In the summer, I am naturally a lot more motivated with everything. I go to the gym more, I eat properly and I am much better at keeping up to date with things that need to be done. I am also much more motivated when it comes to blogging, as the better weather seems to get ideas flowing around my brain more and it is much easier to gather beautiful content because of the weather. This summer so far has been very up and down, with a mind blowing heat wave one week, then a horrible grey sky and showers the next. This has had a massive effect on my mood, as well as my motivation levels. When the weather is good I feel fabulous and ready to take on everything; when it is bad, I feel low and find it hard to be positive. However, the extremes in the weather have been difficult as I found myself getting really irritable in the heat as physically I just couldn’t cope. I fail to get things done when it’s like this and find it quite hard to know where my head is at with everything. The one thing I am really focusing on this summer, and indeed the rest of the year,  is how I am going to keep my motivational levels up in order to stay on track with everything. The uncertainty in the weather is something that isn’t going to change anytime soon, so these changes are going to be essential to keep my positive mindset in tact and continue being productive everyday. Staying motivated is something that I find really difficult as at the moment I feel like I have a lot of challenges to overcome, however I do know for a fact that other people find this difficult too. Nowadays we all lead such busy and hectic lives, so it is very easy to naturally feel under too much pressure very often even over small things, which obviously then leads to motivational levels dropping hugely. The only person in this world who can truly motivate you is yourself, and this is one of the hardest things. You can be inspired by a million different people in the world and listens to a lot of advice, but ultimately all you can do from it is learn how to make the changes yourself. You can’t just tell yourself to do it – it has to be a natural reaction to how your mind and body deal with things that are thrown at them. To be completely honest, it is a feeling that I hate as I feel completely out of control when I can’t change my mindset instantly. 

“Motivation is the Key to Success” 

As much as we can’t just tell ourselves to be motivated, I have found that there are small things that I can do which do have a positive effect on my mood. It is all about finding out what they are for you as everyone is different and how you can use them for the positive effect we all need. Some things for me are more simple than others, although some of them are things that take time and my mind has to process. I am not someone who can change change their mood in a blink of an eye and I always think that my feelings are very strong. Most of the time, when I’m happy I’m very happy, and when I’m sad I’m very sad. Perhaps there is a little vampire in me? πŸ˜‰ …too many years of watching Twilight with my bestie I think. A problem for me is that my mood is very much effected by one or two things, that I shouldn’t let get to me, nevertheless I do. These aren’t always the same things, I often rotate between a few. My biggest issue is learning how to deal with each thing and hopefully this will mean that I can continue to be motivated regardless of other things going on. Always remember that it is okay to not succeed with everything, and if you are feeling negative or unmotivated this is a passing phase. The feeling will always come back. 

Sleep, Eat, Gym, Repeat

These three things are the top three parts of my day and things I have to do in order to stay motivated. Let’s start with sleep. I have never been the best sleeper – I suffer from bad nightmares especially when I feel stressed, and just generally sleep quite lightly so I often wake up during the night. This could be a whole lot worse, but it does often effect me during the day when I haven’t slept well. Therefore, making sure I get enough sleep is key if I want to stay motivated. I have made small changes, such as cutting out caffeine from about 12pm, trying to not go on my phone for about an hour before bed and making sure that my bedroom is the right temperature to be able to sleep easily. Eating is the next part for me staying motivated, because when my blood sugar levels get low, I become the more irritable and unfocused person in the world. In the summer my appetite is always so much less than the rest of the year, so it often a case of reminding myself to eat the right foods often through the day. I only ever feel the effect of food on my motivational levels when I am really hungry, so this obviously says to me that I need to eat. I also know that when I eat lots of junk food it makes me feel very bloated and honestly pretty gross in myself, so this also is really bad for my motivation. Finally, the thing I always go on about, exercise. I go on about how important it is purely just because I can feel the effects of it every single day. When I am going to the gym a lot I feel so much more productive and motivated everyday. I have more energy and feel so much happier in myself. These three things are basic things I do everyday, that I know really do make me more motivated when I make sure I am aware of all three constantly. 

