Over the last few months, so many things have changed in my life, and I seem to have become a serious creature of habit. I have a little routine going on, and certain things that I just seem to need in order to be happy every single day. Writing it down this seems really silly, but I know that so many people are the same. I think the last few months have just forced me to grow up and mature, and as a result I have just started doing things that are really ‘adult’! I’m not saying it’s a bad thing at all, it actually feels really good to be getting on with life more independently. I feel so much more care free about everything, and don’t seem to get half as stressed about insignificant things in life. I feel like i’m at the age now where I am going to grow up so much, between now and my early twenties, and am so excited about the changes ahead. I have always felt quite a lot older for my years, so now being able to get on with life and act the age I feel, it feels so amazing. The smaller things are the things that make me smile – cringey I know but so true. 

“I Can’t Adult Today” 

There are a few things that I just love every day, and thought I would share with you guys. I think no matter how you are feeling when you wake up in the morning, if you have small things in life that make you happy you can turn any bad day into something positive. It’s safe to say that I am not a morning person, and wake up so often not wanting to get out of bed, but I am always able to get myself up purely for my own benefit. I have learnt that having a lie in is the worst thing for my body and my mood, so always try to get up and get on with it. Everybody is different, and have different ways to improve their moods and attitudes every day. So the things that make me smile are small, but together always have an amazing effect. 
Morning Coffee
Probably the one thing that really gets me out of bed in the morning. I cannot leave the house, nor function properly until I have had my coffee. I used to always have a really milky coffee, usually with a hint of vanilla, however now I seem to have gone completely the other way. The only thing I ever want in the morning is a straight black coffee, boiling and strong. Not only does the caffeine wake me up, but I find it really relaxing to drink my coffee whilst getting ready. I love leaving myself enough time in the morning, although I cannot say that this always happens! 
Oh my gosh I think that literally has to be my favourite time of the day!… as long as I’ve left myself enough time! I love doing my makeup in the morning, getting creative with the colours and trying to create a natural look. I am not that experimental when it comes to everyday makeup, purely because I don’t like anything too out there. I love the feeling of having a fresh face of makeup, it makes me feel so much more awake and much more in control of everything. It really is likes a girls armour! 
I don’t really think this is a great secret to readers of my blog, especially seeing as I share recipes so often here with you guys, but cooking for me really makes me smile. Not only is it therapeutic and relaxing, but it also means that I also have delicious and homemade food all the time. So many people I know absolutely hate cooking and simply don’t have the patience for it, but this is something that I have never understood. Having my own kitchen has meant that I have so much more space and time to get creative with food and create new and exciting recipes. I love homemade food, eating properly everyday, especially at this time in the year when everyone is starting to think about bikini bodies ready for summer. Cooking puts a big smile on my face, no matter whether i’m just making myself dinner, getting my baking on, or preparing for the week with calorie counted food! 
Since I haven’t been blogging quite as much, I have been going to the gym a lot… usually in the evenings. For some reason, once I broke the initial wall, whenever I don’t go now I feel so strange. I really really enjoy my workouts, doing a little cardio, strength exercises to tone up and often finishing off with a swim. The gym makes me feel so much healthier and has such a positive impact on my mind. I feel so much more in control and so much happier with my body. This isn’t just the look of it, but I also just feel so much lighter and healthier in myself. If anyone is in need of putting a smile on their face, I know that going to the gym is seriously what has been helping me. Swimming is also a miracle worker. Being in the water makes me feel so at ease and relaxed, especially when it is finished off with a few moments in the sauna. 
Flowers & Candles
Something that makes me smile so much when I walk into the flat is always flowers. I try my hardest to always have fresh flowers in the kitchen – they always look so pretty and really bring the room to life. If i’m feeling really indulgent I often put flowers in my bedroom two and sometimes extra by my desk. I just adore it when everywhere you look there is just beautiful blooms! In the evening I also love candles. There is something about candle light that just makes me feel at home and content with life. Candles are so beautiful and add such a warm glow to the room. I always try not to use too many  lamps etc because they really just don’t have the same effect. 
Evening Relaxation
In the evening, usually after work and the gym etc, I love just chilling on the sofa (with my candles) watching a box set or something recorded, snuggling with a blanket and usually drinking a minty tea. If i’m not working the next day that might even be a cheeky glass of wine or G&T. I think this is the thing that everyone does in the evening, and also probably everyones favourite part of the day, and all for the same reason. Not only is it what your body needs after a long day, but also your mind. It is so important to switch off and relax before sleeping, being able to do something for you and not worrying about things that really are not very important in the scheme of things. 
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