Fashion is such a huge part of my life – not just because of the blog, but also because I have a genuine love for it. I have done since I was very little, and it seems to be getting worse as I get older. I spend so many hours reading about fashion, looking at what people are wearing, putting outfits together in my head and unfortunately for my bank card, buying things! I cannot get enough of it, and know that it is something that I need to pursue in the future. I want to have a career where I love nothing more than what I do and can’t wait to get up in the morning to go to work. I know that the only way this will ever happen is if I work in the industry. I want to be surrounded all day every day by beautiful clothes, shoes and accessories. Fashion is a very competitive and forward thinking thing, constantly changing and evolving to suit the ever growing world. It can be hard to stay on top of things, keeping up with what people are wearing and having a good balance of new and old rotating in your wardrobe. I have never been in the position where I can afford to buy new clothes every single season just to stay on trend, and to be honest I wouldn’t want to. I am very much comfortable and happy with my style and like to dress in a way that makes me happy, not what would make it onto the ‘it’ outfit of the season list. With that being said, I have developed ways to stay on trend without having to go against my own style beliefs. 

“Fashion is about something that comes from within YOU”

Staying on trend is very easy and very difficult in different ways. Nowadays, it is much easier to know what is in style and what people are wearing purely because of social media. People don’t take inspiration anymore from the catwalk or supermodels walking around Beverly Hills, they take inspiration from ‘real people’. Online influencers and bloggers are the new way of staying on trend. Their style can be accessed at all times of the day, they are constantly interacting with their followers allowing you to see what they’re wearing all the time at different occasions and there fashion is much more realistic for everyday women. It can be bought on the high street and won’t get weird looks when you’re walking around town. Fashion is changing, and staying on trend is becoming so much easier. I thought I would share my top tips for staying on trend, and how I choose what to wear for different occasions. 
Developing Your Style & Avoiding Peer Pressure 
I think before you can even think about how to stay on trend, you need to be able to style outfits that not only suit you but that you feel comfortable in. Every single person in this world is different when it comes to fashion, as some styles suit different figures to others and colours often work better on people depending on their skin tone. I have a very traditional style, mainly learnt from tips I have heard from my grandma as I have grown up. I like clothes that are comfortable, yet I always like to make an effort. I don’t think I have ever left the house wearing a tracksuit, just because that really isn’t me. Okay yes it would be very comfortable, but I wouldn’t feel right as it isn’t my style. As well as learning tips from my grandma, I have got a lot of fashion tips from looking at other peoples clothes. I find myself people watching all the time, making comments in my head about outfits and pieces of clothing that I like. My style has been developed as a result of others, which in turn also helps me to stay on trend. 
I think when it comes to fashion, you also learn from your mistakes. I have had so many occasions over the years when I have bought something simply because everyone else is wearing it. When I have come to wearing it, it just hasn’t felt right and to be quite honest didnt do me or my figure any justice at all. A lot of ‘trendy’ clothes nowadays can only be worn if you do have a certain type of figure…. well basically you are very thin. I wouldn’t call myself overweight, but I do have an hourglass figure which means that some things can just make me look so much bigger than I actually am. I have stopped buying clothes now just because they are being worn by others, simply because they just don’t suit me. It is possible to stay on trend without having to wear the same things as everybody else. 
Bloggers & Online Influencers 
We live in a world now where we are influenced so much by bloggers and online influencers. Individuals like Zoella are selling thousands and thousands of items with their names on purely because they have a fan base that just wants to own things by them. The influence of stars and celebrities has by no means gone away, but to a certain extent it has definitely been overtaken by this new found way of making a name for yourself. People love knowing everything about bloggers and Youtubers, purely because they are so much more relatable. They are real people, who choose to share their lives with their fans, in order to interact and create a brand for themselves. I read so many fashion blogs, so get pretty much all my inspiration from bloggers. So often I have bought things immediately after seeing an item, because I have completely fallen in love with it. They advertise items that are not only much more wearable, unlike items you see on the catwalk, but can also be bought for a reasonable price on the high street. I completely agree that bloggers are now starting to wear much more expensive clothes and carry designer bags, however I follow so many who get the balance just right. I still find their style extremely accessible and genuinely beautiful. I think the best way to follow bloggers style is to follow a select few, who post regularly and wear clothes that you genuinely love. All bloggers are different, and even though there are a few I love reading, I would never usually wear some of the clothes that they are wearing. Not because I don’t like them, but because they just simple wouldn’t suit me. 
Social media is another great way, as you can see what people are wearing in their own environment. Some of the photos I post on my Instagram of my outfits I wouldn’t post on my blog, purely because they are just more casual and I post them just so my followers can see the ‘real me’. Even if you don’t want to read or follow blogs, you can stay on trend just by following social media accounts of bloggers who have a style that you love. 
The bloggers I follow for their style include VictoriaLydia and Caroline
Magazines & Celebrities
I don’t really take any inspiration from the catwalks or high end fashion brands, because I can’t afford them and to be perfectly honest, I don’t really like the clothes. It is all so over the top and just would look a bid odd if you walked through town wearing the pieces! On Kendall Jenner it looks fabulous, but I just couldn’t pull it off. So apart from bloggers, I also take inspiration from celebrities usually in a magazine. Not so much high end magazines, more gossip magazines that have little fashion categories within them. I like seeing what local celebrities are wearing, as again it is usually much more relatable and affordable. Magazines often do the work for you, giving you the links for designer dupes and similar pieces being worn the celebs. They also do whole pages on what is in season and on trend at the moment, so it always gives me an idea of what to look out for in the shops and how I can slightly adapt my own style to be a bit more modern and in the moment. 

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