I am definitely a little late to the Naked party, but as I’ve always been told since I was little, better late than never. Through my years of reading blogs and watching Youtube videos, I have always heard a lot about the Naked Eyeshadow palettes, however never thought of going out to buy one for myself. For a long time it always seemed like it was extremely difficult to get hold of one and obviously that aren’t the cheapest products on the market. For some reason they just never caught my eye enough to justify seaching for one online and in shops. When it comes to makeup I am very much a lady of convenience – I need products that I can get hold of instantly, that are never in short supply and always prices reasonably according to the quality of the product I am after. In the past, I would usually always buy drugstore eyeshadows that I liked the colour of purely just because it was easy and I didn’t really think it had that much of an impact. As an alternative, I always spent a little bit more on mascara, as this is the part of my eye that I feel really makes my face pop and is seen pretty much instantly by anyone who cares to look at me. Needless to say again, the Naked palette just wasn’t really a thought in my head. 

When I was in Palma a few weeks ago, I did a lot of shopping, as I think is pretty obvious from the clothes I have been posting online recently. On one of my shopping trips I landed up in a huge department store in the middle of the city which was absolutely incredible. In fact, this was actually my first shopping trip… I always start as I mean to go on πŸ˜‰ In the department store was a Sephora, so I bet you can guess what happened next? I was drawn to the Naked palettes, as well as some beautiful makeup from Too Faced. I just fell in love with all of them and couldn’t for the life of me decide which was I wanted to try. I knew pretty much straight away that I should choose the Naked palette as it is a product that I have heard so many good things about and the shades on both palettes were very me. In the end I went with Naked 2, and I am just head over heals for it. I take back everything I said to myself before about how eyeshadow isn’t important and how much I didn’t need one in my life. It is truly incredible. The colours themselves are so so easy to use, perfect for any day or night look, which I love as it makes life so much easier. The shadows themselves are amazing, so bold and bright on the lids, so easy to blend and very pigmented. It is everything I didn’t even know I needed and I couldn’t be happier that I got this in time for summer. I wanted to create a simple summer look with the palette, something that is very much easy to create every day. It is a look that is perfect for what I need, and still feels like I’m wearing enough makeup during the summer months when I do generally wear less. As you can probably see, I used this look for my latest shoot, hence the photos are some close ups from my latest fashion post. I just thought I would share the whole makeup look with you to help with some summer inspiration. 


In the summer, I like to create a dewy and flawless complexion, complimenting the rest of any makeup look. Unfortunately I am not one of those girls who just goes makeup free in the summer season, it gives me such a boost of confidence that I just can’t live without. However, I do try to use a little less of each product, so that it is more bearable in the heat. To begin with, for this look I have used a primer from Dior. It is a glow maximiser, so helps with that summer glow that I crave from any look. I only use a tiny little bit of this, as it has great coverage and is quite thick in texture. For foundation I then use my new favourite from No7 which I spoke to you all about in a recent post. You can read that here. This foundation is perfect for me as the shade is very natural, with a slight summer bronze. I love it! To conceal, I use my ultimate beauty saviour product, also from No7. It completely hides anything I don’t want to be seen, and also acts as a great highlighter, especially with the slightly darker shade of foundation. The whole complexion look together is completely summer ready, and looks so perfect with the Naked 2 palette. 

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Primer (similar)

Foundation (my shade ‘Calico’)

Concealer (my shade ‘cool ivory’)

Eyes & Brows

So on to the important part of the post – the very special Naked 2 palette. From this palette for summer, I have used mainly the lighter shades, creating a shimmery eye look for summer. I have used a few darker shades in the creases of my eyes just for definition. To start with I used my Origins base coat on my eyelids which I have been using for a few years now. It is a cream based product, in the shade ‘vanilla’ which is bright and simple. I love this because not only does it create the perfect base for eyeshadow, but also the bright colour really brings out the shade of each eyeshadow. Once I had applied my base, I obviously could then start applying my colours from the Naked Palette. I used the shade ‘Bootycall’ all over my eye lids, taking it up all the way to my brows. I then used ‘Suspect’ all over my lids until half way up towards my brows, so just above the crease in my eye. I then did a simple line of ‘Busted’ in the crease, followed by ‘Verve’ just on the eye lid below the crease. In the inner corner of my eyes and end of my brows just below I finished with ‘Chopper’. I blended this all together with a big eyeshadow brush, doing it until all the shades came together and it looked more natural. The effect is incredible, it completely opens my eyes and compliments the blue shade of my eyes themselves. The look is not over the top nor too dark, just a simple shimmer for summer. I then applied a simple black eye pencil to the lower waterline of my eyes, which always just transforms them. I suddenly look so awake! At the moment I am wearing individual fake eyelashes – mixed opinions I know but I just adore them for summer. Not only does it mean that I don’t have to bother with eyeliner, but it just makes doing my makeup so much quicker in the morning. I do apply a thin layer of mascara on top just for extra colour and to fill in where a few have come out. 

For my brows, I just use one product that I have now been using for a very long time. It is the Tanya Burr Perfect Brows palette. I simply brush through the shade ‘pebble’ through my lashes with the little brush and then brush it through with a brow brush. I then just use my finger to wipe away excess powder. The effect is just a natural and defined brow. It is an amazing product. 

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Eye Primer

The Naked 2 Palette

Eye Pencil


Tanya Burr Brow Palette

Contour & Highlight

I am very much stuck at the moment with what I am using with regard to contour and highlight, purely because it works for me and I love the products. Which means, that you have without a doubt already heard about what I am using – but obviously I am going to tell you again πŸ˜‰ To begin with I used my Tanya Burr contour palette which is called ‘Rosy Flush’ Cheek Palette. From this one, I use the bronzer all over my cheeks, as you can definitely get away with a much more bronzed look now the sun is out. With that in mind, I am quite subtle with my blusher, as I want the bronzed cheeks to come through more. I use a tiny bit of the blusher on the apples of my cheeks and blend completely together with the bronzer. The effect is great, as it is just a little bit of colour. To highlight, I am using the Barry M Illuminating palette which I am just obsessed with. I use the more peachy shade at the top of my cheeks for the ultimate summer glow. This product is great as it isn’t too shiny, just a natural glow, and really does last for hours. I was so shocked by how much I loved this product. I have never been one to highlight other areas of my face – I just like a little bit on my cheeks. In general the products I use on my face before do already add a slight natural glow which is what I love. To finish, underneath where I applied the Barry M highlighter, I add a swift brush of this bronzer from Next. It is a highlighter, blush and bronzer in one, but just gives a little extra glow. It blend all the previous products together so well and is perfect with the Naked 2 palette. When I’m not wearing the Naked 2 palette, I often use this Next bronzer as an eyeshadow! 

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Tanya Burr Palette

Barry M Highlighter

Next Bronzer Compact Kit


For this look, I knew instantly that it had to be a pretty pink lip. The two products I have used, I bought at the airport in Palma a few weeks ago and to be honest I think I have used them every single day. It is a pinky lip liner in the shade ‘Edge to Edge’ followed by the lipstick in the shade ‘Fanfare’. These are both products from MAC and I am just completely loving them right now, it is a simple pink lip look, more than perfect for an everyday summer shade. The look itself is definitely hard wearing and long lasting, staying in tact for hours through the day. It is a natural, yet defined look and compliments the eye shadow and complexion so well. 

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Product Photos by Me & Others by Abi Galatia


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