I have spoken about the whole palaver I had with my Chanel foundation a lot now on the blog now – so decided to share with you all my journey testing out some replacements. If you haven’t already read about my foundation story, I was basically using a Chanel foundation for a good four years which I just completely adored and couldn’t live without. When I went to buy another in January I found out that it had been discontinued, so you can imagine my disappointment. I was sold the replacement foundation and couldn’t have hated it more. It was the wrong colour for my skin and because it was so matte it set before you had time to properly work it over your face. After a recent trip to the Chanel beauty counter for a lip gloss and look at their new ‘Style Sticks’, I told the makeup artist about my experience. She was appalled and asked me to bring the foundation I was sold right back. She also gave me a tester for the foundation she did recommend for me, however I am yet to test it. The past few weeks have been crazy busy, so I am going to make sure that I make some time to try out the new foundation and go back into Chanel to take back the original product I was sold. In the meantime, I went into Boots and bought myself a few high street foundations to test them out and see if I could find one that worked well for me.
“Foundation is such a personal product – get it wrong it is a disaster, get it right and you have yourself a flawless & beautiful finish”
I have been going between these five foundations now for a good few months, wearing them on different days for different occasions putting them all to the test. I have worn them all to death, and even managed to get through two bottles, probably the ones which I loved the most. They are all very different, having different qualities that work for me. Unlike my Chanel foundation, these can all be found easily in the majority of drug stores, for sensible prices. As much as they all have their good qualities, a few had problems that just wouldn’t work for me continuously, so I am going to share my overall experience with each. Always remember that everyones skin tone and type is different, so lots of products work either better or worse for everyone.
‘Match Perfection’ 
When I first started wearing makeup, the first brand of foundation I tried was Rimmel. Obviously, when I was younger, I was always drawn to Rimmel as it is cheap and cheerful. To this day, I still buy a lot of Rimmel products, purely because they work for me and I never feel ripped off. I used this foundation before trying out others and wasn’t overly keen. The colour I bought seemed to wash my face out a bit and it just didn’t sit properly on my skin. This then led me to try out different products, eventually resulting in my love of Perfection Lumiere (Chanel). In that time, I never tried out the Rimmel foundation again and sort of forgot about it. During the last few years when using my Chanel foundation, my makeup skills have progressed hugely. I am able to apply my foundation properly, and know all about the other products such as contouring and creating a bright and bold everyday eye. When I was in Boots buying the foundations, I threw this one in my basket first. It was a sort of natural move, probably because I had used it before and felt comfortable with the brand.
When I went to use this product, I was a little worried that the colour was too light for me, but I must admit it is only a little. This isn’t a huge problem, as nowadays there are so many other products to just darken it up a little. If I wear a powder foundation on top this completely gets rid of this problem anyway. The first thing I noticed when I first used the foundation was its distinctive smell. It is actually quite a nice floral smell, but it definitely took me back to when I used it in my teenage years. The foundation was applied easily and looks pretty flawless once completely finished with my other makeup. Throughout the day it definitely started to wear a little in key areas, such as my under eye and around my lips. This was fixed easily with a blender, but could become a bit annoying everyday. I was very impressed with this foundation for the price, however won’t be using it again. I have extremely sensitive skin, and definitely noticed that it was much redder at the end of the day once I removed my makeup. This happens a lot with foundations for me, so to be honest it wasn’t a huge surprise. If you’re looking for something reasonably priced, I would recommend this, however not if you have very sensitive skin.
