A few years ago, my classic winter go to style would have been jeans with my Uggs and a very thick jumper. It was warm, comfortable and practical, but not by any means exciting. As I have grown up, so has my style, and I love trying out different outfits to reflect the season and my personality. Obviously I am still very happy to grab my jeans and Uggs when runnings errands or in a rush, but most of the time I like to make an effort. I think from reading other blogs and seeing outfits in magazines, I have got this idea in my head that everyday is a different day to try out a new outfit and create something I love. I have always loved clothes, and probably always will, so am never going to stop using everyday as another opportunity to dress up. 

“Life is too short to wear boring clothes” 

My style is very simple, yet gets me excited. I am not one to brave bright colours, nor strut around in six inch heels, however I do like to incorporate the trends of the moment wherever I see fit. I am not particularly very well influenced, and only wear things that I genuinely love. I will never be one of those girls who wears a top or buys an expensive coat just because my favourite celebrity or blogger was wearing it last week. This winter I have worn clothes that make me happy, that have kept me warm and that have made me feel stylish and elegant. I have bought a few pieces for the season that I have just completely fallen in love with, and seem to have gone slightly more to the dark side with an ever growing need to own all things black. This outfit completely sums me up, something I put on in order to feel comfortable and happy in myself. It is also a reflection of all the key pieces I have been drawn to this Winter. 

My Barbour
This is seriously one of the best purchases I have ever made. I bought this Barbour jacket last August, but obviously didn’t really get the chance to wear it until around October. I have always wanted to own a Barbour, as I have always heard so many good things about them and always thought that they just looked so sophisticated. When I tried it on I knew that I had to have it. The style and fit was just exactly everything I needed, and wow they are so much warmer than they look. I always think that I am going to be cold when I wear it, but it always proves me wrong. It is the best coat that I have ever had in my wardrobe. I may also now be considering another one, perhaps in a slightly more vibrant colour… any excuse really πŸ˜‰ 
Knee High Boots
I know, I know. I have been going on about these boots for probably about a year and a half now on the blog. I bought these when there was a massive hype online about over the knee boots and everyone seemed to own a pair. I decided to go for the more practical option and buy some more expensive, yet reasonable ones from Dune London. I got them with a very very low heel for comfort, and chose the black suede that finished just above my knee. I can honestly say that I have worn these to death, and will be absolutely gutted when they need replacing. I have never owned any shoes before that were so comfortable to walk in, as well as keeping my feet and legs so incredibly warm. Last February, my boyfriend and I were in Copenhagen where it was extremely cold, and I wore these the entire time. We walked all over the city for three days, and I can honestly say that I was not in pain nor cold once. I think black knee high boots need to be in everyones winter wardrobe to stay warm and walk comfortably. 
A Bobble Hat
I treated myself to this bobble hat a few months ago in Ted Baker. When I saw it I instantly knew that it was perfect for me. I love simple knitted hats to keep warm and look stylish and pretty cute. Hats always make me feel so much warmer when out in the cold and the wind, so a good bobble hat will always be a staple piece in my winter collection. The only problem I guess has to be the hat hair. Basically, if it goes on in the morning, I don’t really take it off until I get home again!
A Black Handbag
The newest handbag to my collection is this absolute beauty from DKNY. This was a Christmas gift from my grandma, and I had been falling it for it the moment I saw it over three months ago. I never really buy or own black handbags, purely because I rarely find ones that I genuinely like. I always find that cheap black handbags can’t really hide the fact that they are cheap. When I saw this one I just knew that it would get so much use, and I was right. I have used it everyday so far since Christmas. It is such a beautiful and easy bag – big enough for all my things yet not too big to carry around all day. It is glamorous with the gold detail, yet not overpowering, and the simplicity of the design is just beautifully flawless. I am completely in love with it, and think it is a beautiful edition for Winter. 
Finally, my winter staple pieces wouldn’t be complete without knitwear. Whether it be a jumper, knitted top or a jumper dress, the likelihood is that I will be wearing something in the category every single day. I am not someone who will put up with being cold for the sake of looking pretty, and cannot resist a warm and snuggling jumper. One of my favourite things so far this Winter has been this cream jumper dress. It is so comfortable and warm, as well as extremely easy to wear in lots of different ways. My favourite combination with the dress has to be my Cashmere scarf, similar to those of the traditional Burberry design. I got this one in Scotland last August, and am so so happy with it. I have never actually owned anything 100% cashmere before, so it feels like such a treat every time I put it on. 

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