For a long long time, I was dreaming about this new website, giving my whole brand a clean and fresh new look. It took me a long time to gather my thoughts on how I actually wanted it to look, as well as finding someone who could help me to make it all possible. A big limitation for me when it comes to blogging is definitely technology. I know the basics, however know nothing about web design or even where to start when it comes to using WordPress. Obviously, this is something that I am going to have to learn over time, but for this design I definitely knew that I would have to find someone to make my dream into a reality. I feel so fortunate by what my web designer has created for me, and it is everything more than I was dreaming about. When creating the website, I also knew that it was an opportunity to introduce new areas to the blog. One of which is fitness. I am by no means a qualified fitness instructor, however I am very passionate about exercise and keeping healthy, so knew that I wanted to make it a much more significant part of my blog. This is now a new category which you can find at the top of the website.

The second category that I now want to introduce is interior. In September last year I moved into a flat and had the chance to decorate with my own style. Before this I didn’t really have the opportunity to share my interior style on the blog, as the only room in the house designed by me was obviously my bedroom. I think you are probably sick of the sight of my hot pink and cream interior that is in that room! The flat is very much still a work in progress, which is why I want to reveal sections at a time. I want to really share my style on the blog and inspire my readers when it comes to interior design. I am absolutely loving getting the flat done, and am so excited about sharing it section at a time. The first part that I want to share with you is my ‘office/desk’ area. I am so happy with how this turned out, and it is such a lovely place to work.

“I wanted to create a space to work where I felt comfortable and focused. The copper accessories are to add the girly touches that I craved, in a very modern and mature way. I wanted it to fit in with the overall theme of the flat and have the Pinterest wow factor!”

To start with, I knew instantly that I wanted a glass desk. I think the glass desk is great as it always adds a modern twist, but also matches with everything. If I ever wanted to change the design of the area, I know that the desk will go with everything. I wanted something very simple, and spent hours online researching to find the perfect one. In the end I chose this one from Argos (can you believe it?!), as I just instantly fell in love with the simple design. It has a glass top, with two crossed silver legs, which tie in perfectly with the swivel wheels on the chair. 

The desk is the perfect size – with enough room for my giant computer, leaving enough space for all my notebooks and everything which seem to gather up when I am working. I knew straight away that I wanted a fabric cased chair, preferably grey to match my living area. I couldn’t be happier with what I found… meet ‘Flynn’. Flynn is a beautiful swivel office chair from Made, in Persian Grey. I will never be able to describe just how comfortable this chair is – it really is made for everyday use. The beautiful design adds subtle sophistication to my office area, balancing the tone between the copper and glass details.

Like most girls nowadays, I am just completely smitten over copper and rose gold. I just cannot get enough of it, however I wanted to be careful with how much I put in the flat. I wanted to create a very modern and stylish home, however with a very traditional and cosy feel. The only area in the flat that I have strayed away from this ideal is with my office area. I decided that it was somewhere that I was much more likely to be able to change if I got bored of it, and it is a much smaller area so the modern look probably wouldn’t bother me too much overtime. So as a result, I have kind of gone a little overboard with the copper. The first part was obviously copper stationary, which includes my desk tray, pencil holder and little photo stand. As well as some beautiful paper clips and accessories. All these bits and bobs I found in the most unlikely of places, purely just by coincidence. One of my favourite parts is definitely my copper pineapple, which is actually a money bank. I think this adds a little bit of variation to the area as it is just a little bit different – I completely love it! The final statement piece is without a double my beautiful copper open bulb lamp. I can honestly say that this is my most loved thing in the flat. The simple and modern design was beyond perfect for the area, and the warm yellow light always makes the area so welcoming and cosy. It is the perfect balance of modern and traditional.

I think the main part of my desk is obviously the computer, which is the iMac with the black screen and silver stand. To begin with I didn’t want to have any copper as I thought it would just clash with the computer, but actually I love the contrast. The copper has just added a little light to the desk, with the grey chair and silver areas of the computer balancing everything out.


For me this is my favourite place to work – as I always have my mind focused on what I’m doing in a cosy and pretty environment. The area is definitely a good balance in terms of cost, with most accessories coming from shops such as Wilkinson’s, New Look and Sainsbury’s! I will link everything for all my readers to have a little nosy at.

Desk – Argos

Chair – Made

Lamp – Heal’s

Pineapple – Oliver Bonas (similar)

Paper Clips – Sainsburys

Pencil Holder – John Lewis

Copper Tray – Wilkos


I have not been paid to feature any brands.

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