Price: £7.99
My Shade: Light Porelain
SPF: 20
Foundation Rimmel 
‘Stay Perfect’ 
I have never really been drawn to or worn No7 makeup, purely because I have always thought of it as an elder lady brand. This isn’t because anyone I know wears it, but mainly because no one I know who is my age wears it. I was in Boots so obviously they had a lot of No7 and decided to buy myself one. The first thing I noticed about this foundation was the packaging. It is simple, matte and very me. I love the simplicity of the design so was very excited to try the product itself. When buying the foundation, I didnt try the shades, I just went for the lightest as generally this is always right for me. The minute I applied this foundation, I was stunned at the colour. It was almost identical to my Chanel foundation and was beyond perfect for my skin. The perfect colour was made even better by the dewy and flawless finish of the foundation. It was shiny in the right places, but also had great coverage and really balanced out my skin. The wear on it is incredible, lasting for hours and hours, as well as working extremely well with contour and highlight. The coverage is so good that I even occasionally use it on my skin when I have redness or dryness that I want to over up. This is in fact one of the foundations that I have actually run out of. In terms of price it is probably the more expensive of the five products, although nothing like Chanel prices. I am loving using this foundation, so will definitely be buying more and maybe even trying out more of the No7 products.
Price: £14.50
My Shade: Cool Ivory
SPF: 15
Foundation No7
Grey Jumper Zara
Max Factor
This foundation has definitely proved to be a new favourite in my foundation collection, being the other foundation that I have actually got through a whole bottle of. The shade of this foundation is a little bit darker than I would usually go for, however I really like it. In the summer, I love having a bit more colour in my face, creating the illusion of a constantly bronzer summer glow. Even though it is a little bit darker, it is by no means orange or too dark, which is why I actually really love it. The coverage of the foundation is incredible, really covering all blemishes that I have as well as redness. It is thick, however isn’t making my skin oily nor drying it out. I always find it extremely hard to find foundations that do ahem great coverage without the oily or dry side effects. The wear of the foundation is simply incredible, lasting all day and staying flawless literally the whole day long. I can honestly say it has really impressed me, and is such a reasonably priced foundation for the results you get. It sits perfectly underneath my contour and highlight, with the dewy coverage really complimenting the other products well. The last great thing about it is that is also has an SPF of 20, a little bit higher than the No7. This makes it perfect for spring and summer.
Price: £12.99
My Shade: Warm Almond
SPF: 20
Foundation Max Factor
‘Super Stay’
I have to admit, this is the foundation that I have used the least, however not for a bad reason. I have used it once or twice, but have definitely worn it enough to tell you guys about my experience. This is probably the foundation that I knew the least about and had absolutely no expectations for – I practically just threw it in because I really wanted 5! I used this foundation for the first time for a night out, and was pleasantly surprised. The colour is a little lighter than the No7 and Maybelline foundations, but this isn’t an entirely bad thing. In the evening or when going out, I love having a very shiny and dewy makeup look. It is just an excuse to go all out and really experiment with my makeup. The foundation overall has amazing coverage and a very beautiful dewy finish. It is more than perfect for a night out and works so beautifully with highlight and contour. The foundation is slightly sticky for a few moments after application, but I loved this as it made it much easier to apply the rest of my makeup and made it look flawless once it had all set. The foundation lasted all night and had no effect on my skin whatsoever. Always a bonus for me. The only problem I have is that it doesn’t have SPF, but I guess if I wear it as an evening foundation it doesn’t really matter.
Price: £9.99
My Shade:
SPF: 0
Foundation here.
‘Healthy Mix’ 
When I first tried this foundation, I had really high hopes for it. I had heard a lot of good feedback from bloggers and friends, so was excited to discover what the hype was about. Once I had tried it, I instantly knew it wasn’t for me. Don’t get me wrong, it had a beautiful glow to it and had great coverage, but really wasn’t right for my skin. The colour was a little bit orange tinted on my skin, which obviously wasn’t a good look. However, a bigger problem for me was that it completely reacted with my skin. The foundation made my skin incredibly oily as the foundation is very thick, which gave me a few spots and blemishes that came out over a few days. Throughout the day I could feel this happening and to be completely honest, I couldn’t wait to get it off my skin. For people who don’t have sensitive or unpredictable skin like mine, I can see why it would appeal, but for me it just isn’t practical. I am having to choose between beautiful flawless skin in the day, and healthy skin at all other times. Another drawback of this foundation for me is that I don’t think it has SPF. So many people now have scared me into using SPF every single day, that I just simply couldn’t wear one that didn’t have it!
Price: £9.99
My Shade: Light Vanilla
SPF: 0
Foundation Bourjois
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