I love doing posts like this… just sharing loads of new bits from my beauty collection. Everyday I seem to become more and more obsessed with makeup, and just seem to keep buying it! I love everything from new mascara and foundations to testing out different liquid lipsticks. I am really enjoying experimenting everyday with different colours and products to find which suit me best and which work the best with my skin and facial features. Makeup is a very personal and unique thing, with so many different products out there for different people, to suit there every need. I wish I could say that I am one of those girls who can step out of the house with a fresh face with no makeup on and a top knot bun, without a care in the world, but sadly that just isn’t me. I feel so insecure and simply horrible when I’m not wearing makeup… it is like my own little suit of armour. It hides blemishes and creates the illusion of a very up together and in control personality within. I’m not ashamed of the way I am when it comes to makeup, as I think everyone in life should do what makes them happy, especially when it doesn’t actually affect anyone else. However, I do try really hard not to over do it. My makeup look is generally very subtle, with tones and shades that are natural and fit in with my skin tone, as well as reasonably natural without the use of fake lashes or semi-permanent eyebrows etc… I’m defiantly not one of those girls! I haven’t got the time, money or motivation with any of that! 
The collection of products I’m sharing today have been collected over the past few weeks – just things that I have seen and instantly fallen in love with or been really intrigued to try. I thought I would share each individual product, reviewing each one and letting you know my thoughts, however honest they may be. When it comes to reviewing products I want to be 100% honest in what I am saying to you guys and let you know my true thoughts. Not every beauty product out there is amazing, so when you buy something just to try it isn’t always obvious as to whether you are actually going to like it or it is going to work for you. There are so many products loved by lots of people, but not necessarily everyone, so that’s why I always love trying things for myself to see whether they actually work for me. 

Chanel, ‘Le Teint Ultra Tenue’ Foundation
..ah what a story I have for you behind this foundation. As you guys probably already know, I have been using the same foundation for years and have raved and raved about it here on the blog. It is Perfection Lumiere from Chanel… the only foundation I have ever found that is perfect with my skin tone and doesn’t effect my skin badly. I was completely in love with it – so you can imagine how furious I was when I went to replace a finished one and found out that it had been discontinued. It was actually heartbreaking, and I have to say I was a bit off with the lady because she wasn’t exactly nice about it. She recommended their new one which was brought out in January to replace the Perfection Lumiere. I instantly knew that I was going to get it and try it, as I kind of assumed that it would be exactly the same with just an upgraded name and new bottle (well kind of new bottle). So the next day I obviously got ready and did my makeup, using the foundation. That was the first and last time I will ever be using it. I am so angry and upset by the product I was sold. The colour is slightly too light for my skin which is annoying as she actually tried it on me and said it was perfect… it really bloody isn’t. However, that isn’t even the most annoying thing about it. So I put the foundation on, brushed it in with a Real Techniques brush as I do everyday and noticed instantly that it is much more matte than the one before. I loved how the Perfection Lumiere was flawless, but still had a beautiful dewy finish. The new foundation is so matte to the point where by the time I have brushed it in and want to finish with my beauty blender it has already set and you can see brush lines all over my face. It is so bad, and the thing that frustrates me even more is that it really isn’t cheap. In fact it is one of the most expensive foundations on the market. I hate to rant about products on the blog, and spread negativity, but I just think if you are spending the best part of £40 on a foundation you need to hear the honest truth about it first. I am really not impressed with this product, and find it so sad that it is the replacement for a perfectly good and timeless one loved by so many. If you love a matte foundation I would give it a go, but just work quickly with it so that it doesn’t set instantly! 
Shop the foundation here.

MAC ‘In Extreme Dimension’ 
I cannot rave about this mascara enough… it is AMAZING! I wanted to try a MAC foundation just because it was a bit different and I had been using the Benefit Roller Lash pretty much since it was first released. I hadn’t really looked into it very much, so when I was buying a lipstick in MAC I asked the makeup artist which mascara she would recommend. She talked me through all the different ones they sell and really focused on what I wanted to get out of a mascara. I love mascaras that add a lot of volume probably even more than length. I like them to be really dark and compliment my other eye makeup very well. The look I go for from a mascara is striking and defined. I knew pretty quickly that I wanted to try this one, as I could see from the brush size it would be perfect and was exactly what I was looking for. She also said that it was their most popular one, so I kind of assumed that was a very good reason to try it. I use it every single day now and love it. It is so volumising, adds so much length to the lashes and lasts all day long. It stays perfect all day and I have never had any problems with it dropping or marking around my eyes. It is also very easy to apply because of the shape of the brush, and seems to be lasting for absolutely ages. 
Shop the mascara here.

