In the morning, I am in one of two moods. The first, I am positive, full of energy and raring for the day. The other… basically don’t come anywhere near me. I am either a great morning person or completelty awful.  They literally could not be further apart. Luckily, I like to think that the majority of the time I am positive and full of life, with the miserable side of me coming out very rarely. People who know me may disagree, but I believe this to be true. I am very much a creature of habit when it comes to my lifestyle, so no matter what my mood there are morning rituals that I have to do in order to prepare myself physically and mentally for the day. 

I think most people are like this to be honest – we all have our own little ways of getting ready in the morning and small things that we do to feel ready for the day. If I am in a bad mood in the morning, I do find generally that this carries on for the rest of the day and usually there is not a lot I can do about it because it is probably only because I haven’t slept properly or am over tired from whatever I have been doing over the last few days. I am definitely someone who just keeps going and going until I completely crash and physically cannot do anything. I have learnt that I really do need to pace myself more, as well as ensuring that I am doing little things in the morning to fuel myself for the day.

Obviously the first will always be my morning coffee.

Unfortunately, because of my heart, I have had to almost completely cut caffeine out of my diet recently. I was drinking so much a few weeks ago as I was so tired, that I just was starting to make myself a bit ill. I could feel the negative effects on my breathing and eventually decided that enough was enough. I don’t depend on coffee, whenever I drink it, it is only ever because I completely adore the taste. So for this reason, I am allowing myself one in the morning to wake me up and make me feel ready for the day. At the moment, I have one favourite that I am reaching for every day, from The Hackney Coffee Company.


A few months ago I did a blog post about some coffee from The Hackney Coffee company, and loved the taste. So when I was in contact with them again, I couldn’t wait to try one of their new ones. I have been completely obsessed with it every single morning for the past few weeks, and am so excited to share about it with you.

The Hackney Coffee Company.

The owners first fell in love with coffee in the magical Columbia, back in 2008. Here they had the chance to taste freshly roasted beans from artisan farmers, where you can really experience the full flavour complexity of properly crafted coffee. A concept that they learnt, which is something that I myself constantly go by, is that coffee isn’t just about what is in the cup. It is about the story behind it, the ritual of its preparation and the ambiance and company you keep. As you can imagine, based on this, I was expecting great things from this blend.

This family run business is based in Hackney (obviously) due to the creator’s strong roots in London’s East-End. The business has offered a chance to open a new chapter in the sites history, which has been owned by one of the creator’s family for over 60 years. Previously it was a transport depot and mechanic’s garage run by the family continuously. A thing that I love about this is how it has so much history behind it and makes the company that little bit more intriguing to potential new customers. It makes the company very personal, which to me is always the most important part of creating and selling new products, especially when it comes to coffee.

Sadler’s Ascent

‘a roving single estate coffee with bold flavours that change seasonally. Seasonal Single Estate.’

The blend I have been drinking is based on a true legend, James Sadler… it’s in the name 😉 A pastry chef with no formal education, he became one of the most celebrated aeronauts of his time. In 1811, he commanded a home-made hot –air balloon and took to the skies from the pleasure gardens in Hackney, then a rural paradise. In time, he became a part of paintings and literature, as a Phileas Fogg type character. The Hackney Coffee Company imagine him sailing skies across the seven seas, on a whistle-stop tour of the growing coffee nations.

This blend has found its way to the company from the Jinotega region of Nicaragua. A medium and creamy cup with flavours of chocolate, stone fruit and light berry tones. I am completely obsessed. I like coffees with quite a subtle taste – never too overpowering. I have enjoyed this mainly for its calm chocolate and nutty taste, with a very slight smoke or added enjoyment. The beautiful blend is silky smooth, enabling me to savour every single sip. It is a dream for me, as I love being able to wake up in the morning and easily create a delicious coffee that I know is going to set me up for the day. I look forward to drinking the blend every morning, and will definitely be keeping this as my number one coffee blend of choice.


Coffee is always my number one, and probably the main thing that prepares me physically and mentally for the day.

Morning Rituals

So with coffee being number one, my morning is then followed by something to eat. If I don’t eat breakfast, which does happen quite often, I struggle with the morning. My mind may not quite be up to it, but my body craves it. At the moment, I cannot get enough of my favourite yoghurt with simple nutty granola…complimenting my morning coffee perfectly. I have a friend who is from Greece, and after eating a tonne of real Greek yoghurt in Rhodes last year, I have been searching for some here for so long. She told me about the only one you can buy here, which is actually from Greece and not just Greek style. It is called ‘Total’, and I was kicking myself because I had walked past it so many times in the food shop.

Obviously, getting ready is very important, having a shower, putting on makeup and choosing clothes. However, this seems to me like more of a necessity rather than a morning ritual. After doing all of this, I love having some time to catch up on the world. I don’t feel prepared if I don’t do this.

Catching up on all my social media – which is 99% blogging, listening to the news on the radio or the TV and even just saying good morning to my loved ones. These are all very little things that help me a lot to prepare for the day, and compliment my morning coffee, the Sadler’s Ascent blend, exquisitely.

For more information about The Hackney Coffee Company, and to shop the blend, visit their website here.




This post is in collaboration with The Hackney Coffee Company, although all views and opinions are entirely my own.

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