Back to life, back to blogging after an amazing few days away in my favourite city. Last week I headed off to Paris for a quick city break, to get away from work and to celebrate my birthday. The dream..I know! There is something about this magical city that makes me feel so at ease and so happy, just wondering around the beautiful streets with the sophisticated hustle and bustle. Everything about Paris makes me smile, the people, the food, the wine and the general atmosphere. Not to mention the bets macaroons in the whole world. Obviously I came home with a box full of them – I am obsessed! The weather whilst we were there wasn’t the best, just generally quite dull and grey, but we weren’t going to let that ruin the trip. The city still always has plenty to offer, and my plan had always been to spend most of the time in coffee shops, restaurants and shops πŸ˜‰ …it was my birthday so that is okay in my eyes! 
I thought I would share a little diary entry for our short two days in the city – we have done a lot of tourist attractions in the city, so didn’t really do any more as I just wanted to take things easy and attempt to relax during the trip. 

Our flight landed in Paris at around 9pm on Wednesday night – so by the time we got from the airport to the hotel we grabbed a quick dinner and headed straight for bed. There is something about flying that just absolutely drains me. The food and sleep were both greatly appreciated. Especially the delicious glass of red wine which complimented both beautifully. 
Thursday started with a leisurely breakfast at around nine, obviously over indulging in the delicious French pastries and scrambled eggs on offer. I never really have very good memories of French hotel breakfasts, however this was a pleasant surprise. A full range of hot food, pastries, continental options and plenty of fruits and cereals. So yummy, and a great start to each day! The plan on the Thursday was to go for a little walk around – I wanted a go on the big wheel which gives you a great view of the city. We went for a little stroll, I got to have a go in the wheel and got to see Paris from a new height. It was beautiful, although there was something quite unsettling about those horrible pods that you sit in! They move whenever you do, not a nice feeling when you’re on the bloody top! 
We were then going to go to the Musee D’orsay, obviously after a pit stop coffee break. Things went a little wrong from this moment, when I needed to go for an emergency doctor appointment with a seriously painful ear. I had been trying to ignore it for days, but the pain was so bad when I was sat in this cafe that I had to do something about it. We found a doctor and only had to wait for a few hours to get things sorted. I’m not going to bore you with the details, as everything will be sorted back at home, but she gave me some drugs and drops to ease the pain! After this little set back we headed for a late lunch and found a typically French restaurant right by the doctor. We had wine, food and soaked up the Parisian atmosphere. After lunch I knew that I needed to rest back at the hotel for a bit just because I was feeling a bit ill, so we headed back. We stopped off for some macaroons on the way back, which I then obviously devoured during my ‘nap’. 
Later that day we decided to go our for some food. We found a sweet little place just around the corner from the hotel and managed to get prime seats outside with heaters above. To me I always feel like I am away from home when we sit outside for food or a drink, in March! It wasn’t cold, and was so beautiful to just watch people and cars go by whilst we ate our food. I went for a typically French Croque Monsieur, which was yummy and yet another red wine. 
Happy birthday to meeeeeeeee…. 
Yes today was my birthday, and the reason we were here in the first place! I have never actually been away for my birthday before, apart from when I was quite young, so it was kind of weird! Weird but amazing! I woke up quite early, because obviously I was excited and am just a big kid at heart. However, I did actually manage to eat breakfast before having my presents – I was quite impressed with myself! I got some gorgeous pressies, including a Pandora ring, pyjamas, Olivia Burton watch and more which will be coming in  a video very soon! I am such a baby when it comes to gifts… I love them! The plan before we went away was so have my birthday lunch at this amazing restaurant right by the Eiffel Tower which we had been to the last time we were in Paris. We made our way there for an earlier lunch to guarantee a good table and sat instantly. I had a glass of champagne, real French Pate and a beautiful Salmon dish. I was so full by the time we had finished, and had that feeling where all you need to do is lie down after a long meal! So that’s exactly what I did! 
In the afternoon we then went to the shops, as I wanted to have coffee and cake in the macaroon shop purchase and had a special birthday purchase to make. The cake shop was completely full by the time we got there, so I had to go and get my purchase first. For months I have been completely obsessed with the Gucci belt that all the bloggers and fashion gurus seem to be wearing and knew that I had to get my hands on one. I knew instantly that I wanted the black leather with the gold GG, but also knew that it was pretty much out of stock everywhere in the UK. I headed to Gucci with my grandma, found the belt and got to try on the last size they had in stock! Luckily it fitted perfectly, and I could take it home with me. I had saved for this for ages, so it felt pretty weird when it came to actually buying it! I cannot even explain the feeling I got knowing I had earned the money to buy it and had actually managed to get one! It was then time for cake, so we stopped off in the most beautiful little cafe. I had a divine hot chocolate and a pistachio cream cake. I cannot even explain how unbelievably delicious it was. We walked off the weight from all the food around a few more shops before heading back to where out hotel was. Even though we had eaten so much, my grandma and I decided that we had to go and have a last dinner somewhere and glass of wine to finish of my birthday and the amazing trip. We sat outside again, taking in the atmosphere and having a good girly chat! 

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