Today I want to incorporate a normal beauty post in with Blogmas, just to add a balance of normality through the festive month. I have wanted to do this post for a while just because I have been trying out loads of new beauty products recently, and I also did the same one about a year ago. Since then things have changed, and I’m pretty sure this whole collection has changed. I want to share my favourite mascaras of the moment with you, as well as some that I have bought that have been a little bit disappointing. I just want to be brutally honest about each and every one, making it easier for you if you are looking to buy yourself a new one this month. I love trying new mascaras and rarely find ones that I think are amazing straight away. I myself like to read reviews and comparisons to see what I should be buying, so naturally wanted to share the same kind of thing here on the blog. This post may also be helpful if you are looking for gift ideas… I don’t know many girls who wouldn’t love to receive a mascara on Christmas day! I would say this is much more of a high street collection as I haven’t included any designer brands. This means that the mascaras are all reasonably affordable and easy to get hold of. 

Benefit ‘Roller Lash’
This is probably the most used item in my collection, which I have had now for the longest. I started using this over a year ago when I was given it as a gift for my birthday. I absolutely love wearing this mascara for two simple reasons – it is so easy to apply and creates flawless everyday lashes. The depth of colour is incredible, turning my pale and light toned eyes into vibrant and colourful spectacles everyday. I think I asked for this mascara purely just because I loved the packaging, but it proved to be so much more. It is such an easy everyday product, needed in every beauty lovers makeup bag. My only criticism of the mascara would be that after a few weeks of using it, the product becomes less defiant. I don’t know why this is, the finished look just isn’t as striking a month later compared to the first few days of wearing it. However… it is still pretty damn good. It doesn’t clump at all which is always a massive bonus for me as I hate that spidery eyelash look. Get the links to this below, as with the other products featured. 

No.7 ‘Lovely Lashes’
Huge positives and negatives for this mascara. I use this everyday, but you may be thinking I am lying as I just claimed to use Roller Lash everyday. I am not lying… I will tell you what I do. I adore this mascara, but only on top of another. By itself I find the product incredibly disappointing. When I first opened it up I noticed what an amazing volumising brush it had, so my expectations were pretty high. When applying I then noticed how it didnt actually stick to my lashes very well and there was nothing volumising about the end result. Honestly, I never wear this on its own as it creates no definition in my lashes and honestly looks a little clumpy. Although, sat on top of any other mascara it is a miracle worker. I always apply two coats of my chosen mascara and let it dry for about thirty seconds. I then apply one layer of No.7 Lovely lashes and my eyelashes double in size and do honestly last all day. This mascara has proved to be amazing for this purpose, however for my lashes not on its own. 

MAC ‘In Extreme Dimension’
The latest edition to my collection, the amazing MAC In Extreme Dimension. A new MAC opened up in Bristol at The Mall, so I popped in when I was doing some early Christmas shopping a few weeks ago. I couldn’t believe how quiet it was and I actually landed up being able to talk to someone and try products on which is something that I have never done before. As well as picking up a few lipsticks and lipliners I also wanted to try out a mascara. I have never had a MAC mascara before, but kind of had always wanted to as I love their other products. I told the makeup artist the kind of look I go for and what I want to get out of it, and she recommended this. I went with what she said and bought it. When I got it home I then tried and completely fell in love. In a simple stroke my lashes were transformed into long and beautiful butterflies, brightening my eyes and making them pop. I love that feeling when my eyes go from 0 to 10. I can’t really tell you much about the wear of the product as I haven’t had it long enough, but my first impressions have been pretty good. I am really enjoying wearing this, and find it a really reliable product. 

L’Oreal ‘Million Lashes’
Another newer addition to my collection, from L’Oreal. I bought this on the flight to Palma a few weeks ago, purely just because I wanted to treat myself and use up a few of my remaining Euro’s. I use very few L’Oreal products, which seems weird as so many bloggers always seem to be raving about them and promoting them. I have even seen a few bloggers recently becoming ambassadors for them which is crazy and wonderful! I have always thought quite highly of L’Oreal as a brand, so was really excited to try this one out. I waited until I got home to wear this and did so when I had done my makeup nicely, probably for outfit photos! The minute I put it on, I felt instantly disappointed. Yes my lashes were darker in colour, but the length didnt change at all. My lashes looked short and clumpy. If you were going for an extremely minimalistic look then this would be perfect, but the mascara just isn’t really for me. I love volume and definition, which I certainly didn’t get from this. Some may disagree with me, but I really just wasn’t overwhelmed. 
..I told you I was going to be brutally honest! 

Max Factor ‘False Lash Effect’ 
My last mascara featured is from Max Factor, and I bought this a few months ago, but only actually used it a matter of days ago. I think it was just one of those things I put in the basket in Boots and just stupidly forgot about. As I found it buried at the bottom of my makeup bag I decided to try it and loved it straight away. My lashes had instant body and volume, were jet black and had no clumps. It was so easy to apply, and perfect for a more dressed up evening look. I actually don’t really know what I was expecting from this mascara, but it was definately a nice surprise in my makeup bag! It has the biggest brush out of all the others, which I’m guessing is the reason for the amazingly long and beautiful result! The pretty gold and black packaging was probably what attracted me to it in the first place. 
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