Like many many people, I am not a natural early riser. Don’t get me wrong, I like to get up at a reasonable time and get on with things, but the process of waking up and forcing myself out of bed isn’t always the easiest thing to do. My one saviour in the morning has to be a warm shower and yummy cup of coffee. I went through a faze a few months ago where I just couldn’t stomach the taste of coffee and seemed to completely transition to tea, but luckily my love of the stuff has finally returned. There is now nothing more enjoyable than my first morning coffee before heading out. I am not particularly a fan of instant coffee, and am always willing to give myself a bit of extra time to make a proper coffee in the morning, which usually then means I have to drink it whilst travelling to work or just out! The taste is just so much fresher and gives me the kick that I always need.

“All you need is love & A cup of coffee” 

I go through stages with coffee and seem to find ones that I love and stick with them for a while before trying something new. A few weeks ago a company called Coffee Pimps contacted me and asked if I would be interested in trying something from their range. I jumped at the chance, as I love trying different ones out, and was delighted with what I received. I have been drinking this every morning for about a week and am completely addicted to it. My first impression was more that I adored the packaging. It is so me and completely Instagrammable – so I was really praying that it tasted as good as it looks. I can tell you know, it certainly didn’t disappoint. 

The coffee has quite a different to taste to anything else I have ever tried… but in a very good way. It is much more of a sweet coffee blend, with subtle hints of fruit. It is the perfect get me up in the morning, especially for a coffee drinker like me who doesn’t like it too strong. I love it when a coffee has quite a soft taste, however still has a good coffee effect. I always drink my coffee with a dash of milk, however with this blend I can easily drink it black due to the more sweet taste. I adore the way it works for me in the morning, as I am always in need of products that do as I say still take effect quickly and effectively. I guess the effect of this coffee is also appropriately titled, as it is the perfect blend for the morning. I love to take the time to actually enjoy the simple pleasure of a cup of coffee and cannot recommend this enough if you are looking for a new blend to try. The coffee has a beautifully clean finish, and doesn’t cling to your tastebuds for hours after drinking it. All I can say is that I am keen to try the other blends on offer and telling you that you need to try this wonderful new product! 

Shop Coffee Pimps here.

– have a great weekend – 


This post is in collaboration with Coffee Pimps, however all views and opinions are entirely my own. 

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