I have loved fashion since I was really quite young – I mean I even remember throwing temper tantrums at the age of 5 because my mum would try to dress me in things that I didn’t like! Obviously, I’m now at the age where I have a developed my own sense of style and am pretty confident with the way I choose to dress. Through the seasons my style changes depending on the weather and time of year, as it does with everyone else in order to feel comfortable. My favourite time of year in terms of fashion has to be Spring. I love Spring in general with the brighter weather, the excitement for summer and of course the extremely Instagrammable blossom just everywhere. Don’t get me wrong I love all the thick coats and Boots in Winter and dresses in Summer, but there is something about Spring fashion that is just so me. It is the time of year when I feel most comfortable with what i’m wearing and just genuinely love getting up in the morning and choosing an outfit to wear. I guess the only problem with Spring is that the weather can be a little unpredictable, especially in the UK. One day it can be blazing sunshine, the next we literally have dark skies and hail! I guess the only way to deal with this is layers… 

“Spring Fashion is so ME!”

There are so many different styles around on the high street for Spring, but I always feel like there is much less of a hype about it. It always seem to be the season that is sort of just forgotten about because everyone is so excited for summer. I completely understand, Summer is gorgeous, but in terms fashion I am all about Spring. I love the Spring coats, floral tops and less revealing pieces of clothing. I just find the overall style for Spring so much more flattering and easy to wear. I don’t really feel like my Spring style has changed much over the last few years, purely because my fashion taste is extremely traditional. For some bizarre and random reason, this comes out mainly during the Spring. I think this outfit is my Spring style down to a tee. In this post I wanted to really focus on the outfit, and my fashion opinions and advice for Spring. Most of my fashion posts are in connection with a lifestyle topic to make the blog more personal, however I do occasionally want to purely focus on the fashion and only write about a topic that completely reflects the images. 
During the Spring there are key items in my wardrobe that I couldn’t live without. Not only do they looks so nice during the season, but they are practical and only really look right during this time of the year. 
Light Spring Coats
My favourite thing about Spring is always the light and colourful Spring coats. My favourite style is coats with 3/4 length sleeves, for their chic and extremely Parisian look. They are the kind of coat to wear in the Spring just to keep you warm when there is a slight breeze, however don’t overpower you as it is generally starting to get a bit warmer. I fell in love with this blue coat the minute I set my eyes on it, and knew it was the perfect new coat for SS17. The day after I ordered it I read a review online about the ‘it’ coats of the season, and this was number one. It was reviewed as being the best coat for quality, being super comfortable and completely following the trends of the season from the catwalks. I couldn’t agree more with the review, and am completely in love with it. When i’ve been out and about i’ve seen it around quite a lot, which i’m going to take as a good thing as so many people seem to love it! 

Sheer & Lace Tops
As much as these types of tops are beautiful in the summer with shorts etc, there is something about them in the Spring that I just find so gorgeous. To go with the blue coat I chose a pink nude lace top – the blue and pink go so perfectly together and really do just scream Spring. The lace adds a subtle touch of femininity, giving the outfit a girly and elegant vibe. I can never wear these types of tops during Winter nor Autumn, because the thin layers are obviously no way near warm enough in the cold. To be completely fair though, I am someone who is cold literally all the time. I think a beautiful white lace top would also have looked gorgeous with this coat. 
One of the main reasons that I love Spring is because, even though you don’t need to be bulking up with layers all the time, it still isn’t quite the season to get your legs out etc… I love summer, but am always spending quite a lot of time feeling insecure when I have to wear shorts or tiny tops on a bad body day. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate my body, I just prefer to be more covered up! I am a major jeans girl – I wear them pretty much everyday, love being casual and love dressing them up. In Spring, they look so chic with pretty Spring tops and Spring coats. For this outfit I went with my favourite classic navy jeans, however in the Spring I do usually start wearing white jeans too. They really suit the season and are very casual in a more effortless way. 

A Colourful Handbag
In Winter and Autumn I stick to my more neutral bags, lots of blacks and tans. In the Spring and Summer, I bring out my colourful bags to add a pop of colour to any outfit. This pink Ted Baker bag is my ultimate favourite Spring/Summer bag – it is bright and happy, but not too much ‘in your face’. For some reason, I just can’t use a bright bag in the colder months… it never looks right with more of  a Winter outfit. The pink bag compliments the blue coat really nicely, as well as the pinky nude top. 
Where to Buy
This for me is a simple and easy answer, the best Spring collections have to be from Zara. I cannot rave enough about Zara throughout the year, but at Spring they just really out do themselves. Both my blue coat and nude top are from Zara, which is actually quite obvious as they have such a distinct style of clothes. It matches my style completely perfectly, and for Spring is more than perfect. There are so many pieces form Zara for Spring, offering something for everyone with so many different tastes in Fashion. Obviously there are so many other brands offering beautiful clothes for SS17, but for me Zara is my one stop shop.
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