I don’t know whether this happens to boys too, but as a girl I get times when I just feel really crap in myself about my appearance and health. Times when I feel bloated in myself, not very well groomed and just in need of a trip to the salon. It may seem a bit over the top to feel crap about appearance, but it is something I just can’t help, and from speaking to other girls I am not alone. I think it happens during times when I am feeling tired and stressed, and simply can’t be bothered to take care of myself properly. I have always been this way, purely because I am such a girly girl and love pampering myself and making the most of treatments available. When I am feeling like this I always try to do everything possible to cheer myself up, no matter how big or small it may be. 
I think a lot of the reason that I and other girls like me feel this way is heavily due to what we see in the media and online. So many girls nowadays always just come across as so up together and well groomed all the time. Okay yes we only see half an hour of someones day in a vlog, or some photos that were taken in the space of ten minutes, but they still always seem so perfect. Social media like Snapchat and Insta stories has also allowed us to see more of people during their everyday lives, putting the thought in our heads that people genuinely are this up together all the time. I love reading blogs and taking inspiration from others, but sometimes I feel it is a little much. I love seeing the other side of things, when my favourite bloggers aren’t wearing makeup or just chilling in their pyjamas. I think that many more people need to start sharing things that can actually be relatable to everyone, and not just the very very small population of people who are so up together 24/7. I just thought I would share a few of the things that I do when I am feeling a little low in myself, and want to feel more glam and up together. 
The first thing I always do when I am feeling like this is get my nails done. This is my little treat that I have every ten days, and absolutely adore. I hate not having my nails done – they always seem so much less healthy and look so ugly. It is such a small thing, but means a lot to me. I have gel nails because they last so much longer and look so beautiful and shiny. Whenever I get them done I also feel so relaxed and happy, which is why I always do this first when feeling a little dull. If I can’t manage to get them done, I also love doing my own in bed. I always go all out with a hand scrub, cream, nail oils and nail polish. I love it and always feel so much better afterwards. 
Baths & Candles
Who can resist a hot bubbly bath with candles burning. When I am feeling a bit crap I always run a hot bath, use loads of bath salts and creams and just enjoy a soak for about half an hour. I usually always watch something whilst in there, just to the side of my bath, as I am so bad at getting into reading. I would go on my phone, but I am completely terrified of dropping it in the water. When I have a bath I also use body scrubs all over, shave my legs to feel fab and wash my hair. When I get out I always use loads of cocoa butter all over my body to feel hydrated, then get into the fluffiest and softest pyjamas that I can find. 
One thing I have to do when feeling bloated is go to the gym. Not only does going to the gym actually help you lose weight, but it is amazing mentally. Whenever I go I instantly feel healthier, more energised and just generally better in myself. It also makes my day so much better, just because I know that I have been and done something good for myself. It is such a simple thing, and once the first wall has been broken it is much easier to keep going and keep up the constant buzz. 
Get Dressed Up
I love getting dressed up, whatever the occasion. My favourite thing to do if I am getting dressed up for something specific is just to relax and enjoy it. I like doing my makeup properly, choosing my clothes, attempting to style my hair and just making myself feel glamorous. If I am feeling like this it usually comes on pretty suddenly, so it is just getting ready for dinner. I like going for the jeans and nice top look. It is easy, yet so nice to be wearing something different to everyday. 
Do Something Productive
The best thing I can do when feeling like this is keeping myself busy. I like staying on track of things and keeping up with everything. It is easy to be distracted when there is so much to do, but it is great for me as I am not someone who is very good at sitting around and doing nothing. If I am feeling crap the first thing I usually do is some blog work, because I suddenly feel motivated and driven to do something. I can get really carried away, but it is great because it really is so fun. 
– have a great day – 


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