Bourjois ‘Aqua Laque’ 
I am very new to the liquid lipstick scene, so this product is very daring and out there for me. Not only is it a liquid lipstick, but it is also bright red! I love bright red lipsticks and love the red lip look, but whenever I wear it I do feel so on show and a little insecure. It’s sad really because red works so so well with my skin tone and really compliments my everyday makeup looks. I decided to try this lipstick out regardless of my insecurities and have actually been wearing it much more than I had anticipated. The colour isn’t an extremely bright red, it has much more of a red berry tone which I love. The liquid lipstick side of the product is okay, however not as matte as I had expected. For me, I don’t really mind as I do also like a more glossy finish. However, if I’d bought this with the intention of wearing it as a matte lipstick, I would have been a little disappointed. As I love the colour of the product it isn’t a big deal for me, and love wearing this with a simple outfit to bring everything much more to life. The little bottle is perfect to slip into my handbag and the lipstick is so easy to apply with the brush. 
Shop the lipstick here.

Rosie Autograph Blush
The hype over the Rosie Huntington-Whitely makeup collaboration with Autograph (Marks and Spencer) was insane, but completely justified. I absolutely love her… and absolutely adore her lingerie collection with the brand. So when she revealed a beauty collaboration I was ecstatic and so so excited to get my hands on some pieces. Obviously, so was everyone else. So many things sold out so quickly, so I simply got my hands on what I could. One thing was this blusher. For some weird reason I never actually got round to using it until recently – I think I bought it mainly because of the pretty packaging. So when I was having a day experimenting with makeup I tried it out and fell in love instantly. I use a few dabs of the blush on my cheeks after I have finished by base, contour and bronze. I lightly press it and blend gently with my foundation blush. I adore the subtle and glowing finish of this product, just adding some natural colour to my face and sitting perfectly with my other makeup. I love it also because you can use as much or as little to create the look in your mind, mixing it up between everyday use and something for more of a special occasion. If you’re looking for a new blush that is natural, easy to apply and durable definately give this one a go. 
Shop the blusher here.

KIKO Lipliners
These little babies are an absolute treasure in my makeup collection. I discovered KIKO when they opened a store at The Mall in Bristol and instantly fell in love with their products, mainly because they are all so reasonable. I haven’t used a range of their products, but have been using some of their lipsticks and absolutely loving them. Naturally I assumed that their liners would be just as good so picked up three different shades to be used as basics and everyday use. For £2.50 each you couldn’t really go wrong, so even if they’d been crap it wouldn’t really have mattered. However, they certainly aren’t crap and I absolutely love them. They are so easy to apply, so soft on the lips and do really work well with every single lipstick in my collection. I love wearing liner as it makes your lip look last so much longer and makes reapplying throughout the day so much easier. I went for a pink shade, a red and a nude as that way I would have one for pretty much every single colour in my lip collection. These liners are great, and for me the thing that makes them even better is the beautiful packaging. It is so striking and sleek… I know this is a small part of the product, but I really appreciate it when the packaging of a product is on top form. 
Shop the liners here.

Chanel ‘Rouge Coco Gloss’ 
A very new lipgloss to my collection, which I bought at the same time as my Chanel foundation. Thankfully, the lipgloss is a complete success, and not at all as bad as the awful foundation. When I was in Paris I became aware of the new lipgloss collections that have recently been released by Chanel. I think I first heard about them from one of my favourite bloggers snapchat stories, Victoria from InTheFrow (click here). So naturally when I was buying my foundation, these lip glosses caught my eye. The shade I noticed instantly was this beautiful nude which I instantly knew I had to get my hands on. Years ago I used to wear loads of lipgloss, but recently have just gone completely off it for no reason at all. I want to try and get back into it, wearing it as much as possible on top of lipstick to create a much more glamorous look. Don’t get me wrong, I love matte lip looks, but there is something very traditional about a natural gloss. It really brightens up all your features and just looks so flawless with any makeup look. I went for the nude because I knew that it would sit perfectly on top of so many of my lipsticks and could be worn easily on its own when I just want a little glow. The nude is perfect with my skin tone and the durability is amazing. It lasts for hours and doesn’t lose it’s beautifully shimmery shine. The gloss is easy to apply, and I have a feeling the product is going to last me a very long time. 
Shop this lipgloss here. (Shade ‘Caractere’) 

Barry M ‘Matte Me Up’ 
The first and only product in this collection that I didnt actually buy for myself. In fact this was a birthday gift from my blogger bestie Charlotte (click for blog here.) I mean, who better than a blogger babe to set you up with a gorgeous lipstick?! When I first saw this I instantly knew that I needed to try it and also how perfect the colour was. I am so into the pinky nudes at the moment, not only because they match my skin tone perfectly but also because they match every single outfit that I seem to be wearing. I am still pretty new to the whole liquid lipstick thing, and still often forget that I have them in my makeup bag. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that I don’t love them. I adore the matte finish and durability of each that I have tried, making them so good for me as I hate constantly reapplying throughout the day. I hadn’t tried any of the Barry M ones before, so was over the moon to get to try. When I first put it on I noticed how liquid and glossy it was, however ten seconds later as expected a beautiful matte finish had formed on my lips. I knew instantly that this was a winner for my makeup bag and have worn it so much since receiving for my birthday. I am so impressed with the quality of this product and would recommend to anyone who is getting into the whole liquid lip thing like me. 
Shop this lipstick here.
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