In the past few weeks, I have had quite a lot of articles come up on my social media being very negative towards bloggers and online influencers. Most of the time I just scroll by without even giving them the time of day, however one in particular really caught my eye. It was titled ‘How Blogging is Just a Way to Boast’. Primarily, I think I started to read it because it made me angry, as it was so direct and quite frankly not true. Don’t get me wrong, I can completely understand why bloggers do often get criticised for sharing the things that they have, however this isn’t a reason for the media to single them out and put down their work. I remember very early on in my blogging career, I used to get a lot of hateful and negative comments being left on my social media, mainly from people who I knew from school. They were always comments around this subject, such as ‘nobody cares’ or ‘stop showing off’. Obviously, as much as I tried to ignore this and let it go over my head, it did really upset me. I was doing something that I really loved, and just constantly being put down as a result. The sad thing was as well that it wasn’t even online trolls or strangers, it was people who I knew of and would occasionally walk by around school. This was so so hard, but I didnt let them stop me. Why would I let someone who has quite honestly little prospects for the future stop me from doing the thing that I loved? The reason I started blogging was because I had a genuine love for the things that I share about, and still to this day love sharing with you the latest things that I have bought, my travels and what I’ve been cooking.
“Bloggers are being put down way too much because of the things they have”
I am a very small blogger, with a handful of followers and a real passion for the things I share. Although, when it comes to the blogging industry, now matter how big or small you are, when we are criticised it affects us all. Just because I only have a small amount of followers, that doesn’t mean that I don’t put a hell of a lot of work into this. I work a full time job, and still manage to spend a good number of hours per week just on the blog. This isn’t just the writing, but also the photography, the brainstorming of ideas and most of all the social media. It is a full time job in itself, the only problem being that it does’t quite yet pay the bills. So I’m guessing you can completely understand why I get so angry when people just say that we are boasting? Nowadays, we do live in a very materialistic world, where we all love to buy and own different things. For bloggers, this is generally nice clothes, handbags and shoes… well at least for the blogs I read. We all choose to have these things and spend our money on them because we love them and it’s why we all started blogging in the first place. When I share a new bag with you, I don’t share it because I want to show it off, I share it because I am usually ecstatic about the purchase and love showing you how i’m wearing it and why I chose to buy it. My aim is to always inspire through fashion, no matter how much the individual items cost.

I guess the point that I am trying to make with this post is that bloggers are not boasters and do not share these things because they want to create this illusion of wealth to everyone – we do it as a result of a shared passion. I read and follow so many fashion blogs, as I love to get involved with the whole industry and keep up with everyone else. Not once have I ever looked through a blog and just thought that someone was being big headed about what they have. Everyone I choose follow are kind and genuine people, who all have such lovely personalities and have created such wonderful individual brands. Yes, there is a lot of money in blogging, and yes there are a lot of designer pieces being worn by online influencers, but in order to have these things every single person has had to work incredibly hard over such a long period of time. When I read articles like the one above, it makes me realise that those who are writing such nasty things clearly have only actually looked at one photo and have completely jumped to conclusions. It is a bit of a cliche, but you cannot judge a book by its cover and you cannot judge a blogger by the bag they are wearing on their shoulder. If I had a bit more spare money, I would inevitably have a Chanel bag in my wardrobe, and you would probably get sick of the sight of it being used with every outfit. This is because I would love and cherish it, not because I would just want to show off what I had.
There is so much nasty press out there about bloggers, not just about boasting, and it does really sadden me. If you are here reading this, it obviously means that you enjoy reading blogs and like admiring other peoples work. Never forget that there is always so much more to the story. As you can see in my latest post, I started this blog for a very different reason. For me it was a distraction, and now it has turned into an amazing hobby. It has become something so much more important than I ever thought it would and enjoy putting so many hours into my work. Don’t believe everything you read online, and always try to get the facts first hand from the people who are being targeted.

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