In amongst everything going on at the moment, I seem to have gone a bit over the top with this years Easter decorations and table. My little brother came to stay last week, so I kind of did the whole egg hunt and Easter food then as I wanted to celebrate with him. Today for me is actually a much needed day of rest, catching up on programmes and blogging. I am not a particularly religious person, so haven’t grown up celebrating Easter to the extreme, but love to partake in the exchanging of eggs and a family roast. I think for me it is more just an excuse to decorate the house and spend time with loved ones. Easter is by no means as popular or as celebrated as Christmas, which I find quite nice as you can spend time with people you love without the sort of added pressure. I find Christmas really quite stressful! I just thought I would share a few photos of how I have decorated the house and my Easter table this year. It was actually quite easy, yet the colours seem to have completely brought it to life. The daffodils and yellow chicks are a must have every single year, then I bought some really cute carrot crackers for everyone to have. I just filled them myself with mini eggs! I finished off with an Easter egg for everyone, something pretty basic filled with truffles, but in some beautiful colourful packaging. This for me was so much fun to create and will be so easy to replicate next year! 

Lady Hunter 2.0 
My blog has been a little neglected over the past three months – I have just had quite a few changes going on and needed some time out. I don’t ever want to force myself to be getting posts out as I do it out of love and passion, not just for the sake of it. I am slowly starting to feel so much better and have found new motivation to get going again. I have spent a few weeks writing content, taking photos and have even found a photographer to help me bring my fashion and outfit photos even more to life. I am so excited about it all and so ready to start blogging again. I have so much content planned for you guys and am so ready to start sharing. Get ready for Lady Hunter 2.0 .. starting tomorrow! 

– Happy Easter – 
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