Work Zone

The main way I stay motivated in terms of blogging and work is getting into the right zone. Work is very different as I am in one place, and I have to be motiavted all the time because I am being paid to do a job. With blogging it is very differnt, as it depends entirely on self motivation and determination.  Nobody is ever forcing me to blog, nor commenting if I go a few days without doing any work – I only have me to motivate myself. This is sometimes incredibly hard, and as most of my readers will know, I do often struggle to keep up. The best way for me to stay motivated is by breaking down the first wall when I simply can’t be bothered to do anything. I can’t really do this when I’m at home because there are so many distractions and it can often be very quiet. Whenever I blog, I usually take myself off to a coffee shop where I can sit, drink nice coffee, have the subtle noise in the background and focus on the job in hand. I can get hours and hours of work done, and my mind instantly feels settled as I become so motivated with what I am doing and I just simply get a lot done. Afterwards, this motivation then carries on as I feel proud because I have done the things I needed to do and I have a sudden urge to keep going. My blog is something that keeps me very motivated, as it is a constant focus and a pure passion. When I am blogging properly and my mind is very focused on it, I then feel focused with everything else as my base is settled. This is not going to be blogging for everyone, so it is just about finding that one thing that makes you happy and in turn keeps you motivated. 

Social Time 

Make sure that you are spending enough time socialising and relaxing. There is always so much to do in life and with work, but it is so important to take a break from it regularly. I always feel so much happier in myself when I have spent some time with my friends, having a drink, catching up and just generally having some time away from things. You won’t find me at a club every Saturday night with my friends, or drinking every day to entertain a childish habit – I just like socialising for the good company, usually good food and a nice glass of wine. My best friend has been back from Uni for a few weeks now for the summer, and my favourite thing has been to just chill on the sofa, watching Love Island and eating sweets. It has been so good for my mind, as I love the girly company, and feel so relaxed with her. I am not really someone who can just chill out watching things on my own for hours on end, so she has definitely forced me to take some time out whilst we’ve been together. This is also the case with family – meet up with your mum for coffee, pop over to your family home for dinner, or even stay the night and get spoilt rotten for 12 hours. I love doing all these things as I feel relaxed and able to enjoy their company without being distracted by anything. These are all things you can do to relax your body and your mind, which in turn will definitely make you more motivated. The happier you are, naturally the more motivated you are. 

Be Inspired 

I am always looking for inspiration when I am feeling motivated, and find it in all the usual places. My first stop is always blogs, as I love reading other peoples work and seeing their creativity in one place. This makes me feel so inspired as I adore seeing what they produce and it also gives me something to aim for, which as a result motivates me. Magazines then motivate me as it gets things moving around in my brain so ideas just keep flowing, which I then obviously want to bring to life. It isn’t just the visual content and photography, but also the trends and conversations. Finally, working with brands always inspires me. It makes me see things in a different light when it comes to blogging, as it makes what I’m doing seem so much more real. Someone is asking me to work with them based on what they have seen, and this gives me such a confidence boost, as well as motivational. In a way I kind of inspire myself, as they make me believe in my work and want to keep going. 

Look After Yourself & Your Home

The most important thing when it comes to motivation is feeling happy and healthy in yourself. When I am feeling tired, run down or just unwell I have no motivation with anything. Therefore, looking after me is so important. Obviously as said above making sure I sleep enough, eat and exercise, but also feeling up together in myself. I feel very unmotivated when I feel scruffy, so I always try to take care of myself as well as my home. I like to keep myself up together, doing my hair and makeup in the morning, putting thought into my clothes, wearing nice perfume and just being generally organised. I am very on it with things like getting my nails done, having a leg wax in the summer and my favourite eyelashes put on every two weeks. These are things that not everyone has the time of the money to do, but I make sure I dedicate both every month. These are the things that make me feel happy and up together in myself, and what I need to do to stay motivated. 

I also have to keep my space clean and tidy. I live in a flat which can be quite hard to keep up with because there is always so much to do, but when it is a mess I always feel less motivated. Making sure your home is clean and tidy all the time can massively help keep you motivated, even if you just do a small thing every day. 

Focus on your Priorities

The most important thing in life, especially when you are feeling stressed or not very motivated, is to focus on the things that really matter. I always find myself worrying about so many things at once, but when I stop to actually think about them or even write them down, I soon realise that most of them don’t actually matter. I am at my most confident and most motivated when I am more focused on the things that really matter to me and when everything is in order with them. This is first and foremost my friends and family, followed by my health then my me time. I get so stressed all the time about small and insignificant things, that this often overpowers my thoughts and I find it hard to be motivated and focus on anything at all. Always get into perspective first – your family and friends need to be healthy and happy and so do you. Everything else can be worried about afterwards, but remember it is never as important. My motivational levels always go up when I feel supported and cared for by the people that I love, especially when I am feeling a little bit low. 

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