As many of you have probably noticed, one of my favourite things to post on the blog is recipes. I could spend all day creating, photographing and eating delicious homemade food, hence why I have always used this platform to share them. My kind of food is quick, easy and real. By real I mean, I use ingredients found in most households, foods eaten by the majority of age ranges and meals that are just simple and appetising. I love so many different types of cooking, but sometimes some kinds of recipes can become a little annoying. Take Deliciously Ella for example. I love her and I love her books, but sometimes by the time I have made a recipe I have spent £30 on ingredients that few people have in their house and feel a little underwhelmed by the meal I have produced. This is why I am constantly trying to share real life recipes that I know everybody can enjoy. Ultimately I am not going to lie to you and share recipes that I know I don’t eat everyday. 
My style of cooking is completely innate – I have never really been taught how to cook and have not taken after any other women in my family. My family are more of a going out for dinner kind of people! This year on the blog, one promise that I have made to myself is to continue to share my recipes and food ideas with you. Sometimes I don’t share recipes because they always seem too simple. I am going to change my attitude towards this and share everything I make that is delicious and easy. This recipe today is not exception. On of my favourite things in the world is a warming and delicious bowl of pasta, containing fresh and tasty ingredients. Whenever I make pasta I always try to think like an Italian, using stereotypical ingredients, loads of olive oil and plenty of parmesan. This dish in particular is one of my favourite easy weekday meals when I don’t really know what to cook and just want something quickly. 
Chicken and Pesto Pasta Bake
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cooking Time: 20 minutes
Skill Level: Easy
Serves: 2 hungry people
300g pasta // 20g butter // 20g plain flour // 1/2 pint whole milk // 190g green pesto // 50g cheddar cheese // 200g cooked chicken chopped // 125g broccoli  finely chopped // 130g cherry tomatoes halved // parmesan // garlic infused olive oil
Start by preparing all your ingredients. Pre-heat the oven to 200 degrees (180 fan). Have a medium and small saucepan ready, and dish to bake the pasta. 

Start by making the pasta sauce. In the small saucepan, melt the butter on a low heat. Once melted, gradually add the flour and whisk until you have a roux. Add the milk a little at a time. Keep whisking. Whilst the sauce is starting to thicken, add boiled water to the medium saucepan and add the pasta. Set a timer for 10 minutes. Keep whisking the sauce whilst prepping the pasta. Once 5 minutes has passed on the timer, add the broccoli to the pasta. By the time the timer is finished, the sauce should be thick. Season with salt and pepper, add the cheese and keep stirring until melted. Drain the pasta and sprinkle over some garlic infused oil. In the white sauce, add the pesto and stir until the sauce is green all through. Pour the pasta and broccoli back into its saucepan and top with the sauce and mix in the chicken. Mix until thoroughly combined.
Add the pasta to the oven proof dish, then top with the cherry tomatoes. Place in the oven for 10 minutes so that the pasta is piping hot through and the tomatoes on top are soft. For each dish top with plenty of parmesan and black pepper. 

– happy eating – 


This recipe is entirely my own. 

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