In the last few weeks a few things have changed for me, in a good way, however it means that my routine and norm has changed. It isn’t anything major, just a change in job, but it has been keeping me very occupied since starting. My work week has changed, it has been on my mind a lot because it is very different to what I was doing before and I really want to throw myself into it as it is an amazing opportunity. Obviously, this has made blogging a little bit hard as I have been very distracted mentally, but I am starting to get the balance right again. I have much more structure now to make time for blogging and a little bit more time for me. With the change, I have been getting quite tired and stressed just because my mind is very focused on it, so have been struggling to dedicate time for me to just relax and actually rest. I am a very productive person, who uses cleaning the flat and going to the gym as my ‘me’ time, however this is by no means relaxing. I am very full on with getting everything done, and am my own worst enemy as I can’t really relax properly until all these things have actually been done. 

“Me Time is the Best Time”

Even though my new job is very full on and on my mind all the time, I am much less stressed in myself now purely because I needed the change and am enjoying what I am doing. This has definitely made my relaxing time much easier, purely because I need to switch off more and feel more at ease in my spare time. Summer has made relaxing much easier for me, as the lighter and warmer weather makes me feel much more positive and happier. I am more motivated in the day to get things done, then feel relaxed in the evening as I have nothing on my mind and just want to chill out, watching Love Island obviously! We live in a world where everyone is actually very good at relaxing, perhaps a little too much, but everyone really does have different ways of doing so. Summer has made me feel much more motivated with taking care of myself, in and out, so have become very used to relaxing in the evening and carrying out some very blogger like pamper rituals. 

Workout, Shower & Scrub

After work, or a busy day, I always try to go the gym later. I am not a morning person and working out early just doesn’t work for me. It makes me tired for the rest of the day and always feels weird purely just because it is my routine. Going to the gym is then my relaxing time when I can focus on myself, build up a sweat, have a break from my phone and just relax for an hour. After the gym I then feel such a huge sense of relief because I am always glad that I have been and it makes me feel so much more positive. It then feels so good to have a shower, which is the best thing for me after the gym. It makes me feel so good because i’m clean, fresh and feel like I am looking after myself. In the summer I use body scrubs every days, as my skin is always naturally a little bit more dry and in need of some care. I use scrubs in the winter but not half as much. I recently learnt that I was using scrubs wrong, as mine have all been salt based. Salt actually dehydrates the skin, therefore I was actually making my skin more dry than before. I now try to use sugar based scrubs as it is much healthier for your skin, and perhaps a little more gentle. 

Nail & Skin Care

My favourite part of relaxing is being in bed, having fairy lights and candles on, and looking after myself and my skin. I always start by moisturising my whole body, which helps after scrubbing, and makes me feel so good in myself. At the time this is easy and doesn’t take any time at all, but the thought of it usually always over powers me! I do not do this every night by any means. At the moment I am using E45 cream as it is my go to when my skin is very dry. It isn’t the most luxurious product in the world, but it always feel like it is doing so much good to my skin. It is simple, and a good product to use for a short amount of time when your skin just needs some love and care. My next favourite product is the hands and nails serum from Botanicals, a beautiful natural organic serum which you can use all over your body. I use it twice a day on my nails and toenails to keep my nails and cuticles healthy, however I also use it in my face cream. I use literally just two drops and it keeps my skin healthy and hydrated. The face cream I use in the evening at the moment is a gel based product from The Body Shop. I use quite a small amount because it goes a long way, and works beautifully with the serum. I don’t like using too much product on my face in the evening, as I think when it is too oily it causes breakouts for me. 

Blogging & Social Media

In the evening, as well as any spare time I have in the day, my life is about keeping up with the blog. The preparation of blog posts themselves is a much more structured thing, that I schedule in every week. However, social media is very different. It never stops, and is something that you have to keep on top of constantly 24/7. The main times in the day to dedicate some time is definitely the morning first thing and the evening just before bed. If you do this, you can then just keep up in small portions throughout the day. I love catching up on everything properly in the evening, using this time to respond to comments and messages, interact with followers and those I’m following and boosting my posts. Even though this seems like a lot of work, which it is, I find it really enjoyable and actually quite relaxing. 

Netflix & Love Island

Let’s be honest, is there really anyone who isn’t watching Love Island at the moment? It is the programme that everyone is talking about and getting involved with, including myself. I can’t get enough of it, and am watching it every single night. It is definitely a good way of relaxing – an hour of just watching complete trash that doesn’t involve any brain cells to take it in. This is without a doubt the most relaxed I am every day! After Love Island I usually then watch something in bed on Netflix, just to keep the relaxation going until bed. I love watching things and scrolling through my phone to keep up to date and distract myself from everything going on in life. The latest thing I just finished on Netflix is Orange is The New Black, which I have been obsessed with since it started, and cannot recommend enough if you need something completely amazing to get into. I have also been watching light hearted rom coms little bits at a time, just to occupy me before sleeping. 

Magazines & Inspiration 

I love reading magazines, but have only recently got back into it. I don’t like reading them for the gossip, it is mainly for blog inspiration. Everything about them helps me with my work – the photography, the content, the fashion and the trends. Magazines are amazing when it comes to inspiration with the them of my blog posts, such as how I want to lay them out, how the photos will counteract with the content and how I can get my message across. I love writing, but have always believed that you cannot be a good writer without being a keen reader for similar things that you write. Journalists have a way of making modern subjects and its content flow perfectly and inspiring readers everyday. I often struggle with writing posts, as I get writers block. It isn’t because I don’t know what I am saying or the message I want to get across, it is just how to articulate it. The evening is the perfect time for me to be inspired, as I sleep on it and always land up with fresh ideas in the morning. I definitely never relax completely in my sleep! 

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