Something related to Christmas that seems to have faded in my generation is the sending and receiving of Christmas cards. This ‘it’s not important, I can’t be bothered’ attitude seems to have really taken its toll on the festive tradition, with fewer and fewer people actually taking the time to buy, write and send cards to friends and family. This is something that I truly hate and refuse to become a part of. I find everything about Christmas cards so magical and festive and really couldn’t imagine a time without sending them or having them around the house over the Christmas season. They make the house light up, with all the pretty designs and messages inside. I think I may have gotten to love this tradition because of my grandma, who has always insisted on sitting down and getting her cards done every year. I love to take the opportunity to get away from my phone and technology, hold a pen and wish people well for the season. Whilst also listening to cheesy Christmas music to get me into an extremely festive mood. Ultimately though, the cards don’t take long, and I always find that people really appreciate it when the receive a card… especially from me as I am in the age bracket that doesnt seem to send them. I am just going to share five simple reasons as to why I still love sending Christmas cards and why I will not stop even if everybody else does. 

Choosing the Cards
My favourite part about all of this has to be actually choosing the cards. I remember when I was a lot younger I always used to buy some that I liked pretty early, then regret it so much as I then saw more and more that I loved as Christmas got closer. This is still pretty much the same case now, so my solution has been to buy packs that only have about six cards in.. then I can buy more cards that are different. I am pretty traditional when it comes to cards, so usually go for a gold and red theme with added sparkle. In my eyes you can never have enough glitter at Christmas! It is also so easy now to get beautiful designs from the most unlikely of places. This year my cards are from John Lewis and Tesco, however I have seen so many in shops such as The White Company, Aldi, Next and Paperchase. There is so many different designs around, and all of them always make me feel so festive and happy. 
The Messages
In each of my cards I always like to actually bother to write little messages to the recipient. Christmas cards are often used as a way of keeping in touch with people who have perhaps become less present in your life, or simply live far away. Whenever I am writing my cards, I always make sure that I include little messages, even if they are as simple as ‘hope you have had a lovely year etc…’ Most of the time we use our phones to keep in contact through text or email, so hand written messages always seem so special and appropriate for the season. I don’t spend hours writing out my cards, but at the same time I don’t just rush them and get them off without any care put in. 
Added Decoration
I think that Christmas cards always look so beautiful in the house, surrounded by the other decorations and Christmas tree. They add such a festive glow and make you feel close to the people in your life as their cards are all around. I love the living room at Christmas as it is always bursting with cards and presents – I just find everything about them so magical. I really feel so close to everyone in my life when the cards start to pile up around the house. 
The Tradition
I guess simply, I am pretty traditional when it comes to Christmas. I like things to be perfect, and how they were when I was small. This is with everything from the presents, to the food to getting dressed up and listening to Christmas carols. I don’t like to ever do anything to out there, and love to just be in the comfort of my home with my family. I love having the day to just relax, enjoy each others company and completely over indulge on delicious food. So I guess this is why I hate the idea of Christmas cards fading out. They are such a timeless tradition, and one that I hope will never fade. 
Whenever I buy Christmas cards, I always try to make sure that they are charity ones. This is something quite small, but I always like to think that I am making a small difference when I buy these. There are so many different cards on the market every year, but I would much rather that a percentage of my money went to a good and honest charity, rather than all the profit going to a big corporate company. It just gives me a positive feeling when I buy these, as I feel like it is a time in the year where everyone should support each other and do good for one another. 

– happy writing – 


I have not been paid to feature any brands, and all views and opinions are my own. 
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