For months, I have been burrowing away beauty products that I have bought spontaneously when picking up something boring in the local Boots or Superdrug. I always see beauty products that I just love the look of the packaging or the colour of the products, and pop it in my basket without really thinking about it. Needless to say the bill at the end of my shop is always larger than anticipated and I suddenly have more products that I need to find a home for in my never ending pile of unused things. I need to actually start using these things, because when I do I always find new products that I actually love and they become things that I can’t really live without. More recently, most of the unused products in my drawer are things aimed much more for summer. Brightly colours lip shades, shimmering highlighters and lighter formula face products. I love going through all the bits that I have collected and creating makeup looks fit for the season and my style. 

“Summer makeup looks are much more natural, with a pop of colour”

My makeup looks are never too out there, simply because I like to feel comfortable with my makeup and not have the worry of it looking out of place. The only thing that I really do that’s a bit out there is wear a bright lip shade. In the day I feel like you can get away with this much more than really done up eyes or caked on foundation. In the summer, I naturally wear a lot less makeup as it just isn’t needed. The heat often melts makeup off anyway, resulting in a hot and sweaty mess, and the sun can actually make your skin really bad as your makeup gets into your pores. Don’t get me wrong, I still wear makeup everyday, I just am much more aware about the amount that I am putting on my skin. For this makeup look I found some face products that are much lighter and ‘summer friendly’, as well as an amazing pink liquid lipstick that I am completely obsessed with. I am going to share all about each product that I have used for the look, as well as how I have applied and created the look. 

So I think I have spoken quite a lot now about the whole problem I’ve had with my favourite foundation? If you haven’t heard, my absolute favourite Chanel foundation was discontinued a few months ago and I was completely heartbroken. I had been using it for almost 4 years and completely fell in love with it. The shade and consistency was perfect for my skin and I honestly can say that it is the best money I ever spent. I tried out their new range which replaced the Chanel ‘Perfection Lumiere’ but it was such a disappointment. So for a few months now I have been trying out four different high street foundations, going between them to see which I prefer. I am going to be doing a whole separate post on these foundations, so just picked one at random to talk about in this post. It is the one that I have used the least, purely because I hadn’t got round to it! The one in this post is from No7, the ‘Stay Perfect’ foundation. As I have no yet used this very much, I feel like it would be unfair to do a full review on it, however I will share my first impressions. To begin with I thought the shade would be way too dark for my skin, however once I had blended it fully it was almost perfect. It was so easy to apply and sat really nicely on my skin. The wear was pretty good and it didnt feel oily or like it was drying out my skin during the day. I think for summer this foundation will be great as it was pretty light, and a good shade for when I have more of a summer glow. 
Underneath my foundation I used my Clinique primer, which I know I have raved about a lot on here. It is so kind to skin, reduced redness and is such a good base for any foundation. I couldn’t recommend this enough if you’re looking for a good primer. To conceal I then used the No7 concealer stick, as well as the Seventeen ‘Phwoarr Paint’ to cover blemishes. These two concealers are perfect for me – they are heavy duty so really cover all my skin problems and last all day long. I blend them both in with a beauty blender for a more flawless finish. 
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For this makeup look, I really didnt want to over do it with the eyes. In the summer I rarely wear much eye makeup as it makes me feel really hot and uncomfortable. Obviously if i’m getting dressed up, taking photos or going somewhere special I do, but not just everyday. I wanted to create a really light and shimmery eye with some long lashes. I found this eyeshadow palette from Maybelline in Boots and knew that some of the colours were just perfect. There are some really beautiful shimmery pink shades as well as nudes which I knew would compliment each other greatly. I started by using a vanilla eye cream on my lids so that the shadow had something to stick to. This is my eye cream from Origins that I use every single day. It is so soft on the eyes and it has lasted me for way over a year. Honestly such a great buy. Once I apply the cream all over my eyes, I then use the lightest eyeshadow shade all over up to the brows. I then use the second lightest pink shade over my eye lids, however this time not to the brows. In the crease of my eyes I then use the darker pink. With a blending brush I add more of the lightest shade and blend all the shadow together. The result is light and bright with a subtle shimmer. I wanted to use liner for this post, however not too much. I used my two Rimmel liquid liners to create a thin line and small flick, as well as a liner pencil on my lower waterline. 
For mascara, I added a layer of Benefit Roller lash to separate the lashes and create a base. Mine is about to run out so at the moment it acts perfectly as a sort of lash primer. Once that had dried I then used my favourite MAC mascara, ‘In Extreme Dimension’. This adds so much volume and length to my lashes… it is incredible. The overall effect of my eye look is simple, yet still makes my eyes pop and really defines the rest of the makeup look. 
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I think this product has probably been in every single beauty post that I have ever published. That is purely because it is the best eyebrow product I have ever used and is so perfect for me. I am quite lucky, as my natural brows are a pretty good shape and colour. I occasionally have to pluck stray hairs, but am not someone who has to rely on a weekly waxing appointment as my stray hairs are so fair. I know how lucky I am with this, and am extremely grateful! To add a bit of colour to my brows and tidy them up, I use a little bit of this product every day. It is the ‘Perfect Brows’ kit from Tanya Burr and is perfect if you just want something to add a natural colour to your brows. I use the shade ‘Pebble’ over all my brows, then ‘Chestnut’ in the slight gaps, using the little brush. I then use a RealTechniques Brow brush to brush through the brows and get rid of excess powder. The colour created for me is perfect as I don’t like them too dark, and the powder formula feels so much nicer than a pencil or gel. This doesn’t change depending on the season, as I just want a natural look all year round. 
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Contour & Highlight
To finish off my face, I used two new products in my collection from Barry M. I have to admit, these were a spontaneous purchase because I loved the packaging – I mean look at the black with the rose gold *insert heart eye emoji here* !! Even thought these were not necessarily bought for the reviews I had heard about the products, I was pleasantly surprised… they are perfect for summer! To begin with I used the contour palette to add some natural colour to my face. As you can see from where the product has been used, I used the bottom left shade to create a contour line on the side of my face, then the top right shade to add some colour above the line. This always looks scary to begin with, but once you have blended it gives a flawless Blogger finish. Top blend I lightly go over it with my foundation brush, followed by using a beauty blender. I then went over the whole of my cheek with the highlighter palette, the shade on the far right (or bottom of the photo below). This created a shimmering and summery finish, perfect for the makeup look. 
I don’t usually spend too much time on contour, so really enjoyed getting into it as the product was so easy to apply and blend. I really loved the more set and flawless finish which you don’t get with just bronzer. 
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Ah I think this is my favourite part of the look! I have been obsessed with these Maybelline Matte Liquid lipsticks for a while now, and usually wear the nude shade almost every day. I have collected all six shades that they offer, and am going to be doing a full review of all of them in the next few weeks. However, I couldn’t resist from using this one as it was so perfect for the makeup look. As my eyes have more of a light pink vibe going on, I knew that my lip colour had to be a bright bold pink. I was toying with the idea of using my MAC lipstick in shade ‘Girl About Town’, another bright lip colour, but thought a liquid lipstick was more on trend right now. I love this colour as it is so poignant and glossy. The colour is perfect with the look and the quality of the lipstick is amazing. It doesn’t take much for the full colour to come out, and is relatively good when it comes to reapplying. I only had to re do once or twice during the day. The liquid lipstick itself is great for me, as I prefer a more glossy look, whereas if you’re looking for something more matte this really isn’t the product for you. There will be a full review to follow… This shade is ‘Electric Pink’ 
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