Day five
into Blogmas and I officially feel like Christmas has begun. It is socially
acceptable to play Christmas music non-stop, eat and drink festive delicacies
and arrange which day this week we are going to buy and decorate the Christmas
tree. I am in absolute heaven and feeling so unbelievably great this year. I
haven’t felt like this since I was quite a lot younger, and it seems to have
come completely out of the blue. I think the main reason may be because I have
actually sorted all my presents so don’t have the stress of having to think
about it through the month. I am not usually that organised at all, so I have
no idea how I have managed to get that all done so quickly! I am pretty
impressed with myself to be honest! I think with the whole organising for
Blogmas thing it got me in the festive spirit pretty early on, which is
probably why I am feeling on top of the moon now.
“It’s The
Most Wonderful Time of the Year”
I’m sure
that by the time Christmas day gets here I probably would have completely tired
myself out, but I am going to embrace it at the moment and try to make it last
as long as possible. I thought I would share a few ways to get yourself into
the festive spirit in case you’re just not feeling it yet. I always talk to so
many people who don’t really like Christmas and don’t see the point, and I
would be majorly lying if I said I understand where they’re coming from. I
think everyone should be feeling happy and positive, and trying to help others
if they just aren’t feeling it. Obviously, I know that it perhaps isn’t a happy
time for some people with things going on in their lives, but for those who are
just being scrooges, I think they need to get into the festive spirit!

Music/ Carols
The one
thing that instantly gets me into the festive spirit is Christmas music. The
classic cheesy cringy music that is loud and overly cheery! I’ve been putting
it on at work to get everyone into a good mood, listening to it in the car and
whilst at the gym. It really just makes me feel happy and ready for Christmas.
I also find Christmas carols extremely relaxing. The typical Mariah Carey type
music is great, but when I’m at home and just want to relax I like to have
carols on quietly in the background. They are soothing and Christmasy in one.
that always gets me massively in the Christmas mood is going to a Christmas
fayre. There is music, food, Christmas smells gifts and drinks flowing. There
is always delicious Christmas food to eat, and the buzzing atmosphere is always
what I need if I’m just not feeling the festive season. I don’t think I can
ever walk past a Christmas fayre and not have an obvious smile on my face. It
always just seems to happy and like everyone is coming together.
Mulled Wine
Make mulled
wine at home. I absolutely adore mulled wine and can’t get enough over
Christmas. The smell of the house after making the wine is unbeatable and it
lasts every time you drink some. The mulled wine itself also makes me feel so
relaxed and Christmassy. It is so delicious and warming, and perfect to enjoy
on the sofa in front of a Christmas film.
Once the
decorations are up, Christmas has officially begun. The tree always makes me
feel amazing and takes me back to be an excited child. I find that it is such a
beautiful edition to the living room, and I cannot even express my sadness when
it has to go in January. The little lights everywhere make the house seem so
cosy and festive, as well as the traditional gold and red quirks around the
house. I am pretty traditional with my decorations and can’t stray away from
gold and red. I just love it and couldn’t have it any other way.
The best
way to get ready for Christmas… host a dinner party! Get cooking some delicious
Christmas food, splurge out on the table decorations and have the Prosecco and
wine flowing. I always find dinner parties put me in a great mood and will
always be a part of Christmas for me. It is a way to over indulge without
feeling guilty and catching up with friends and family who you inevitably never
get to see enough.

– Merry Christmas! – 


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