I am becoming more and more obsessed with what I use on my lips everyday, as well as for every occasion. I used to be the person who felt to shy and insecure to be bold and daring with my makeup choices, but I feel like in the past few years it has become much more on trend to look glam pretty much all of the time. I think I got really inspired when I started seeing what bloggers were wearing in their photos, such as Lydia Millen and Sarah Ashcroft. Their makeup looks always look flawless, yet not over done nor fake. They always go for the best lip colours that really reflect their overall look. 
The colour selections that I go for are way more on the neutral side, not because I am not being brave, but I feel that it compliments my skin tone and personality in a much subtle way. I am pretty standard when it comes to my everyday makeup, always opting for the same products, so my lips are the stage where I like to get creative. I love wearing different colours everyday, and topping it up throughout to feel fabulous all the time. I thought I would put together my five favourite looks, including the lipsticks, as well as liners and gloss. All the products I use I cannot rave enough about there excellent quality, and how good they really are for everyday use. Obviously we all know that I have a major obsession with MAC lipsticks, so there are without a doubt a few thrown in, but I wanted to also show you some of my other favourites from different brands that I rarely speak of. I also have to say, you really don’t have to spend a fortune on good quality products with a beautiful result. I really don’t spend that much on my lipsticks and liners, yet seem to have a whole box full in my drawer. 

Look. 1
My first look is a classic for me, something that I started wearing a few years ago when I really got into the MAC lipsticks. My first lipstick purchase was ‘Velvet Teddy’. I chose to buy this after watching a YouTube video, and hearing them rave about the shade. I bought it online and put it on instantly. It was the product that finally turned me into a MAC girl. I have almost got through my first one, proving just how much I love it. It is a beautiful dark nude, that always just gives the finishing touch to any of my makeup looks. I have started wearing this lipstick with the MAC liner ‘Soar’. This has more of a purple shade to it, so when paired with the lipstick it makes it that little bit darker. I absolutely love it. With the liner the shade always lasts for hours, meaning that I only have to re apply two or three times a day. It goes with pretty much every outfit and really is my go to combination. 

Look. 2
My second look is something subtle, feminine and simply beautiful. For year now I have been obsessed with the beautiful super model Rosie Huntington-Whitely. When she launched her lingerie collection with Marks and Spencer I instantly become an addict, so can you imagine how excited I was when she then released a makeup range?! When I saw the packaging it was love at first sight, and the products themselves defied all expectations. The quality is amazing, the colours and perfect and the overall experience of using them has just been incredible. My first item was this lipstick, in the shade ‘Camisole Blush’. I got this because I wanted something very natural, just to add a touch of warmth to my makeup looks. I use this a lot, particularly on a Sunday when I want something easy that still makes me feel good. The texture of the lipstick is amazing, it fades naturally and doesnt dry out my lips. The colour has a slight shimmer to it and it is so easy to apply. If you are looking for just an easy, everyday lipstick to throw in your handbag, I would definately recommend trying some out from her collection. 
Shop this look – Lipstick ‘Camisole Blush’

Look. 3
My second favourite MAC look, more of a relaxing and lighter shade. If I want something really neutral, but still quite put together and matte this is generally what I will go for. My MAC lip pencil ‘Boldly Bare’ is quite new to my collection, but I have reached for it pretty much everyday since buying it a few weeks ago. It is a very light subtle pink shade perfect for everyday use. I love using the pencils as they bring out the colour of the lipstick and really make it last so much longer. With ‘Boldly Bare’ I use my lightest lipstick shade ‘Honeylove’. This is one of my favourites, however only on top of a liner. On its own it is way too light and really washes my face out… I mean to the point where I genuinely look really ill! The liner gives it more colour, and the lipstick tones everything down. It sounds weird now that I have written it down, but I’m sure many makeup lovers will completely get what I mean! 

Look 4
Look 4 is my first ever liquid lipstick to come into my collection. I started watching lots of videos recently all about these amazing products, seeing all about which are the best brands and ‘it’ colours of the moment. As I had never used one before, I didn’t want to start off by spending a fortune, so scrolled through Boots to see what I could find. In the end I chose two, one of which as become a firm favourite for me now. This is a Maybelline matte liquid lip, in the shade Nude Thrill. I knew that I wanted a pinky nude, so simply chose the one that most resembled this in the photo. It is pretty hard to tell about the shades when you are buying online. I have to say though, this is exactly what I had in mind, and I adore using this for everyday. It is so easy to apply, the colour is really deep and matte and the quality is superb. It lasts for hours and doesn’t make my lips feel dried out or messy. If you are looking to venture into the world of liquid lipsticks, I would definitely recommend giving this one a go. For £6.99 it is also a complete bargain. 
Shop this look – Maybelline ‘Nude Thrill’

Look 5
My final everyday lip look is much more out there. I used to always wear bright pink lip shades just because I was obsessed with the colour. Going through my elder teen years I started to grow out of this as it made me feel a bit self conscious and just wasn’t right for the time. Now that I am feeling much more confident and comfortable in my own skin I love occasionally going for something a little brigher and happier on my lips. This combination of three products is one of my favourites, and I often wear it in blog photos as it really brings out the look of my makeup on camera. To begin with I use a simple Rimmel liner in a subtle pink shade, followed by my Chanel ‘Rouge Coco’ lipstick. You can tell how much I used to use this just from how much the product has disappeared. It is a beautiful shiny lipstick that lasts for hours and is so comfortable to wear all day. To finish the look off I like to add a gloss, one from L’Oreal. I often wear this gloss on its own, however it just finished this look off perfectly. The overall effect is happy and vibrant, perfect for a more bold day look through to a night out. 

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