glogg It’s Friday’. They literally come up with the best names. I bought this a few weeks ago after I had had it on my nails but in the gel form. I loved it so much and knew that it would be the perfect shade for me over Christmas. It is a stunning glowy red, that is actually quite plain but so effective. It is probably more on the verge of being a purple and red mixture rather than pink and red. The quality of the polish is incredible, as it doesn’t fade, stays shiny for days and the colour is so intense after just two coats. This is definately going to be my go to festive colour of the season. 
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