Now is the time of year when we all love a good cocktail. Friday night with the girls, a chilled Sunday afternoon in the pub garden or throwing an epic summer party and showing off your cocktail skills. They are such a treat, and so delicious. However, I always find they can be quite daunting to make. I don’t really know why… I am just convinced that something in my brain tells me that they always taste better when somebody else makes them. You might remember that late last year, as part of my ‘Blogmas’ series, I teamed up with Fentimans to create five signature cocktails perfect for the festive season. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I loved them, as well as how easy they were to make. Since then I have been making them for special occasions, mainly for my girlfriends. It is such a treat when you can entertain people and enjoy homemade cocktails, and everyone always seems to love them. So when Fentimans contacted me again, I jumped at the opportunity to create some cocktails perfect for summer. Fentimans have recently started stocking House of Broughton syrups, delicious syrups made to enhance the flavour of cocktails and make it so much easier to make them at home.

“For more than a century, Fentimans have been crafting superior beverages using the finest natural ingredients. Continuing the tradition for creating drinks with unparalleled taste and quality, House of Broughton Syrups were created by Fentimans.”

I was so excited to try these out, as I have always heard really good things about cocktail syrups, especially the ones from House of Broughton. Cocktails are pretty simple to make when it actually comes to it, you just have to be really organised with your ingredients and the technique in making them. For me it is all about having fresh garnishes and loads and loads of ice. As long as you have these two things, in my eyes any cocktail tastes simply delicious.

With the syrups, a great thing is that they are amazing at making non-alcoholic cocktails taste even better. Non-alcoholic cocktails obviously always have so much less of a kick, so the syrup really adds the flavour that a good old Mocktail always needs. I have made three of the cocktail recipes from the House of Broughton bartenders guide, and am so happy with how they turned out. All three were so delicious, so easy to make and perfect for the warm and happy summer.



30ml Premium Gin

20ml Raspberry Syrup

125ml Fentimans Soda Water

Handful Fresh Raspberries

Fill ach glass with ice.

My Razznatazz

In a cocktail shaker, add the ice, gin, raspberry syrup and gin. Shake together.

In a two cocktail glasses, fill with the raspberries. Add the ingredients from the cocktail shaker and top evenly with the soda water. Give it all a stir with a cocktails stirrer.

Cucumber Mule


50ml Premium Vodka

15ml Cucumber Syrup

20ml Fresh Lime Juice

125ml Fentimans Ginger Beer


Add the vodka, cucumber syrup and lime juice to a glass and fill with ice. Stir everything together. Top with ginger beer.

Garnish with cucumber and fresh lime. *For extra flavour add a little candied ginger.

English Garden

Enjoy with or without alcohol.

Fill two glasses with ice, as well as fresh cucumber and mint leaves. Add the cucumber syrup and mix in the gin if desired. Top with elderflower lemonade and a dash of lime juice.


20ml Cucumber Syrup

125ml Fentimans Elderflower Lemonade

Fresh Mint and Cucumber

*Optional: 50ml Premium Gin


For more information, visit Fentimans website here.

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This post is in collaboration with House of Broughton Syrups, brought to you by Fentimens.


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