Last week I realised I had made a huge blogging mistake. I missed my third blog birthday! For my first and second blog birthday I did a whole blog post, reflecting on the time blogging and got majorly into it. There were cupcakes, pom pom bunting and shimmery playsuits all over the blog on those days. Life nowadays is beyond busy, partly because I make myself very busy, so for some reason it just completely went past me. The weird thing is that I remember thinking more than once over the past few months what was I going to do to make it special this year?! It’s too late now… the day has passed. So anyway, at least I know and now so do you that I have hit another milestone. Three years of blogging – wow that is a long time! Over the years, everything on here has developed massively. I have learnt so much when it comes to writing, photography and my general approach to each blog post. I have learnt this in many different ways, including trial and error and taking inspiration from bloggers who I aspire to be like. Everybody has their own style and way of doing things, which is definately a good thing as it enables everyone to create their own identity and brand within the industry. I am finally starting to feel comfortable with the way that I create my blog posts, focusing so much more on the content and quality of writing, as well as obviously the photography. Since having a professional blog photographer, I have been feeling so much more motivated and am loving the images that I am showing you guys.
“Take Inspiration From Your Role models  & Let Your Personality Shine Through”
Getting posts together now has become such a routine, with it just happening instinctively. I really enjoy the whole process, so thought I would share a few tips and tricks with you. I guess this is mainly focused on those of you fellow bloggers out there, but hopefully will still be a good read for those who aren’t.
In other exciting news, just thought I would share with you guys about an exciting new web design coming up. I have finally found someone amazing to completely transform this little blog of mine. I want something that has much more of a website kind of design. I will let you all know when I have a launch date!
Start Brainstorming
When it comes to blog ideas, I very rarely have them in short supply. It has got to the point now where I actually wake up in the night with an idea and write it in my phone. I usually land up writing long lists every month, planning what I am going to do in that month. I usually separate it into my categories, obviously them being fashion, beauty and recipes. However, sometimes I do get a little writers block. The best way to create good blog posts is by always writing about something you are passionate about and get genuinely excited about. I often get so excited about writing a post, that it goes around and around in my head for a week slowly coming together. These for me are always my best blog posts. I spend quite a long time now on each post, which just makes me so proud when I finally read it back and share it with you guys. In order to create the best post, start by really thinking about what you want to share and how you are going to create it.
Plan Your Photos & Content
The next stage for me is always photography. It takes me so long to plan my photos, how and where I’m going to photograph them and what props I will need. When it comes to fashion posts, I spend quite a lot of time planning my outfits ready for my shooting days with my photographer. I choose outfits based on my style, new clothes in my wardrobe and take a cheeky look through Instagram to see what other bloggers are currently wearing. The outfits are usually always planned out based on what I want to talk to you guys about and what is appropriate based on the subject. With my beauty and recipe posts, I do generally shoot them in my home, which makes the location easy. The time consuming part is always thinking about the props that I want to use and need to buy. I always land up doing an emergency run around the shops to find nice magazines, pretty candles and gorgeous flowers. Planning the photos is just as important as actually shooting them, as the more organised you are, generally the better the photos are. Always try to relate your photos as much as possible to your content, and try to stick to a running theme.
For me, a huge part of my blog is definitely the photography. Not only because I love photography, but for me I just love it when blogs are so visually appealing. It adds so much variety to a blog post, and makes each post so much more engaging for the reader. Blog readers love getting involved with bloggers, seeing exactly what they are wearing and what is going on in their lives. I always enjoy looking back through blog posts, seeing the change in my photography and relating to different times in my life based on the photos. Not all blogs need lots of photos, but I definitely think modern day fashion blogs need the quantity of images that most have. Yes, a lot of them are very similar more often than not, but the extra visuals just make it so much easier on the eye. I now have a professional photographer for my fashion posts, who I shoot with every other week, however this is a very new thing. I had been blogging for a very long time before taking this next step. It has definitely boosted the professional look of my blog and really motivated me with my fashion posts. I am not saying that you need a professional photographer to create the perfect post, but I do believe that a some nice photos will always make it look so much more appealing to a  reader.
Take Some Time & Get Writing
I think the most important thing for me now is always going to be setting some time aside to write my posts. I always give myself a good few hours, and often it actually lands up getting spread out over a few days. I usually land up sat in a coffee shop, headphones in, sipping a coffee in my own little blogging bubble. This time is always so good for me because it is the part that I love. Sharing my experiences with you guys, telling you about things that I am passionate about and really watching a post come to life. Mentally it helps me so much with everything, just distracting me from things going on and just completely relaxes me. You can really tell when people have put a lot of time and effort into a post, as it always just looks so much more professional and is really enjoyable to read. I look back at my own posts from a year or so ago and really notice how much I used to rush through different posts. My rule now is to always spend a lot of time on a post, whether that means I only post once a week, rather than just rushing through and not giving you guys well written and thought out posts. Always give yourself some time and don’t put too much pressure on yourself to get too many posts out in a small amount of time.
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