A brand who believes in functional design, offering products for a lifetime each with a unique and original story behind them. A brand who only use the most natural and highest quality of ingredients to carefully produce the most beautiful leather products to be used by anyone. Their two favourite materials being vegetable tanned leather and waxed linen thread – resulting in the eye catching name, Leather and Thread. I have known about the brand for quite a long time now, and fallen in love with every single product they have carefully created. This is not just for the functionality and simplicity of the products, but the sheer beauty and love that has so obviously been put into them. I love products where a pure passion is  how it started and what has kept it going through the hardship of making any small business successful. Every single product being released by Leather and Thread is a powerful example of this and something that should never be overlooked. This is a trait in a brand that I truly admire, as it is something that so many successful companies have failed to remember as they have grown.  

Leather and Thread have turned a love for something simple into so much more. I was so pleased to be able to work with a brand that I not only admire but genuinely love not just their products but also their passion and results. 

A few weeks ago, this beautiful hand crafted wallet landed up in my post box. It’s name is the ‘Signo’ purse, in black. It is a simple single pocket wallet, easy to use for everyday. I can definitely say, it has been an easy to use purse. It is made from small pieces of leather to eliminate weakness points that you often find when leather goods haven’t been crafted properly, and stitched together with the Leather and Thread classic waxed linen thread. The purse was finished with a small natural brass stud, for practicality to hold it together and some simple detail. The edges have been burnished by hand, and sealed with natural beeswax. These are all traits in the product that set it aside from so many other goods, for it’s unique and beautiful finish. 

Leather and Thread

The Story – The founder of Leather and Thread, Simon Glenday, has always been fascinated by handmade leather items, with his collection starting in a shoe box as a child. He was mesmerised by the way the leather was moulded and how this could overtime tell a powerful story. This was when the love affair began, and so overtime it turned into something much more. Simon wanted to become a part of it, making his own unique creation from his teenage years. He developed his own style, something that is always necessary, organically growing into something much more. Simon is still very much a big part of the business, with everything having to be approved before leaving the workshop. 

The Belief – I am a complete victim of following trends and buying things simply because I have seen other people wearing or using them. Something that is different about Leather and Thread is how they stray away from this idea of going along with what people think they want, and sticking to what they believe in. They believe every product should be unique, captivating the user and telling a story through time. The brand makes a significant choice to minimise the effect that the work has on our environment, with all materials being selected to comply with the brands beliefs. By investing in the brand, you are making an active decision to stand against the throwaway culture we live in and therefore helping them to stay true to what they believe in. 

The Philosophy – a simple philosophy to reduce what you are carrying everyday and only ever having what you truly need. We all have way too many things being stuffed in and out of our wallets, unnecessary receipts, too many loyalty cards and pointless coppers. All of the Leather and Thread products are designed on the principle that we only actually need a few cards and a little cash everyday to keep us going. They are aimed to make us live more practically and make our own lives so much more simple. 

My Experience

When my purse arrived, I was overjoyed at it’s simplicity and beauty. Although, the prospect of using it everyday was actually quite daunting as it is so far from what I am using at the moment. I am more than happy to admit that I have way too many things in my purse and just gradually collect so many unnecessary bits and bobs without watching how much my purse is growing on a regular basis. Obviously, I knew that I wanted to try it out, so I did. The first thing I noticed was how much easier it is to use as an everyday wallet – my handbag is definitely a lot lighter and I haven’t gathered as much rubbish as I usually do. This is not only because I physically don’t have the room, but also I am more aware that I don’t need to. I love how it has transformed the way I am much more aware of what is going in and out of my purse. I have been going between this and my normal purse, and have noticed how I love them both for different reasons. I will never be able to give up my chunky girly purse, purely because it is a habit and I need everything inside it. However, the ‘Signo’ has helped me so much when I need something a bit smaller. 

So often I need something to carry money when I don’t want to use a big purse, such as on a night out, when I’m going to the gym or just running out quickly to grab a coffee. It is so much easier now, to have the option to go between two which are great for very different reasons. I am just loving the ease of my Leather and Thread purse and how special it feels. Every time I use it I feel happy because I appreciate how much dedication and love has gone into creating it, as well as how it has a unique story. It is a wallet I will never be getting rid of – I adore the story behind it and how the aim is for it to last a lifetime. It isn’t a throw away product that you buy when you’re feeling spontaneous; it is something that you love for what it is and it will never become an unappreciated item in your collection. 

Shop this purse and the entire collection that Leather and Thread have to offer via their website here.

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Photos by Abi Galatia

– have a great day –


 This blog post is in collaboration with Leather and Thread, however all views and opinions are my own. 
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