Blogmas wouldn’t be Blogmas without a feature of my all time favourite Christmas films. I am a huge fanatic of films all year round, and this is only heightened during the festive season. I love being able to snuggle up with a blanket, eating festive junk food and getting lost in a good Christmas film. The feeling is unbeatable and what I look forward to most when thinking about how I am going to rest and enjoy the season. Obviously I watch so many different films over Christmas, but there are a few that I probably watch more than once and some that have become part of my Christmas traditions. I think my five chosen favourites are probably know by all reading this post, but I wanted to share them anyway, telling you why I love them and what makes them so special to me. 
Let’s start by highlighting a few must haves for the perfect movie night in. Firstly, it has to be the right setting. I like it to be dark with candles burning and blankets everywhere… if i’m feeling super indulgent I will also bring the duvet in and snuggle on the sofa. Next, you need some snacks. I’m thinking chocolate, cheese and biscuits – nothing fancy, just ultimate comfort food. Finally, the right person and the right film. I love a good rom com, but I can’t really expect my boyfriend to sit through three in a row without going completely insane. However, replace him with my best friend and it is the perfect girls movie night in. It’s all about creating the right scene and choosing the film based on who you are with. 

The Holiday
My absolute favourite film ever, always has been and always will be. This film to me really makes me excited for Christmas and whenever I think about it I just feel a glow inside. I only watch this film once a year and it is the same every time. My grandma and I always watch this on Christmas eve at about 8 just after dinner. We sit together on the sofa, i’m in my Christmas PJ’s, both with a Bailey’s over ice in our hands and we watch The Holiday. The tradition first started when I moved to Bristol six years ago, but I want to share more about this on Christmas eve when I am sharing all my Christmas traditions in one place. The film itself is just absolutely gorgeous, telling the story of two broken hearted strong ladies who decide to house swap. Based in a luxury home in LA as well as a cosy little cottage in Surrey, this movie is enchanting and utterly festive. Not to mention the sight of Jude Law the whole way through, making most women just gawp at the screen for the duration. It is such a beautiful film, and something that everyone needs to see some time over the festive month. 

This film always takes me back to my childhood years, when I used to sit and enjoy it at about the age of 8! Last year I think I watched Elf a good 4/5 times with my little brother as we just loved it so much and it got us totally in the mood for Christmas. I wouldn’t usually sit and enjoy children films (don’t get me wrong there are quite a few that I love) but at Christmas it always seems like children’s Christmas films are so much better. Yes they are totally unrealistic and fictional, but that to me makes them seem so much more magical and enjoyable. Elf is so unrealistic, so funny and completely entertaining. It is about a man who has been brought up by Santa and elves as they rescued him as a baby. He then goes to New York City to find his real father.. and well I guess you can kind of imagine how that turns out. I love the whole story and get completely lost in it every time. Children’s Christmas films are perfect for me on a  lazy Sunday afternoon. 
It’s Complicated
This is really not a Christmas film at all, but again it is part of my tradition every year with my grandma. With our whole ‘The Holiday’ ritual in the evening, in the day we also usually watch It’s Complicated, mainly because it is completely hilarious and makes us feel so happy and positive! Meryl Streep plays the middle aged ex-wife, needing a purpose in life as her three children have now left home and are no longer dependent on her. Her ex-husband (and her children father) then seem to rekindle their romance when meeting up at their son’s graduation and everything seems to explode from there. The whole film is engaging, entertaining and completely brilliant… so true to its title ‘It’s Complicated’. 

Again, not a Christmas film, but something I seem to watch every year during this season. I don’t think I will ever actually grow out of the film nor tire of it. I watched it over and over again when I was little, so completely relax and enjoy it on the rare occasions that I watch it now. It is such a fabulous movie, always making me feel warm and happy inside. It is full of ups and downs, making the viewer squeal in excitement and tremble with the tension. If I’m being completely honest, in my eyes it still doesnt compete with the book, but it is so magical. My favourite time to watch this is when my little brother is with me, purely because I am just always trying to make him love it as much as I do! I don’t think I have yet succeeded. 
Love Actually
My final favourite Christmas film is Love Actually, and I’m sure many people can agree and completely understand why. I get so involved with this film when I watch it, and always land up feeling completely festive and have a sense of excitement inside. The various stories within the film are so engaging and how it all ties together always seems to get me. It is such a festive treat, perfect for a girls night in or inflicting it on your boyfriend when you need a little pick me up! 
– what are your favourites? – 


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