I have a beauty secret to share with you all today… something I know everyone loves. 

As you can probably guess from the title and the images which you have probably skimmed over first (I am so guilty of this when reading any blog), I want to share about a new product that I am loving. In fact a few new products… all the same just in different shades. I first discovered these lip products a few months ago when I started to get involved with the liquid lipstick hype. I ordered loads of different liquid lipsticks from Boots online, all differently priced from different brands, and pretty much all in a very neutral nude shade. I did a blog post about all of these, which you can read by clicking the link here. The first shade I tried was the nude, which I will tell you more about in a second, although it wasn’t the reason that I love the products as much as I do now. It has been one of those things where the more I have used them, the more I have started to love them. Each one is different, with different great qualities, which is why I could justify a whole blog post to share about them with you guys. 

“Finding Drugstore Beauty Products That Are Great is a Priceless Feeling “

I have never really used many maybelline products, purely just because I have never been drawn to the makeup stand when roaming through Boots looking to try out new things. I am a major creature of habit, so always go with brands instinctively that I know well and have been using for a long time. This tends to be Rimmel, L’Oreal and then brands such as MAC and Chanel. The initial thing that drew me towards these lipsticks was the packaging. I love products that are effectively simple and just quite understated. When I ordered this one online, I had no expectations what so ever as I knew very little about the brand nor the products themselves. I liked it, but wasn’t ecstatic about it. When I was shopping again I bought a few more shades to really try it out and this is what completely changed by opinion and developed a real love for the lipsticks. I now have four completely different shades, which I did do on purpose to really give them a chance. I have gone very out there, with the typical nude, bright pink and red and a beautiful deep purple. 

‘Nude Thrill’

The original shade I purchased, a simple and beautiful nude. To begin with I didn’t love it, but now it has become a serious favourite with my everyday makeup looks. It is a very natural shade with a gorgeous shine to it that is so durable and comfortable to wear. I often find with cheap products that my lips start to hurt, however these have proven to be very good with sensitive skin and lips like mine. I have had no irritation whatsoever and cannot believe the stamina of these babies. They really do last for hours and hours, no matter how much food or drink I devour throughout the day. The nude is such a simple colour, but very defined even without a lip liner. This is one of the very few products that I feel comfortable using without lining my lips first. I would really recommend this product if you are branching into the liquid lips, or just generally looking for a bloody good nude. 

‘Orange Shot’

Perhaps not so well named, this shade definitely surprised me the most. It is a stunning bold and bright red, again with the shiny top layer that just lasts and lasts. Without a doubt, this is now my go to product when I want to rock the red lip look. It lasts, doesn’t fade in the middle and doesnt bleed around my lips. This is actually a quality that I find very rarely in red lip products… even the expensive ones. The colour is sensational, and again the consistency just makes it so easy to wear. 

‘Electric Pink’

Compared to ‘Orange Shot’ this is extremely well named. A serious bright and bold pink… beyond perfect for summer. I LOVE this colour – I think I have actually already posted it as part of a summer makeup look as it was obviously the perfect shade for the look. As with the red, the colour is so poignant, lasts for such a long time and looks very beautiful on the lips. The application of all the liquid lipsticks is so easy, just a few simple glides over your lips and you are set for hours. I also don’t use a liner for any of the shades, which is just such a bonus as it makes the whole process so much easier. 

‘Possessed Plum’ 

The final shade is this beautiful deep and rich purple colour, with the most amazing name! If I ever created beauty products, my favourite stage would without a doubt be coming up with the names. With colours like this I often find that they are not very even on the lips and start to fade very quickly around the edge. This has not happened with this shade. The dark block colour lasted for hours and really defined my face and makeup. Having such a pale complexion can sometimes be a struggle with regard to lips, as so many shades just completely wash my face out. This colour is perfect with my skin tone, and looks so beautiful with the grey and shimmering shadow look going on here. 

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I have not been paid to feature this brand, and all views and opinions are entirely my own. 

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