We live in a world where everything is so fast paced and everyone is so incredibly impatient. People are so focused on what their next plan in the day, week, month or life is that what is happening in the moment often gets completely looked over. Every day I meet people who get so incredibly frustrated by the most meaningless and silly things, purely because it is just a small inconvenience or bare five minutes wasted in their day. It is so sad that everyone just wants to go onto the next thing, and not enjoy what is happening, whether it be big or small. I also find it sad that often this also makes people incredibly uptight and tense in life. It can come out in a lot of ways, but I find most often that people appear quite angry and rude purely through impatience. I used to get very impatient with everything in life and remember how tense I used to get. Over the past few years I have calmed down hugely, and just don’t feel the need to be impatient all the time. I enjoy having to sit and wait for an appointment, or a few extra minutes for my coffee or even occasionally when there is a little traffic on the road. I see it more as an opportunity to be spending a few minutes actually not doing anything and just switching my mind off for a small amount of time.

“There are so many wonderful things happening in our lives every single second – we must learn to focus on these and not dwell on the incredibly horrible things that are going on in the world. Impatience will only ever ruin the amazing things happening in the world”

I wanted to talk about this as it is just something that I have noticed so much more recently, and have become really annoyed about. I think the time I noticed it the most and it winds me up the most is definitely with impatient drivers. People seem to drive like they are either auditioning for Top Gear, or so important and impatient that they think they are above the speed limits and bullying others out of the way on the road.  Everywhere you go people 

are just so dosgusted if they have to wait for anything and become so vicious and nasty about it. I dream of a world where everyone just appreciates everything happening in the moment and actually learns to enjoy taking a little extra time in the day for everything going on. We are completely in control of how many things are happening in our lives, and only have ourselves to blame if we are putting ourselves under too much pressure.

Scheduling Your Time Wisely

Most of the time, the only reason we are ever behind or running late is from our own doing. I am always late in the morning, no matter what time I get up, I can guarantee I am always running out the door ten minutes late and getting so tense about it. I always get stressed when I make too many plans for myself in an unreasonable amount of time. The only way we can ever overcome any of this is by ensuring we are reasonable with our time and keeping to our own limits. Being productive is about getting things done to a good quality, not quantity. Always plan ahead, be organised and only ever plan to do what you know is actually going to happen.

Enjoying Everything You Do

The worst thing about being impatient is always thinking too far ahead, wishing your time away and not cherishing all the good things that are happening right now. A lot of the things that we over look are extremely small and often things that happen every single day. I have definitely learnt to appreciate these thing so much more and really a starting to enjoy everything going on right now. It has made me feel so much more relaxed and simply happier.

Getting Your Priorities Straight

Let’s be honest, there are very few things in life that are actually important. For me, these are my family, friends and being healthy. Everything else is always just a bonus, and should always be extremely appreciated. Whenever I am impatient, it is mostly only ever because I am late for something. I get momentarily stressed and really anxious, then I think to myself, does it really matter? About 99.9% of the time it absolutely doesn’t. Whatever I am late for it doesn’t really matter if I am running ten minutes behind, and life is not ever going to stop just because I am not quite on track with my plans in the day. Impatience is often more than ever completely unjustified.

Learning & Enjoying to Wait

Whenever I am waiting for something, whether it be in the queue for a coffee, at the traffic lights or waiting for an appointment I now have grown to accept it and often enjoy it. Instead of getting frustrated and being angry at having to wait, I now have managed to turn it around into a much more positive experience. I am so busy all the time and have so many things going on, that often when I am waiting for something I see it as a real opportunity just to stop for a small while. I am physically unable to do anything and just enjoy standing or sitting, thinking about very few things and just waiting for something to happen.

Don’t Conform

A lot of the time, particularly on the road, I think a lot of impatience is purely because we are going along with what everyone else is doing and often copying them. The way a lot of people are in this modern world is purely because they have watched others act in this way, whether it be the way they have been brought up or even from strangers, people will often follow others completely subconsciously. A lesson we all need to learn is that just because one person does something in one way, it doesn’t mean that we have to do it in the same. We must stay true to ourselves and always do our best to look after ourselves and be kind to others.

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